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Low Carb/Paleo Anyone?


no comment lmao


In 1999 I lost 212 lbs, Gastric by pass surgery, continued on the next year to lose another 35 to 40.

In 2001 I lost about 155 or so. Best weight I ever lost, (got a divorce) lmao

Oh yeah I weighed 416 at last weigh in before surgery


That’s really amazing. Well done! I am all for using whatever tools you have at your disposal and whatever works (including divorce! lol) to make you happy. :slight_smile: I have decided that life is entirely too short and precious to waste any of it being unhappy if I can help it.

Low carb is all about the fats! Just not the rice. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s the one grain I’ll miss. I can do without pasta, bread, chips, and crackers, but I love rice. Ask @Joel5, he knows how much sushi I eat. LoL. I’ve found some pretty good looking alternatives though so we’ll see how it goes. :smiley:





Well good luck, I misunderstood and thought you could have it. I getting ready to shoot some ideas your way but I’ll hold off.


Hey, I don’t mind sharing pictures! Maybe it’ll be motivation for someone else! :wink:
Here’s where I was when I started doing grain free eating (right before I went full on low carb)

And here is where I’m at right now (I’m the one wearing actual clothes… lol)


Tell me about it, I make a killer rice to go with Mexican food it’s got just enough spice to remind you that there is rice on the plate and eaten alone with a little green sauce and jack cheese melted on it You don’t even need a fork just some tortilla chips. The of course there’s fried rice, wifey kids me all the time that I’ve got more veggies in it than I do rice. The secret ingredients there are spam and toasted sesame oil. Then of course the country style pork ribs grilled for long enough to mark em then into the crockpot with some garlic, onion and most often fresno chili or three and a bottle hopefully my bbq sauce but in a pinch sweet baby rays will do as long as I some more heat and sweet to it. ribs served on a bed of rice swimming in sauce. dayam now I’m getting hungry and I’m drooling.


You’re the girl on the right right? and your Hubby doesn’t mind you goin out in public like that. I almost commited the cardinal sin and said lets you go out, but we all know women don’t need our permissioin.


lol no I’m in the middle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And I think the hubby would be super pumped if I went out in public like the one on the right, as long as he got to come with! lol!!


dude, i wish i could eat rice, its carbtastic though, its a major no no, I’m just glad I can eat cheese :yum:
it appears in most of my dishes, Ive just eaten Grilled lamb with rosemary and garlic, baby portobello mushrooms fried in sesame oil stuffed with cage aged chedder and garlic, slim green beans and tender stem broccoli…
reading that I could actually eat it again…
talking about food in the evening is not good for anyone :yum:


If you don’t mind me saying you look amazing in both pictures!, but if the weight loss gives you extra confidence and makes you happier and feel healthier then all the better for it, well done! :+1:


I literally just ate cheese with cheese on it…Lol


Thank you!


cheese with cheese on?!..its a revelation…cheese stuffed with cheese…oooh…
and your welcome lol :+1:


I think wifey and I were a little older than you two when we met but this is our wedding announcement pic.


this was when we went to dinner for me to meet her step dad, I’d already met her mom.


I was 18 when I near met my husband. We were babies. :wink: This was my senior prom.


@VapeyMama and @JoJo. I will say this having been through a pretty full life. The man who loves you rarely looks at you with his eyes, he looks with his heart and he sees your soul, He knows how much he loves you and how that love is returned multiplied by thousands.


Getting a little mushy in here


Lol! (10 char) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: