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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


Spend the money up front for a good one or make your own. I made mine for a bout that price and it mixes like a champion on steroids.
Research or ask questions here. Almost everything you need can be purchased at radio shack or Amazon.
Great videos on YouTube. But the guys making beer don’t need the power and magnetic strength we do. If your interested I could probably pull up my old notes and radio shack part numbers.

All you need off top of my head is

Project box (you can make on from work. Mines aluminum) could be plastic
12v computer fan
Plug for wall I have 6v, 8v, 12v wall adapter
Riostat (?)spelling
Rare earth magnets
On off switch
Small gauge wire
Electrical tape
Soldering gun, (optional)
Bolts for fan to box

I can shoot some pictures for wire diagram.


You are right
I had pm OZO he set me up with a great deal on ebay
Also the beakers and stirrer that I would need from amazon
He is the best very helpful
Thanks guys for not letting me go the wrong path

Now that is a deal should be here Tuesday


Yeap! One hell of a deal. Find anymore deals @ozo let me know. Can always use another mixer.


This one [from a seller I know and trust]just fell into place at the time @Machinist2 asked me about them.
I would put them [ebay seller for this] in my favorites on ebay and watch them. They have these from time to time…Today, it just simply fell into place…perfectly, but has happened before for some other friends of mine.

I was going to buy it myself…at that moment,…just for spare parts for my 30yr old exact one…
our Brother needed it more than I…God bless him.


Arrived yesterday
And a nice one for the price was awesome deal
Beakers will be here today
Nice silicon pad courtesy of a great ELR member
Whom help me with this find
It helps to have all these knowledgeable members to steer you thanks all

Beakers will be here and stir bars today


What is wrong with just shaking the shit out of it?


Nothing…if that is what you choose. Plus, no shit left in it,right?
Sawzall, ultrasonic, frother, paint stirrer, hand shaking( like buff athletes of your measure)
Don’t fukn matter to get enough results to vape it…
Little difference in end results though, yet some claim disputable,as I do…
magnetic mixing is more on a molecular level, where the rest [actions] are on a
shit-n-get level…many methods, some claiming the same results, but I don’t buy it .
I have mixed liquids for over 50yrs in a lab albeit not every day…magnetic mixing will give you a more uniform blended batch than any other way you can mix your juice…and during aging, it will stay blended with more uniformity
IF YOU have used magnetic stirring you understand…if you have NEVER used it, you may condemn it out of ignorance…but those that use this method will NEVER go back to any other method…just ask any of them…


How do you do this with 15ml and 30ml batches?

I see that this would be a must on larger (guess maybe 120ml and above)…but on a 15ml, do you recommend doing it in that size?


I do the 30 ml in small beaker
I bought a set of Pyrex beakers on amazon
And use small stirrer bar also a small set on amazon
15 ml not so much to.little liquid to stirrer

I really just use the small and the 50ml and 200ml beakers
But whole set was 14 bucks


For small batches I simply use a small beaker and a tiny stir bar…low rpm.


All you need to get that liquid shaken up - http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/how-to-build-monster-forearms.html

Seriously though, thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience, us “youngsters” will always learn a trick or 2 from our elders and we should appreciate that…

Happy Vaping…


Here’s mine…




That is very nice.eh?
What used to be in that jar?


i know it’s kind of a dumb question, but i lived in a stone age
so here we go…

i already purchased 12cmx12cm PC fan 12v rated at 3A and also DC adaptor rated at 3A
do i need to look for a certain potentio(rheostat)??
is using 10kΩ or 50kΩ is allright? or do i need to find the lower Ω?
and also what spec i need to look out for the potentio(rheostat)?
do i need the one that handle 3A or any potentio(rheostat) will do?

do i need to install some fuse, resistor or capacitor?
(know nothing about how to install them)

and the magnet, is it need to be spaced or can i just put 2 pcs of 50mmx3mm round magnet and glued them side by side with no space in the middle?
because here’s the think, i would like to be able to use my 30ml boittle on this magnetic stirrer, and for that i need 20mmx8mm spinbar
i’m affraid if i put space between those 2 magnets, then my 20mm spin bar won’t spin?


Welcome @LifeIsGood …and there are no dumb questions on ELR. One of these homebrew mixers is my next project. Since many of these are really scrap/salvage projects most people are just using what they already have onhand. Even the one just above is likely an older style computer power supply that couldn’t be used in their new PC …but the fan still worked. Doubtful that person went out and bought a brand new PS to make a mag mixer.

I am a packrat and I build PCs. I might just go with the power supply idea! But I had originally chosen an old cigar box and had an old variable speed fan which had a rheostat knob mounted on a plate for putting in your PC to manually change fan speed …very 20th century salvage, but you can just buy a rheostat at Radio Shack like @Code-Vape .

Videos on Youtube can give you more ideas. look in the sidebar on the right for multiple vids same topic For magnets you need something super strong. One Youtube video shows a guy ripping a magnet out of an old hard drive. These are crazy strong but have an irregular shape. I have old HDDs and will probably scrap one of those for a magnet but I worry about properly balancing. One thing about it is it would mount right in the center of the fan. If you are still shopping for magnets look in the craft store for “Rare Earth” magnets.


Hey @LifeIsGood ,

I used a 3A PWM DC Motor Speed Controller rather than a rheostat after reading info on this site http://www.stir-plate.com/ claiming that ‘‘PWM allows better motor speed control with less wasted energy.’’

this is the pwm I got from Ebay

I also added a simple 12v LED Rocker Switch

With the magnets, superglue a large washer onto the 120mm fan
this will help isolate the magnets from the fan motor and also means
you can move the magnets about to find your perfect spacing


@r5ta this is the information I lacked …and didn’t know I lacked. This is my Next Journey and now I have a new fork in the road …THIS is ELR! …many thanks for the share


To be honest its thanks to @ozo and this thread that I even made a mag mixer in the first place .

I am going to build a mk2 due to the fact my hard drive magnet is having trouble with larger bars and think it’s due to magnet spacing .


“Also, no-one discusses magnet spacing in detail and the type of magnets you really need to be using. One of the worse magnets to use is a used hard drive magnet because a used hard drive magnet does not provide the two concentrated magnetic poles you need to keep the stir bar captured at all speeds. Also, because of the shape of a hard drive magnet it’s impossible to have the weight centered and the two poles centered. To keep your stir bar captured at all speeds, you need two opposing magnets with a flux density of at least 2500 Gauss, the poles must be under or just outside the ends of the stir bar and the magnets need to be very close to the ends of the stir bar.”


thanks for flux density info makes looking for the magnets easier .

I was looking at…

ring magnets n50 10mm x3mm with a 3.700 gauss
block magnets n50 20mm x10mm x3mm 2,800 gauss

as I have space in my project box to add an 80mm fan , would it be better to have one with spacing for my smaller bars and one for larger ? or can i configure one fan to work with both ?