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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


How large of a batch do you plan to make, and how big/small of stir bars will you use?

I mostly use [for e-juice] 100ml and 250ml beakers and up to 1" stir bars…sometimes I may use a 500ml beaker and 1.5" stir bars. The old Mag-Mixer I use has a rod magnet that is the same size as my forefinger [index/pointer finger], so being a continuous magnet it will spin anything from a .25" bar to over 3"
Almost positive all of my mag-stirrers have the commercial rod magnets.

Having two magnets, you will need to decide the average length stir bar you will use, then place your magnets accordingly for best results. I am not sure how 4 magnets would work in two configurations, but it does sound interesting, but not sure which direction each one should be set. I would stay with only two.

Have you watched @Code-Vape video on youTube? He says his works very well [HDD magnets , rheostat]

One other note for e-juice use… I NEVER worry about a vortex when mixing, and generally only have one at the end of the cycle, but at that point my temp is high enough that I reduce the rpm’s.

Lab testing chemicals, yeast starters for beer/mead, etc is a different mix situation than e-juice. I want a zillion tiny bubbles blending as the temp slowly rises for my e-juice, not a tornadic vortex. I do match my stir bar to my volume/rpm’s for a vortex when I make my organic pure stevia powder stone, otherwise it would take all day to get it blended, but I never stress my juice that way.


Thanks Brofessor…lots of new info today. This guy mounts the fan on the bottom and uses a PVC pipe spacer to keep the magnets farther from the motor and as close to the working area as possible.



Great info , Brother.
Not all, but some people, mis-read and mis-use the info on DIY magnetic stirring home builds.
Two youTube vids and they are an expert.
I, personally, don’t have a fukn clue how to build a mag-stirrer…EVERY one of mine, bought over the last 50yrs, are professional grade, and had to be effective in their own right for their specific purpose.
I do understand physics and only offer my opinion(s) …as only my opinion(s), and I know you @BoDarc understand.
I have never built a mag stirrer, nor would I attempt to, but I have used almost every model available in my career.

My input on this thread, on ELR, or anywhere else that I care about…is to simply convey that mag-mixing e-juice is superior to any other way, and if those of other beliefs don’t agree, I challenge them to try it…not for a single fukn day, but try it, then see how many ever return to their previous method(s).
Just one question for the doubters [nothing to do with the cost or if you can afford it, because there are ways to qualify the cost]
Do you understand the difference between mixed…and blended?
For those of you of drinking age, [disclaimer bull-fukn-shit] …have you EVER had the pleasure of drinking your favorite BLENDED whiskey or scotch ? Did you EVER have to ‘shake’ the bottle BEFORE you poured a shot?
Anyone got some betting cash $$$$$ ? I bet you that I have some 8oz bottles of juice that have not been touched for over a month…no burping, no breathing, no shaking, no nada…that you can pull from my closet and not see any separation in ingredients…because they were blended while mixing. Call me hardass, igmo-ass, ass alone…old-ass, dumb-ass, no worries, but ONLY after you mix AND BLEND as I do.
The entire point of some of this forum is to learn the best way…if you haven’t tried it, don’t regurgitate what you THINK you heard on some other media…especially if you are new to mixing ANYTHING liquid. And for those of you that send me PM’s that I am old and need to get with modern learning times…or …as some have said GTFO of ELR…little mikey…Please, do it in public for all to see. If @JoJo or @daath wishes me to leave, not only would I expect them to do it with honor, but without cussing me. The nasty PM’s don’t bother me, especially the ones that you have so brilliantly [think] that you have followed me to Facebook to convey, but you are an idiot to use FB…they generally have your name…not your ‘handle’.
I really don’t care how you cuss me, I KNOW you wouldn’t do it to my face in person…even at my old age. Please, for you 3 that do…just do it here in public,…let’s see how that goes for you, eh?
I will surely bow out and be gone from ELR if someone with honor, in an honorable way, asks me to do so… or with the power to simply and instantly boot my ass gone…I can completely accept that, but when you have been here less time than I have, cuss me, an threaten that I leave…and because I am OLD and WORTHLESS…think I will just stay until I hear it from an authority…hope it doesn’t break your heart.
God bless you


People that attack others under the impression of safety in a PM is just the lowlifes on any site. These guys sit in mommas basement thinking they are anonymous when they can be found by anyone with some skills.

And furthermore they are cowards attacking nice people because they think you are old and worthless. Some people should just get banned from internet all together. If there is anything i have learned over the years is that you treat people with respect and never judge anyone based on looks, age, constitution or anything else.

One more thing i have learned in the short while i have been here on ELR is that people here are among the nicest ones i have come across on the internet. So eager to help others out with whatever questions they might have, giving out private recipes and not expecting anything in return.

I do hope that daath or JoJo have gotten rid of the ones harassing nice stand up people.
And ozo i hope you are doing ok and i am sorry for how some people have treated you!

