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Low Carb/Paleo Anyone?


That is just wrong in so many ways but I will admit you just took a diet thread to a whole new level.


Hey Walt if your local mega mart has a Mexican food section or if you have mexicam market near. Get some ground chili. the little packets like this

If you don’t like real hot then get California, if you want a little more heat get New Mexico, more heat Chili de Arbol, Hot for sure Pequin or tepin. for an earthy kinda between ca and nm get pasilla or pablano if you can find it.

then mix the following
2 teaspoons sea salt, (I like flake or coarse)
1 teaspoon each black fine ground pepper the cilli of choice and granulated onion. then you can add half a teaspoon of granulated garlic if so desired.
mix well then cut a lemon or lime in half and poke it with a fork two or three time. rub a thick slice of cucumber on it and sprinkle with the season mix. it is so good I’ve been known to partly peel a cuke and cut into 6ths squeeze lime over it and then dip the end into the seasoning. you kinda figure out how big of a bite to take depending on how much seasoning sticks. Some even like it melon but not me.


One change I made was going with high fat dairy and incorporate one of these in every meal… whole milk, 4% cottage cheese, 2% plain greek yogurt. The fat makes me feel full faster, so overall calorie intake is lower. Been dropping weight ever since.

I don’t have any pics of me, but when I look in the mirror this is what I see. So it’s gotta be accurate:


You look like I know you from somewhere… Hmm…

And yes, ALWAYS ALWAYS full fat dairy!!


I like my celery with a bloody mary :wink:


Oh honey, me too.


Oopsie bread WTF


I ain’t goin there :scream:


If you freeze the bananas, toss the spinach in a salad and freeze the almond milk you don’t have to dilute with ice unless you’re wanting to extend it. If extend ours its with Watermelon (also frozen)




Where have I seen… are you Leonardo DeCaprio?


So…back on track somewhat. That muffin in a mug recipe worked out pretty well tonight for a brownie in a mug. :stuck_out_tongue: Added some cocoa, splenda, vanilla, and a bit of cinnamon. If I do it again, though, I think I’ll up the butter and maybe reduce the flour a smidge. Still, in a pinch, it’s a good dessert :smiley: Topped off with a spoonful of cool whip. Yum.


I don’t like admitting this because it makes me sound dumb and feeble but about 6 months ago my doc got on my case about gaining 5-7 pounds of weight so I thought… “Hey, I will go low carb again!”

Well… I went shopping and tried to go back to my old ways. 3 days in I woke up, walked into the kitchen, my blood sugar dropped, felt like I was going to puke, hit the floor started sweating and ended up with my husband taking the day off work to take me to the ER. My doctor said… “No Atkins for you! South Beach diet much better!”

Low carb diets can be dangerous for some people. If you are going low carb, make sure you know what you are doing. Do your research and don’t break the rules. Try to remember the amount of carbs your organs need to function properly actually have to do with your size. An SUV gets 8 miles to the gallon. A Ford Focus gets 30… your body is kind of the same.


Thanks I will have to give this a try!


I am a huge fan of the “Eat more Possum” no-carb diet.
Because even bacon has carbs… :smile_cat:


Hey my low carb people, how’s it been going? Holidays suck for eating well and I had already been eating way too many carbs, so last Monday I decided to really get back into the swing of things and started eating a pretty strict keto diet. A week later I’m down 8 lbs! Woot woot! And for real, vaping has saved me from so many sweets, I’m totally vaping cookies instead of eating them. :joy:

@JoJo @Walt_RealFlavors @Pugs1970 :grin:


yeah I fell off that wagon so badly I can’t even see the wagon anymore…I’m fine in the day, I just eat vegetable with grated cheese but at night…faaaaaail :disappointed:

I’m so weak …and cookies are so nice…:cry: (sniff)


I feel ya! I counted the carbs I ate the Sunday before I started… Almost 90g. Which was probably one of my better days. :confused: Now my goal is keeping it under 10g per day during the week and under 20g on weekends (gotta give myself some room to fit the wine in there!). I’ll probably bump it up to 20g daily once I hit my first goal (Which is still 22 lbs away…:neutral_face:) and then try to stick to 20g per day for the last 30 lbs. I knew if I didn’t get back on the wagon now Christmas would kill me!


oh I’m fairly certain I’ve hit treble figures most days, but you’ve lit a light bulb there, now would be a good time to get my head together with it again, before xmas strikes…apart from xmas day obv :smirk:
I mean come on…

Plus I have 3 or 4 ‘nights’ coming up with the old boys, they’re never well behaved so they’re out…

Then there’s the works Xmas party in Manchester, free bar…all day…right up your street that one…

Then there’s the…oh you know what I may as well just sack it till after Xmas :neutral_face:


You can always start now to counteract some of the holiday naughtiness! :wink: