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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


THIS is important! The bottom needs to be very flat and cheap glass (a jar?) is usually uneven. Most lab grade equipment is intended for mag mixing.


So, I have read through this thread, and ordered a mixer. I know that it is stated that a vortex is not necessary to get a good mix, but I have witnessed that if I dial my mixer down to where it doesn’t create a vortex that my flavoring just sits on top while the VG gets full of bubbles. I allowed the mixer to run for about an hour and still saw the flavoring sitting on top.

After seeing this I turned the power up to create a vortex and the flavoring mixed right in…I don’t think I did anything wrong here, but just wanted to share my experience and see if you have any suggestions on the matter…

I was using a 100ml beaker with 90ml of liquid and a 1 inch stir rod that came with the mixer.


Right or wrong this is my process. I give my bottle of VG a warm water bath before mixing. When I start the stirrer I start as high as needed to quickly get things mixed (only a minute or less). Then I dial the rpm’s back for a slow stir.


I use a hotplate/ stirrer and have several different sized stir bars. Generally I use Erlenmeyer flasks with the largest stir bar possible for each size flask. I use heat…allow to cool…then add nicotine while stirring without heat. The temps vary according to the type and content of flavoring and particularly whether it is alcohol based.Again generally I stay in the 115 F range except in the case of VG based flavorings where I stir for 20 minutes at 140 F then reduce. VG homogenizes at 140. This is the result of lots of reading and experimentation. This works for me though many disagree. Vendors of professional level homogenizers claim that 10 seconds @ 140 F in their devices equals a two week ‘steep.’


I just found this post thank you for sharing knowledge what a awsome read


Thanks for sharing your experience tips and hints . You really convinced me to start mixing with a magnetic stirrer .
As a have a limited budget and not handy I would try to buy a ready made one . The price all included shipping to
Greece ( Crete) would be for me about 45 a 50 € . A would have to look allso for some magnetic beads and stirring rod ?
Ps buying from the us is getting here in EU a bit of a problem concerning high import taxes !!
I saw some models on ebay but wasn’t shure of the build guality . I Would really apriciate if you or someone could give me some
advice .


Hello Ozo , can you tell me where that you bought these bottles from ? I saw these but had to buy this in huge quantaties :pensive:.
Would apriciate this info a lot .


Waaauw this is a awesome looking mag . Stirrer would be immidiat on my wishlist !!! Thx for sharing this :+1:


Nice set up you got there this is where I would like to be also . Like to know what magnetic stirrer you got ?
Would apriciate this a lot . Thx a lot in advance . Ps hope it’s not to expencive ?


hi there my stirrer is by Stuart http://www.bibby-shop.com/product/US151# and my Erlenmeyer flasks and other equipment I bought from http://www.betterequipped.co.uk/
the dearest part was the stirrer, but it was worth every penny. are you living in the UK? if so these companies will ship to you. if you need any more advice please get in touch, always happy to help. SORRY just seen your other posts and you live in Greece cole parmer will send it to you in Greece if you go to this link https://www.coleparmer.co.uk/
and look for Stuart UC151/120V/60 Analog Stirrer, stainless steel, 6" x 6", 120 VAC.


Hello Jason thanks so much for your info . I can’t afford these prices :frowning: I have a tied budget so have to be careful where and how much I spend and for which item . I really would like to start mixing with a magnetic stirrer . But will have to read more to understand and to find the wright one to chose budget wise ( simple non expensive stirrer) . This forum article really made me decide to go for it . Ps maybe I can find someone that would make me one ? :slight_smile: I started mixing not so long ago and I love it but need to get organized and find still some thing that will help do this ( nail polish stand , soft bottles for my VG and PG base … ) so thanks again and have a nice sunday .


Which bottles ?
Can you tell me the post number they are on?


Why do you need the IR thermometer?


The mag-mixer I use…I am very familiar with…and it’s run time for the size batch I am making.

That said, I only mix mine until it reaches 105-109 degrees F, which is created by friction from stirring.

Even if I use one of my mag-stirrers with a heated plate, it still may not be as accurate as using the IR thermometer.

Once the temp reaches 105-109, I turn down the rpm’s and let it go about another 5-10 minutes.


Ah … ok. I got an IR thermometer after reading your post awhile back. After I got it I couldn’t figure out why I needed it :laughing:
Thanks @ozo


Hey, @ozo, you mentioned you need a zillion bubbles in the juice and that a mag-mixer stirs on a molecular level.

I am yet to build my own mag-stirrer but I have a milk frother. What are your thoughts on it? It will get you those bubbles but is it good to use in mixing the juice?


Lots of folks here use a frother, or even a Badger 121 paint stirrer…they like them…I do not.
I use a frother every day for my cappuccino, and a Badger 121 for some oil tinctures.

The mag-stirrer adds the bubbles completely differently, and are not frothy, and it adds the heat by friction.

I do have mag-stirrers with hot plates, but I never turn on the heater when making e-juice.


Thanks for the response.
Still waiting for those magnets to arrive. Will have one DIY made once they’re here.


Very interesting and informative read. I have a new magnetic stirrer I have yet to use.

After reading this thread I just ordered these stir bars.


I want to thank all the information on this topic since it is a subject that I have followed with special attention … In my short experience in DIY, I think that a good e-liquid goes through the good homogenization of the components. That said, I bet on buying a magnetic stirrer, but I do not find much information on how long it should shake the e-liquid !? Not having found something exact, something that doubts exist in this field, lol, I have made the calculation to 30 minutes the 50 mls. / 1/2 oz. as used in 1x with 150 mls, this stirred for 1:30 h. Who uses this kind of hardware, can you doubt the time it should shake?
Thanks for all the info one more time. :+1: