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Low Carb/Paleo Anyone?


Going through pics and I realized I don’t really have many of me that aren’t selfies. I’m usually taking them. LoL. The kiddo took these btw. :wink:

May 2012, ~220 lbs

March 2016, ~160 lbs


I wish you both well. I want to straighten my diet out myself, I tend to eat too many carbs being vegetarian it’s the worst. I need to get back eating cleaner Kudos to you both for a motivating subject ! Y’all both look great imho !


Everyone talking about a wife and husband… I had a rabbit once… HAHA #ForeverAlone LOL


I have cats and a kid. :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes I can’t decide which has more attitude and makes more of a mess. LoL


I have no mirror where I am but here is a picture of my 1 year difference…


2016 (lol you can sort of see haha)


PS… Still fat and have a lot more to go!

But hey… Getting there!


My doc told me low carb is the best but you have to have some carbs. The reason most of us become overweight in the US is not because we eat carbs but because of where the carbs come from. If we got our carbs from fresh vegetables the fiber negates the fat because it’s the carbs nature intended.

Cucumbers and Celery are good veggies to eat because they are crisp and fiberous.(Make sure they are really cold).

If you are trying to lessen your carbs but are craving sweets try some Blueberries… they are really good for you, very high in nutrients and will zap a sugar craving fast.

I used to be a low carb Nazi but in my older age I cant tolerate too low of a carb diet.


One of my favorite stacks to this day is Celery dipped in Natural (no sugar added) peanut butter. Love it!

Going to have to try the blueberry thing!




Wow @Walt_RealFlavors awesome!

Peanut butter has been a godsend the last couple days since I hadn’t been grocery shopping and just decided this was my thing now. :stuck_out_tongue: Still kinda high in sugar, but it was enough to keep me out of the cookie butter. LoL.

So I’ve learned a couple things. Nori sheets do not make great replacements for tortillas or lettuce when making a wrap. Maybe if I hadn’t added the mashed avocado and drizzle of ranch it would have held up better, but it just got mushy and chewy. LoL. Wound up with a salad instead of wraps, but for the first time in a year, I ate my lunch and wasn’t sitting there for an hour wishing there was more. I love pork rinds as long as I don’t think about what they are too much. Satisfying salty crunchy stuff. A slice of cheddar in a frying pan makes a decent crunchy replacement for toast or crackers and tastes just like cheez-its. Next up, cloud bread… :wink:


I would make a very bad vegetarian… Lol! I eat a lot of meat, I’m not sure I could do any kind of low carb eating without it! I’m sure it’s possible…But I would have a rough time.


Is that an elevator reflection? Hehe! Way to go, I can totally see the difference!!


Yeah haha. I was like… well this is the only mirror around haha


Quinoa cleaned rinsed and cooked is awesome I will let it cool completely then top it with whatever I feel like whether it be chickpeas so far that’s 2 proteins then some diced cucumbers and then I’ll put parsley sprigs finely chopped some feta cheese diced tomatoes on occasion w/ black olives. Kinda like a Lebonese salad it’s a good switch up from a regular salad and loads of protein not a lot of fat.

Then FF Greek Yogurt w/ cucumber slices is a great start to a dip for your pita sandwiches I like to make homemade Falafels and bake them instead of frying them spread the FF greek Yogurt on them and slice cucumbers and tomatoes with loads of lettuce and bell peppers Trader Joes/ whole Foods has awesome pita options.

Lentils are killer for protein and stack up well to filling you up w/ only 0.5 grams of fat per serving w/ around 8 grams of protein eat them in salads soups or put them w/ a side of whole wheat rice.

@Walt_RealFlavors @VapeyMama @JoJo I can see a difference in all of your pics very motivating !


I like my celery with cheese!! :smiley: :cheese:


I’ve also been told the thing with eating carbs is when to eat them. As the day progresses your body needs carbs less for energy, so eating carbs in the morning or lunch is fine, dinner not so much because your body doesn’t need them.


No but about an hour before bed… that’s when the bluberries help lol


I’ve been a baking fool today. Started the morning with a muffin in a mug recipe that wasn’t so great. Made some cloud bread with cottage cheese that was meh. Then I found another recipe for a muffin in a mug that was much better. Less dry and less ingredients to boot! Chopped some broccoli for easy snacking, then nuked the stems for like 10 min in some water, drained, mashed, added some half and half, water, and a bouillon cube for some creamy broccoli soup for lunch. Baked some kale for kale chips…can’t believe I’m eating kale voluntarily. Made some more cloud bread with cream cheese (Oopsie Rolls) and they came out MUCH better. Lighter and fluffier. :smiley:

First attempt on the left with the cottage cheese, second on the right with cream cheese. 5 in both stacks. It made 6 each time. Next time I think I’m gonna do 2 eggs and 2 oz cream cheese. 3 each makes 6 really big ones. Should probably be more like 7 or 8 but I can’t fit that many on my pan so I wound up having to squish them on. Still, not bad for a first go.

Psst @Walt_RealFlavors the kiddo approves of the jello cup and cool whip for dessert. :smile: I do, too. It hit the spot. Thanks so much!! I couldn’t find lime so I got the strawberry and orange, but it was yummy. I’ll have to look for lime at Kroger.

I’m still working on ways to take food to school on Mondays and Wednesdays for me and non-perishable snack ideas for Abby to take to school. For the time being, she’s eating breakfast here in the morning (at 6am poor thing) because her school breakfasts are pretty terrible. She’s having to eat school lunch though cuz she’s on free lunches and I just don’t have the means to send her with lunch every day at this point. Oh well. She’s doing her best to avoid the bread and sugar. And before anyone says anything about me putting my kid on a ‘diet’, she’s 10 and she wanted to do it. I didn’t ask or push…she saw what I was eating and decided for herself that she wanted to do it, too. Bonus for me, I can stop buying the bad carby stuff completely. With it out of the house it won’t be tempting me. :wink:

I gotta say, I haven’t had this much energy or been this excited about food in a really long time. Even if it is just a placebo affect, it feels great. Aside from a little bit of anxiousness, I’m actually kinda looking forward to getting out of the house and going to school tomorrow.


Low carb recipes…almost limitless…


My girlfriend has had concerns of being hypoglycemic and so we have made many minor changes to the food we buy and make. In the carb department, we just make sure its whole grains not the processes bleached crap… Brown rice, wheat bread that sort of thing instead. Smoothies are a pretty filling yummy way to stomp out sweet cravings while also being healthier… We buy strawberries, bananas, kiwi, peaches or whatever else we want, some plain greek yogurt, and almond milk. Blend it all up and enjoy :slight_smile:
We use a lot of spices in our foods also, turmeric is a main one we use, as it helps with inflammation and joint pain. Small ammounts in food probably doesnt give that affect so much, but we have turmeric suppliments that definitely do help.

I cant cut anything totally out of my diet, though we definitely avoid heavily processed stuff, and many things that have high fructose we will find a brand or version without it. My body craves carbs and since weight has never really been an issue for me, I certainly do indulge in plenty of carby and fatty ‘junk’ still but i trust my body in its cravings, carbs and protein are my main intake i think really.