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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


Thanks for the reply that was one of the models I was looking into but the heated version I just don’t like how there is no heat controls just heat on heat off.

Please keep me posted once you get the thinner beaker


Hmmm. There is a lot of good info here

@JoJo @Ken_O_Where (Merge)


Thanks for the response ill go check that out why are you using a separate heat plate and stir why not an all in one


Not to derail but just insight to what I use. I use an office type coffee cup warmer and a cheap battery powered frother. Have had great results but I do a 30/70 mix with nic. Used a IR temp checker on the warmer and its well within a good area and still gets the thinning job done. Can and will post pics if needed. All that cost me $6 USD.


Please post pix…I have been interested in mag stirring…I used a dremel to mix mine with a length of 20ga stainless in the chuck…was working awesome at frothing directly in the bottle…until…I turned the switch in the wrong direction and cranked it up to 10k rpm instead of off…ended up with 4 bits of stainless embedded in my arm/wrist and s face full of juice…thankfully nothing close to my eyes…scared the crap out of me…I am now back to hand shaking but would love to stir and heat some mixes thin them out…
and @BoDarc, you mentioned above about safety glasses and dremeling…I was wearing them…but was just stupid about the safety of spinning a wire…lesson learned…


@FMAM we should hang out :wink: I just stirred up a jar of Natural Peanut Butter (oil at top?) with a large plastic salad spoon with a spindle handle powered by my small hand drill …worked great BTW. Glad you’re OK!

Yeah, huge knives, soldering guns, routers, and Dremel tools are the Teachers in the DIY world. Also you are definitely inline with the spirit of ELR (here). A little confession when things go wrong can be as enlightening as some major e-juice discovery, so welcome onboard!


Glad I’m not the only old Fart mixing with a magnetic mixer!
Word to the wise… When using a 50ml beaker, make sure your mixer is set at 0, BEFORE you turn it on.
Took an hour to clean that mess up.


Yeah @BoDarc, we should hang out…not sure how far you are from the midwest! I’ve had my share of Oops moments mixing stuff…nothing worthy of a hospital visit thankfully!!! @Flavologist, I started my professional work in a lab with some nasty biologics…did the same thing in a small beaker with something called TPA…not the perfumer’s apprentics…Tumor Promoting Agent!! Scared the hell outta me…was a mess in the containment hood that it got blown all over…with that said, perhaps you all can see why I kinda freaked the first time I logged in and saw TPA after a flavor…until I read more (like all good noobs should when they arrive here) and realized what it was…so moral is, using a wire to try and whisk in a bottle with a Dremel at high speed…DON’T DO IT!!! for all newbies that search for dremel, hope you see this and avoid holes in your body from flying metal…




Did you buy this one Rob62? I balked at it because I was unsure if it had enough power for eliquid.


No I have a old Mag Mix that I got on eBay . But this one looks like it would work fine .
I did see that someone on ELR has one
It was @Walt3 he may be able to give you some info


Wow! What timing! Ok, first off, I’m no expert. I’m just working through getting this thing working well. I started with using a glass measuring “glass” with a thick bottom and ran into problems with the mixer throwing magnets. I re-read this thread with particular attention to ozo’s posts. I think for one I was trying to mix to aggressively. I also just got a couple of 125ml pyrex Erlenmeyer Flasks. Big difference. I can use a longer pill. The pill “snapped” into position instantly when I dropped it in. Unfortunately right now I am mixing some 50/50 for an MTL I use sometimes but the mixer is doing a fine job. I’m anticipating it will do well on 70/30 as well because this is going so well. I am mixing 60ml of juice at present. I believe this unit will be just fine. I will post again once I mix some 70/30 if I can still find this thread.


Same one I use. Yes, it can handle mixes up to 80% VG (I usually only mix max VG when possible, unless specifically requested otherwise, or my recipe calls for a flavor heavy mix with PG base.)
Just remember, it won’t make a vortex, but that doesn’t mean it’s not mixing.
It will mix 1000ml of max VG. Just start at 0 rpm and ramp up SLOWLY.


hello there…
just wanted to ask… MOST people talking about magnetic stirrers or using them re making batches of like 100-200ml… i was just wondering how homemade stirrers or cheap bought ones could work on large batches (like 500ml or higher) of high vg… or what is needed to do so? a stirrer could help a lot better than shaking the bottles…

I am vaping too many mls every day and anyway, 100ml for me could be for like 3-4 days max… so i am usually making batches like 500ml or higher… you can understand that my mixing method after it is shaking the bottles :stuck_out_tongue: i tried once a home made magnetic stirrer but no good… the magnetic bar inside a batch of 400ml of 70/30 (vg/pg) juice didn’t even started moving… any ideas please?



If you warm water bath prior to stirring or use a hotplate stirrer it will stir a lot easier - I heat to about 50 c (dont go much higher than this) and can stir 500ml depending on your stirrer.

Hope that helps


thank you for your reply sir :slight_smile:

could i get advantage of your kindness and ask please for some more info?
what stirrer are you using? what magnets to use? or if you or someone else could suggest me to buy a good and affordable one for this job? unfortunately i checked here if i could buy one but the cost goes like over 300euros from the ones i found… they’re mostly professional for labs etc… on the other hand i have no clue what magnets, motor, or power supply i could use for making one that will work for large batches :frowning:

thank you very much again sir :slight_smile:


The key to getting a stirrer for juice is getting one with good magnets - I believe that this is expressed as as an SH- # the the # is a number the higher it is the stronger the stirrer (I am not 100% sure of that and will gladly be corrected if I am wrong). The hotplate stirrer i have is sh-3 the non hotplate stirrer i have is sh-2.

Since I am in Au and the stirrers i have are both locally made the brand and model will not likely be of any help to you. I would suggest jumping on ebay and having a search for 2nd hand sh-3 magnetic hotplate stirrers Ones with an auto shut off hotplate with a temp probe would be the best. Nitecore is putting out a stirrer sometime soon which may or may not be worth looking at.

Nitecore Magmixer


thank you very much again sir :slight_smile:


I would love to hear official thoughts on those. If the price is right I may get one since I’m a small bottle mixer. 30ml or less and mix 15 at a time on average.