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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


as long as it will work as I don’t relly want to lose any more money lol


This i why my hesitation - best do a heap of research on that model before pulling the trigger.


I know could you recommend a good one?


Both of the models I have are only available in Australia and they suit my needs - I wont recommend something that I personally have not used. So no, not really but in broad strokes

I recommend

  • hot plate
  • digital temperature control (with a temp probe or sensor)
  • digital speed read out.
  • rated as able to mix 5 lt or more
  • not sensitive to kryptonite (you never know if you may need this one day)


lol thank you so much for your time and help.


If your rig is “throwing” stir bars prior to reaching a reasonable stirring speed in thick juice, rare earth bar magnets will make a pretty big difference. So will using a thin bottomed flask as apposed to something like a measuring cup with a thick bottom. Both address the same problem, achieving a solid connection between the magnets in the stirrer and the magnets in the juice.


“Thank you”, I just upgraded my stirrer to a Stuart stirrer that can mix up to 15L. Like @woftam said my stirrer wasn’t strong enough, so I upgraded in the end. and it is working very well. thank you all for your help in this matter.


I thought I would add some info of where I get my equipment at, if you are in the UK try http://www.betterequipped.co.uk/ their relly good on price and friendly staff to help with whatever you need. I hope this helps.

this is my set up very proud of it took some doing but got there in the end lol


I can never let my wife see this… :wink: I would recommend some stoppers for those flasks, but super envious.


Already have them mate.


Nice set up :+1:


Just a small recap to scratch the surface…

You don’t need a heated plate. Start off with ingredients at room temperature. It is possible to over-heat just from friction alone.
If your stir bar is not spinning properly, try a (several) different size. Use a lab grade beaker or flask. If your stir bar spins out, your rpm’s are too high, and don’t expect the stir bar to begin spinning on low settings…crank it up then turn it down.
Although it’s possible, it is rare that your mag-mixer is not strong enough for a 115ml batch of 70VG/30PG, but I suggest a minimum of SH-2, higher is better especially for longevity.[life of equipment]

When choosing a magnetic stirrer, it is a better rule of thumb to have one that is 0-1200rpm or 0-1500rpm that states a 5L capacity…than one with 0-2000rpm or 0-2400 rpm with 5L capacity. The latter will almost always have a lesser motor and magnet.

Remember capacity ratings are 99.9% based on liquid like water or similar viscosity. [unless specified]

The best universal and economic stir bars are octagonal shape, and slightly better are the egg shape, also called olive shape. You still need many sizes, at least to find out what works best in your situation, or situations…as you make different batch sizes, %'s, equipment, etc.

A stir bar retriever rod (easily found on Amazon) will make your mixing so much easier…and much less messy.

You DO NOT NEED a vortex !!! Just an LED flashlight [and an IR themometer].

God bless you.


Yep, listen to ozo. He knows his sh–, umm, stuff :laughing:


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in your opinion which is good at the best value


And mainly because it uses a 9V battery. I have used this exact one for years.


perfect thank you