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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


I got some Reagent Bottle’s for this reason as I know they are dishwasher safe and won’t hold any odor / flavours.

i can use the 100ml one with my mag mixer but have to use a beaker for any batches larger .


…and B00M! have a pic of the inside of the top?



Yep, yep and yep. Gotta get that booze out.


Oh, but I win the beaker contest :wink: Plus I got it at Goodwill for 99 cents :sunglasses:

You can find these sold as measuring cups Search “catamont measuring cups”

http://www.containerstore.com/s/borosilicate-glass-measuring-cups/d?q=10000652&productId=10000652 $15


$24.00 Mag Stir


Lil’ Spin™ Mini-stirrer For Micro-chemistry

• Excellent alternative to expensive stirrers when space, cost and convenience are considerations
• Designed for micro & general chemistry applications such as: 1. Titration - use as a stirrer for the analyte. With the low profile on the buret stand, it eliminates the need to swirl the analyte during titration 2. Gravimetric titration for quick checks of concentrations 3. Small batch preparations
• Handy to use where no electrical outlet is available (will spin continuously for more than 3 days on a fresh AA battery, not included)
• 2-7/8” x 2½” base with 2¼” diameter platform accommodates Erlenmeyer flasks up to 125ml
• Includes: stirrer, 30ml vial, magnetic stirring bar, and instructions that include tips, procedures, titration and conversion factors

Availability:In Stock


Ok, first this is only money saving if you have salvage parts laying around …old computer case fans and boxes to mount them. A home-made mag stirrer was fun to build but I ended up using 3 different fans and two power supplies before I was through. Learned some electronics stuff like rheostats suck for this task and I started with a rheostat wired directly to a case fan from the manufacturer …I did end out using it but it barely delivers any real control of the speed. There are better options for DC Voltage control, but those links are above, and my primary goal was this was just my time and very little money …magnets cost me < $2.

First mistake was picking the most powerful fan. In the end the best choice was a low-RPM (advertised as “quiet”) 120MM PC case fan. Second mistake was choosing the most powerful AC adapter, derrr …I had never heard of one but it turned out to be and AC/AC adapter My first DC fan ran for a short time on 12V AC [eyeroll] …reading glasses help when you’re my age.

To prep I brushed on a couple coats of water-based poly. Especially the bottom was uncoated plywood and would have soaked up every drop of e-juice. I mounted the fan with blades intact right to the bottom of the box with no clearance. After testing fans with no blades it seemed to run smoother with blades …that forced cushion of air seemed to be stabilizing.

with the fan spinning I took a Sharpie and made a dot in the center. I glued on a large thick white nylon washer, using the dot to center. I tested it for rotational balance, adjusted and after satisfied I set it in the sun to dry. then I did the same with a large thick metal washer.

The magnets were a little tricky. “Opposites attract” so the two flat sides which snapped together each became the tops. They worked better being at the outermost perimeter of the metal washer. Each magnet was rated at a 2.6 pound pull but were relatively small and cheap (.81 cents each) I ordered and picked up at a local Grainger

Turned out OK. I may still buy a real one but this turned out to not only work, but fits perfectly in my new mobile Lab box …check it out. Here’s the bottom. I drilled four holes at the corners and mounted heavy rubber feet after coating with poly (the raw wood)

In the end it was simply a low-speed 120mm case fan with some magnets glued to washers, wired with a PC-type rheostat (salvaged Thermaltake). There’s no power switch just a DC adapter jack punched through the back …if it’s plugged in it’s hot, but if the rheostat is at 0-75% it’s not spinning.

Best part is size. It’s low profile made it a perfect addition to my new mobile lab box (another thread)

Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?

Nice. That’s the best looking DIY magnetic stirrer I’ve seen. Good job on the box.

I noticed you used two Magnets.
How’s that working for you?
I used one in the center, but really think two would give a stronger magnification. My fear with using two was never getting them centered perfectly and having fan spin out of balance.


I drew pencil lines to center and used a gel waterproof glue which kept them mounted but still allowed some adjustment before fully dry …and spin tested it. While it does work I still may buy a real one used on eBay …I’m mixing today, we’ll see how it performs in use


looks good man ! kinda tempted to put mine in a cigar box now :wink:


A Very special Thank You to @ozo for helping me find this Mag-Mix on Ebay :+1:

Should be here in the next two days :sunglasses:


so…last week I get this phone call from a guy at work that buys juice from me,after a brief conversation about me wanting a mag stirrer he said he might know a guy that could get me some free bars if I got a stirrer…the conv went something like this…
“alright Pugs, you know that guy I know that might be able to get you some stirrer bars…well, turns out the Hospital he works in is moving labs and he reckons he’s got a couple of mag stirrers that they were gonna scrap because they don’t heat…never been used…you want em?”

I offered him sexual favours but apparently he’d be happier with a couple of bottles of juice as he’s a vaper, :grin:
phone call.


I got the Mag-Mix for $33.00 ( No Sexual Favors ) LOL


yeah I don’t know if I’m relieved or hurt by bein turned down gotta be honest…:thinking:


good score though well done man :+1:


Please, not only take them [mag-stirrers] but put some pics of them, eh?
I am very interested in what they are using.


No need , Brother, for thanks, but surely noted…and heartfelt. I would even do the same for someone that I liked. :smile_cat:


That made me guffaw !


absolutely brother, I don’t know when this move is going to happen but my mate is in regular contact with him, plus HE phoned me so, it all looks legit, soon as I have it/them I shall show you :+1:


What do we think of this? It’s got pretty good reviews from what I can find so far?

I’ll only be mixing up to 100ml at a time