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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


This post got me to buy a stirer, good advice from @ozo, commun sens and i can tel the difference im personnaly let the stirer do is job at highest speed it can go (to high it crumbles) for anywhere from 30 min to an hour, my juice as to be at the temperature ( all ingrediants being refridgirated)
So thanks again to all !


I wonder if theres a way to rigged up the mixer to mix the bottle daily for me. There must be. Maybe put it in something with a stirrer inside? Or am i totally off here?


My basic rule of thumb for time is :

Almost always a 70VG/30PG

No matter what size batch, I mix all the ingredients in a beaker, never add heat from a bath, hot plate, nada.
All ingredients at room temperature, in my case, around 73F

Choose a stir bar size according to container and volume, place on stirrer, turn up until it stirs well, then turn it
down to a steady and even spin [usually need to turn down more after a few minutes], never stirring fast to get
any vortex to speak of. Shining a good LED flashlight through the side of beaker, you can see the 1000’s of tiny bubbles as it homogenizes.

After 15 minutes +/- I begin periodically checking the temperature with an infrared thermometer. When the temp reaches 105F-107F I turn the RPM’s down about 20% and stir another 10 minutes or so.

I remove my stir bar with a retrieval rod…and pour into a bottle.



I see no need to put the finished juice on the stirrer again, when made right.
The homogenization remains well intact, although I always give my bottle a
little shake before I fill a tank, etc.

When I pull an 8oz bottle out of the closet after 2-3-4-5 months, I just give it a
short shake [maybe 15 reps] then pour it into my 2oz dispensing bottles.


if I understood correctly, you shake for 30 min +/- on the magnetic stirrer, right?


No, I don’t.
My juice is stirred according to temperature.
When my juice is finished [aged and ready for use] I shake my juice bottle for about
10 seconds before filling my atomizer.


I meant your magnetic stirrer! on my shaker, my juice never goes beyond 30 ° c. after 30 minutes, the temperature stabilizes and does not go beyond

Edit: 30°c / 86°F


I mix right in the bottle so i did mean for an initial mix


My juices stirred for 30 minutes on the shaker, when I open a bottle, the first few mls. are delicious, but as I’m consuming, it loses its flavor … which leads me to believe that the juice was not well homogenized.
I say without much understanding of chemistry!

Edit: and I’m talking about juices with 1 month or more of steeping!


It could also be that there is a touch too much flavouring - I have seen it a couple of times where taste buds get overwhelmed and stop tasting a juice - just something you may consider.


Just put it on a lamp timer.


Well I mix in the bottle not beaker so dont know how to use the mixer for bottles


In my opinion, it will be difficult to mix in the bottles in a magnetic mixer, because the bottom is not smooth, but rather convex!


You make batches so big you can fill 30-40 bottles at a time. :wink:

That’s for my small batches :rofl: lol
Not really I just make one recipe in that just can’t seem to get enough of it made to make the 3 week steep.


Search “Reagent” in the upper right corner to find a previous thread re: flat bottom laboratory bottles called Reagent Bottles that have wide mouths and screw on tops …trying to remember which top Reseller (of flavors) had some on their Site? …it was likely in this thread!


My mason jars I got at Walmart also work with the mag mixer nice smooth bottom


It does not seem to me to be a problem with the taste buds … I have several juices made, and when this happens, vaporize a different juice, after a few days I try the same juice again, and I have the same feeling, that juice lost his taste.

Edit: I have about 10 recipes on my rotation, and this feeling happens with any recipe I make!


I sent order to these jars, I think it will simplify mixing on the magnetic stirrer, without having to constantly wash the container after each mixing.

Thanks for the sugestion :wink:


I try to reduce the total number of transfers so I don’t lose the juice that sticks to each previously used container in the process of mixing-steep-vaping.


About magnetic shaking, this is my opinion,
When I make a recipe and I shake it manually (good shaking after mixing, and occasional shaking over the next 5 days), I do not feel a significant difference in taste in the juice “at the end of steeping”, which when shaken on the magnetic stirrer.

(Experience done without heating and with and heating the VG at 30.C / 86.F to make it more liquid)

Having said that, I must say that I invested in an agitator to help homogenize the e-liquid, and not speed up the steep process!

If I would buy a magnetic stirrer again ?, I would say yes, for the simple reason that it makes the task more comfortable … I shake for 30 minutes after the mix, and I let rest the advised time consuante the aromas of the recipe!