Just my thoughts.


100ml -200ml batches max and use a 200ml beaker

bars I have so far are

  • Size: B15: Diameter: 8mm / length: 15mm
  • Size: B20: Diameter: 8mm / length: 20mm
  • Size: B25: Diameter: 8mm / length: 25mm
  • Size: B30: Diameter: 7mm / length: 30mm
  • Size: B35: Diameter: 9mm / length: 35mm
  • Size: B40: Diameter: 8mm / length: 40mm

[quote=“ozo, post:101, topic:62336”]
One other note for e-juice use… I NEVER worry about a vortex when mixing, and generally only have one at the end of the cycle
[/quote] when i did my last batch that was not a worry for me due to the torch shining trick you mention at the start of the thread


I am good, Brother…I am a coon-ass.
No need for anyone to step in front of me to meet my battle.
i appreciate the sentiment, but no worries…just a vent, and to not call anyone on the carpet.
They are surely aware of who they are, no need to flag anyone, they will dig their own hole, eventually,
or karma will see that they live with their actions/words.
I should have never said anything, but then they would think they were getting away with something.
[Hidden and no others can see] but they will eventually see themselves.


this is the problem with health a safety in the workplace … far too few darwin awards are handed out anymore . we need a new way for natural selection to cope with the rise of the idiots


You will use different stir bars depending on what you mix…a given, and the bars will even teach you.

You understand that I am no techie that builds this stuff…I have just used it for decades, right?

The light thru the side will tell you more than ANY data or spec sheet that you will find.

Use an infrared thermometer and keep your mixing temp below 110F

You will be graciously rewarded using this method. Some will say it’s not worth it, but those that use it properly…never return to the last universe that they thought was so complete.

I don’t have a license plate on my 2017 850i BMW that says GURU …but I have been driving a 1967 'vette since it was new…basics that always work.


The illuminati, NWO, Soros, FedReserve, etc. has already made plans to increase the Darwin awards…I wonder where they ever got that idea from?
As much as we [you and I] oppose igmo’s in this society, they hate them even worse, and want them extinguished.
'They" know best…right?


Crazy question. @ozo While a magnetic stirer work through the bottom of a Masson jar?


It would break my heart if you DID leave… I’m still in need of a tincture to treat my Post Traumatic Real Estate Syndrome :confounded:

Meanwhile I have a Physics question, which I think you might be able to answer. It struck me from your previous post re: “bar magnet” and the length of the magnet matching your mixing bar that the *placement" of the magnets is crucial. #1 would be distance apart and #2 North/South magnetic alignment.

The DIY YouTubers (and other online sources) don’t talk about how to make sure your round magnets are permanently fixed with any polar magnetic field alignment. I would suppose you could set them on a flat surface and allow them to naturally attract (opposites) …make a straight line across both while touching and then mark the outer edges with an S and an N to denote polar alignment. Then when affixed to the motor (magnets) you could make sure the N and S were in line. Might be a reason that HDD salvaged magnets fail to deliver maximum performance.

Also thanks for the strength requirement/minimum "…with a flux density of at least 2500 Gauss"
Hah I hope that information is on the magnets at the Craft Store :wink: Does Rat Shack sell rare earth magnets? @r5ta did you find a magnet source online? …and on spacing …I would think a magnetic bar might have more limitations re: matching your bar length but two separate magnets should have TWO sweet spots for bar length (the inner spacing and the outer spacing)

One best bit I discovered was gluing a large metal washer to the top of the fan. The you can just stick the magnets on there with their own ability. I also have a thick plastic washer I plan to put in-between motor and metal washer (reduce mag interference with the motor) My main goal is do this for almost free as @ozo 's best advice was just buy one on eBay for $20-$30. I’m a micro-hoarder and keep jars of the tiniest shit, so I have a great assortment of pieces parts.

Last night I cut off the fan blades and sanded smooth. Here’s what’s up so far…


Hhahah I think you just said we shouldn’t be keeping the “kids safe” :wink:

[pointing to pic above] if you’re not smart enough to wear safety glasses whilst Dremeling… maybe you shouldn’t reproduce ;-p …or become a Manager


no no … I’m saying if they are stupid enough to run with scissors we should let natural selection come into play :stuck_out_tongue:

i have been looking on eBay and Maplin (a uk radio shack ) at their magnets , they only list the grade (n30-n50) and the dimensions tho . I found this calculator link that allows you to calculate the gauss . as for alignment I think you may be right and think ill go with the disk type

yea I suffer from the same habit of collecting things that may come in useful one day and think I have only spent about £9 on this build so far.

good to see you have made some progress :smile:


Yes, or a plastic bucket, or…
The best spin will come from a flat bottom, and one reason that lab quality beakers and flasks are more expensive than regular glass, and not just because it is borosilicate.
A convex/concave bottom will work, to a degree, or to a certain rpm, but most likely the stir bar will spin out

Edit: Sorry, I had more computer problems and didn’t finish…
Some cheap lab beakers/flasks don’t have flat bottoms either. They are for measuring, not specifically for stirring with mag bars. Will they work? Yes, to a degree, at certain rpm’s and with certain stir bars.I also matters what magnets are under the hood too.
I have some beakers that cost $15/dozen…some beakers/flasks that cost $15/each…some stir bars that cost $10/dozen…some that cost $25/each
I am not trying to make a laboratory out of this thread, just what my opinion(s) is that works best for the DIY e-juice world we live in here on ELR. My 50yr experience is having to mix liquids for professional results…not for vaping, but there are so many similarities. Mixing and blending are two totally separate things.

I think building a magnetic stirrer is great, and keeps the creativity stirring also. It’s not for me simply because I have no need to build one, since I have some. [I will take donations of a beautiful cigar box some of you are using, they are awesome…look much better than ANY of mine]

No…only that if you generally use a 1.25" stir bar, your magnets should not be 3" apart.
" The poles must be under or just outside the ends of the stir bar and the magnets need to be very close to the ends of the stir bar."…for the best performance.
This is where the difference is between using two separate magnets versus a rod magnet.[quote=“r5ta, post:113, topic:62336”]
My main goal is do this for almost free

Yes, Brother, and more power to you…a good mag-stirrer starts around $300 and just climbs upward.
You guys building these teach me in the process, and I appreciate it.

I have been bouncing around…computer malfunctions, doctoring animals, helping a good neighbor with some personals…if I have missed anyone that has asked me anything [I don’t know Jack Shit] please ask again…
but don’t bet any $$$ that I can help, but I can bullshit very well.

@Chrispdx @BoDarc @r5ta


Here’s a link to a magnet. This looks powerful enough and the right size (they have other sizes) …plus I can drive over there and maybe pick two up for a couple bucks



Hmmm. The only challenge is that I like mixing and like staying at the 30ml bottles. I just started mixing 4oz mixes in little masson jars and don’t really want to transfer from a beaker to a bottle and so on. I really like mixing 12-18 different recipies every two weeks.

However, now that I mix for acouple other people I need to do some 4oz mixing so I have enough left over after PIF for myself. Too many times I have handed out my adv’s and am sorely missing them.


So…how long does it take to pour a beaker of juice into a 4oz bottle…or two 2oz bottles…51 seconds? 39? 44?

How do you get the mix from the 4oz mason jar to the bottle(s)?

You have me completely confused.

If you mix a 120ml batch in a 250ml beaker you can pour it into how many 30ml bottles that you like staying with?

If you mix in a mason jar without a pour spout, how do you get it into bottles?

I am lost…sorry.


It’s magic duh. Don’t fret, I understand why you are lost. Sarcasm and snarky aside…, A quick sryinge when done 3-4 weeks later…or when ever I feel it’s ready by age…factoring room temp, complexity of the mix, color of the mix. Clean a sryinge two weeks later by its self rather than while in middle of a mixing session.

Im guessing the lost part is this. I’m a moderate super taster for some flavors and other not. Damn those cigs. Some people say, "you can’t taste koolada tpa at a drop in a 30ml bottle I can and it can be almost too much…but I love that stuff in red fruit mixes. Same with mint, cinnamon, and all those goodies I cut by 75percent when mixing another persons recpies. I couldn’t handle a drop of flavor contamination when mixing with FA, INW, and mf. I would have to buy 20 beakers or clean on every mix.

So yeah, just a noob question looking for basic info and thoughts.


well isn’t that kind of the point, to try and get as close to lab results as we can ? I would like to remove as many variables out of my mixing and get consistent results

that size looks about perfect :slight_smile:

if you get flat bottom jars you can mix in them on a magnetic mixer , even slightly convex will work

if you order your recipes so all the koolada are at the end when you mix you won’t contaminate your other recipes .

also, it depends on how you want to use your energy … 20 mins of shaking a jar, you do that 18 times right? vs 20 seconds rinsing a beaker 18 times between mixes , you will need to rinse the magnet off between batches anyway .


Looking at beaker prices I also went out and bought some 4 oz Mason jars. I haven’t taken them out of the box but I’ll take a picture later. I’m with @Chrispdx on the multiple transfer avoidance. My plan was to weight/mix, then mag stir in the one jar, seal and steep. I hope the lids can be cleaned well enough post-steep to get out any flavors embedded after a month of soaking, but then they sell the thin lids separately, so they could just be replaced. Mason Jars are also stackable!

Another topic was the rubber dropper bulbs on bottles for the entire steep …this jar method solves that too. Several problems and one solution, and I am into removing repetitive steps and potential pitfalls …but if the convex bottom is a problem (?) it’s back to the drawing board. Gotta have a mag stirrer first :wink: This is all new for me so I have no data on how well a hot USB can remove flavor from a Mason jar lid. TBD