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Low Carb/Paleo Anyone?


So I’m working on switching from a low-fat/low-cal lifestyle to a low carb one. I did a modified Atkins when I was a teenager and I figure if I did it once I can do it again. :wink: Except, back then I was totally fine living on hamburger patties, chicken breasts, eggs, cheese, lunchmeat, broccoli, beef jerky, and pork rinds.

That’s been a little more difficult this go round and I thought I can’t be the only one here. Anyone care to share recipes, ideas, tips, tricks, etc.? I’m struggling the most with snacks and sweets so I’m headed to the grocery store tomorrow. Wish me luck! No more cookie butter. :frowning: I’ll have to vape my sugar and breads now. LoL


Me! I’ve been doing low carb for a while and I’ve lost about 50lbs. I’ve recently been cheating (oops!) so I stopped losing. But when I stick to it I feel great! If you’re on fb, you can check out my little low carb group, there’s lots of ideas there! https://www.facebook.com/groups/lowcarbideas/


You ladies don’t need to diet, you look just the way you are :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Nice!! Good on you. I really enjoy low carb. I lost doing low calorie and it was ok, but I’m bored and not losing anymore for the same reason. I figured switching it up would help get me back motivated. :slight_smile: I’ve been scouring the net for low carb ideas…things have come a LONG way since I first did it. LoL.


But feeling good is also important! :wink:


Always have healthy food handy…and try to invest more time in cooking healthy savoury meals. Soon you wont be able to eat junk outside or at home. On the other hand if you keep eating healthy, once in a while you should be able to have the good stuff :wink: without regretting and also wont have much bad effect on your health because you are eating healthy everyday :). thats how I am losing weight, and trust me I LOOOOVEEE food.


Yep, that’s the best advice, many of my friends have started to get problems with their weight when they started to diet. My sister did low carb and lost weight and then it just stopped, not a single gram more came off. All the while she was craving carb. Your body needs a balanced intake of everything. Cutting out certain things might work for a while but I cannot believe it is good for you in the long run. The only safe thing you can skip are the things that are totally unnecessary and full of crap like fast-food, snacks, sugary drinks and sweets and cookies. If I want something nice, I make it myself with healthy ingredients. I had some cake on saturday when I was visiting, the amount of sugar made me shudder and believe me, I’ve been a sweet tooth my whole life. White sugar is more addictive than cocaine and the damage to your health is staggering. It is high time the stuff is regulated by the FDA, oh no wait, profits…:head_bandage:


ive been on low carb high fat for 4 months, lost 1 1/2 stone easily but I have just got back from a week away in Wales and had a break off my diet, I felt horrendous pretty much the entire time and put 1/2 stone back on, back on it again today though, I eat scrambled eggs with full fat soft cheese mixed in and ham, then chicken and coleslaw for lunch, dinner is usually some kind of meat and leafy veg, low sugar jelly for desert with squirty cream, or, and this was a life saver for me as its delicious - mixed berries (strawberry,blueberry,raspberry) with coconut or almond soya yogurt, bit of heavy cream, sprinkling of mixed seeds and then grate 90% cocoa dark chocolate over the top of it all, so nice and healthy but obv only once or twice a week due to the berries.


I live only on low carb diets. I do mix it up during the month. (1 week under 20 grams, then the other 3 under 40) in 1 year I have lost 120 pounds o.O.

The biggest thing I learned was that when I was hungry, I was not, only thirsty (if that makes sense).
Flavored water has been a life saver for me. I will say this diet (sugar free) sodas and juices caused my body to plateau, they had to go. I highly recommend that you try to use as little sweetener as you can.

I found as a quick snack when I was craving something sweet was to do this:

Key Lime Pie (0 carb version)

Items needed:
Sugar Free Jello Cup - Lime
Cool Whip (Find the Sugar free one)
Meringue Flavor
Sucralose or Stevia

So you pretty much can make a bowl of this in your refrigerator to keep on stand by but here is how I make it. (again you may need to adjust to personal preference)

1 Tub Cool Whip, add 8 drops of Raw Extract Meringue, 2 drops of Sweetener, and mix well until it is smooth.

Now just top it off on top of the Jello as desired.

Change up the flavors as you want. I am always playing with it. No carbs, taste good, and gets your mind off other things as you create new blends! (PS Orange Jello, and Vanilla Custard Cool Whip is to die for!)


Totally just join ha!


Totally just approved ya! :wink:


lowcarbideas is about to BLOW UP! Our flavorings used to diet? …brilliant! I was talking with fam this weekend how Imma blow up Thanksgiving this year. I mean peanut butter cookies with some Capellas Peanut Butter? B00M!


Wow that’s awesome! Yeah, I have a soda every once in a blue moon and haven’t had juice in ages. I do a lot of crystal light liquid water stuff. I’m pretty stuck on sucralose at the moment and it doesn’t seem to be causing any problems so I’m okay with it. It keeps me happy without killing me…like vaping! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have to try that key lime pie stuff. That sounds awesome!! :smiley:

I lost 60 pounds the year before last and have kept it off for a year, but I’m not quite where I want to be. I’ve gotten to the place where continuing with a low cal diet means going under the recommended minimum and my doctor isn’t too happy about that even though he’s thrilled with how far I’ve come. Sacrifice isn’t a huge issue for me but boredom is. So switching it up should be nice. :wink:

For me, low carb is less about avoiding every gram of bread and more about avoiding all the pre-processed, refined garbage and eating more protein, vegetables, and ‘real’ food. Most of the carbs I ate came from bread/crackers, potatoes/chips, and sugar. Doing low carb really shows how much sugar is in everything. It’s crazy. Those really won’t be that hard to give up, especially if I’m replacing them with yummy other stuff like cheese. The one thing I’ll really miss is sushi. I’m gonna try some low carb variations cuz I love sushi. :stuck_out_tongue:



Some are super weird but you will just have to trust me on this one haha.


I love Miracle Noodle Shirataki Pasta (They have rice too… 0 Carbs) wonder if that would work. Problem is if you do not cook the rice right or with something you get a rubber taste.


This thread just grew legs…


Craving candy or ice cream?

Take Cool Whip, add a few drops of a candy flavor of your choice, then a drop of sweetener, and freeze! Mix in a SMALL amount of fruit if you can have some carbs. (None if you are like me and are super strict)


I’d like to see before and after photos, hubba hubba. lmao
That’s from both of you BTW @JoJo @VapeyMama

I am just kidding, not that I mind looking at pretty girls, but I’m not a horn dog and I am married, very married. :wink: :wink:


…Wives love the “Gift of Cool Whip” That should be their Sales pitch :wink:


@jojo, can you have any fats at all on this diet? If so then take half a teaspoon of probably Olive oil I’m gonna guess and heat it over medium heat add rice and slightly brown it then add water at the ratio of 2 to 1 of the rice. reduce heat to low for 10 to 15 minutes stirring once at 5 and once at 8 minutes. When you stir at the 8 minute mark bite or cut one grain in half. is it the same light off white all the way through or is there a brighter white dot in the center. if dot in the center add an ounce or so of water and return to heat for the remaining time on low then stir. This gives the rice a yummy browned flavor.