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Low Carb/Paleo Anyone?


I’ve made that oopsie bread to stand in for biscuits when I make biscuits and sausage gravy!! And you can use almond flour to thicken the gravy instead of wheat flour. :slight_smile: (that’s been on my mind now more than ever thanks to @Anonymiss … Lol)


omg you have a beard?


Me too! That’s such an awesome idea. I know what I’m making for breakfast this weekend! :smile:


Yeah, sexy huh? :wink:


I could not get whoopsie bread to turn out for me at all, and the first time I tried the 1 minute mug muffin it was like wet egg cake …wugh…so gross…so I gave up lol, I just dont bother with bread at all.
yours look amazing though :+1: well done!


Likewise Mike. Take 2 bananas and a fist full of spinach, add two cups of almond milk, blend till smooth, add some peanut butter and we add Pea Protein-based Chocolate powder, blend smooth …fill with ice and blend Hmm peanut butter banana chocolate spinach smoothies. tastes great but the color? drink in the dim light of Morn :wink:


Everyone needs to get married at least once!:slight_smile:


No no no no no lol @BoyHowdy

Never going to happen…


Agreed! Once was enough for me. I don’t like the word never, but I’m pretty confident when I say…never again. LoL


well after my first marriage was such a raging success (6 months of mental torture) I said I’d never ever do it again.
But then you meet someone who makes you realize why it didn’t work out with anyone else…
plus she’ll kill me if I don’t marry her :confused:, which we intend to do soon… so yeah…never say never :heart_eyes::+1:


If I live long enough…I heard the 8th time is a charm…
This one may well be my last though, just because of age.
Never did condone divorce, never was my idea, but shit is what it is, and expensive.
I still don’t have it, but ALL I ever wanted was someone to spoon and snuggle with…
musta been too much to ask. Fuk it, I will take a puma any day.
I can see clearly now [they should write a song] that the only thing I will snuggle
and spoon with…is dirt.


What the hell kind of peanut butter is this!:scream:


I will gladly take some flavorful chunky virgins to cuddle with…and swear they shall remain a virgin…
Just cuddle and hold me…and my last days will be peaceful


They did pick the absolute worst word to cut off in that paragraph! @Maureeenie did it to see if anyone was paying attention. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Everyone failed miserably but I!:spy:


Organic ha! You guys… stop it I just woke up!


:joy::joy::joy: that’s freaking hilarious


It was pretty bad… but fun, you know?


Organic chunky virgins???
I am all over that …I mean,…if possible…
Could be worse,there could be two of me.

Have I ever told you about my live-in nurses, they are twins, and split the shifts,
and NO…nobama doesn’t pay for my hospice…MY insurance does …
Meet Teena and Sheena


overheard at the Virgin Peanut Butter factory

“…it puts the virginity in the basket or it gets the hose” :grimacing:


LMBO & Cried :smile: