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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


They are not available for review as yet (as far as I am aware)


They finally made it! Rare Earth baby! These little guys latch to the stirring plate. Had to laugh, got notification they had shipped this morning. Clicked on the tracking link and it said delivered. Sure enough, right there on the porch. Cole-Parmer is just a little slow with notifications.


I have a 250ML flask and a 20mm cross stirring bar, I am mixing 100ml of liquid, however, it won’t spin at all. so I bought some Octahedral 6Mm X 25Mm will this be any better ?? my Magnetic Stirrer is an Amicus Ultra-Flat Compact Speed range (rpm) 15-1500. Max. stirring quantity 0.8L. Max. load capacity 2Kg. Dimensions (WxDxH) 175x120x15.


Hi Jason

If you are having issues you can sit your mix in a warm water bath for a little bit before you put it on the stirrer - don’t let it get super hot just around 40c (104f) should allow it to be mixed - if your mixer can’t stir it at that temp then there may be an issue with the strength of the stirrer.





Put the cross bar on the mag mixer without the juice test if it spins if it does then put your mix in the water bath


ok, I give it a try thank you and what if this fails? would the larger bars work that I ordered? they are Octahedral 6Mm X 25Mm??


If it doesn’t spin outside the juice it may well be the bar is too short to hit the magnets on your stirrer


I have ordered some Octahedral 6Mm X 25Mm do you think these would be better?


Not sure I don’t know your stirrer - have you got the specs somewhere - they usually say the recommended bar size.


yea my stirrer spec is Magnetic Stirrer is an Amicus Ultra-Flat Compact Speed range (rpm) 15-1500. Max. stirring quantity 0.8L. Max. load capacity 2Kg. Dimensions (WxDxH) 175x120x15.


Ok a couple of things .8l is on the low side considering it is probably rated for water and juice is much thicker.

Does the bar spin when on the top of the stirrer?
Did you put your juice in a water bath to heat it up?


yes it spins relly well on the stirrer base and I just put the flask in some warm water and it seems to be spinning better. thought no vortex.


Once the juice is heated up a little it should be ok - it just may take some time to get a vortex.


ok, thank you so much for your help the new stirrer bars will be here tomorrow. hopefully, they will be better.


would this be a better magnetic stirrer in your opinion?


I have couple of mag stirrers here one is rated to 5 lt and will stir about 150 ml at room temp. the other is a hot plate and it will stir about 500ml @ 40c .

Look for the sh rating on the stirrer if has a rating of sh 2 is good for low volume sh 3 is better and sh 4 better again.

sh 4 stirrer will stir about 4 - 5 lt which will equate to around 200ml ish at room temp

I don’t think a 1 lt will cut it for over 30 ml in a fairly wide beaker or flask


this one will do 15L
would this one suit my needs?


I am not familiar with that particular stirrer so I am hesitant to give you a firm yes. It could be an angel diaper < In theory good but it is still shit lol.

On paper yes it looks ok