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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


Hello @AshyUK

I am pretty familiar with Maple Scientific [Maplelab UK], although I have not purchased from them in some time.
They are a quality mfg , and the best part…they are made near you.
This unit looks like a SHC-1 and is a great price [my lab catalog lists them for $156GBP plus vat. I have no problem with this for e-juice, although I don’t use the heat option myself for e-juice.
MSUK has discontinued their SS-4 [$82GBP plus vat] which is just a stirrer, no heat, but has 4x magnet strength which personally I would prefer, but this SHC-1 is good and a good price. They use quality parts, ceramic not mica, and if you ever need service they are close by. No worries, eh?


Sounds good enough for me! Thank you!
Could you point me in the direction fo some good beakers of like 100ml? and stirring rods? Preferably from UK eBay/Amazon

Cost I don’t mind unless it’s crazy haha

Appreciate the help :wink:

Just to add - I mix in a conservatory which in the winter is usually below freezing (8 months of the year probably ha) so the heat will be used sparingly lol


I will look for some links…but I would get 250ml beakers to start.
The 100ml are good for 60ml batches, but can be messy with 100ml…give yourself some room.
The best bet is to buy your beakers…low form, and by the dozen. Usually a dozen is the same price as 3 or 4 individually.


Cool 250ml sounds good to me! Whatever you recommend, as I’m clueless when it comes to beakers lol!



These are made in the Czech Republic, but true lab borosilicate glass.
Usually about $5-6 GBP each


Perfect thank you


These are polygonal in shape, about the least surface area of stir bars, but they will get you started.

These are one of my preferred shapes, even though they make a tiny bit more noise, but work very well in thick VG.
They are called olive or egg shape.

You may not have a use for every size in these kits, but you can decide which you prefer as you go along.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a retriever rod…you will thank me later.


Perfect thank you - one last thing - what do you think about this one?



Sorry it took so long…I was building one of my Provari’s
That is a Bippee lab design [Burmingham AL] and they are labeled with many names.
This is an SH-2 which has 2x magnet strength of the SHC-1 MSUK

Either one will work fine. The difference is the magnets basically, and they do lose strength over time…even though you may never even notice unless you mix large volumes.
Between the two, I would buy the SH-2 because it is a step above the SHC-! and will probably perform forever, although both may do so.
Basically, the larger the model number-the better/stronger the magnet, and that is almost the only part that weakens over time. SH-1 vs SH-2 vs SH-3 [or SHC-1 vs SHC-2] etc. etc.


No need for there to be “one last thing” mate…as long as you are civil I will do anything I can to help,
however long or how many questions, eh?


Shame you aren’t on every forum haha, very rare for people to be so helpful! Much appreciated!

I’ll go with the second one, on Amazon, so I’ll have it Sunday morning - plus anything goes wrong, they replace anything no questions asked!

I’ll let you know on Sunday if i blow the kitchen up haha

Thank you


FYI…I have stirrers with heat and without. Some of them cost more than many peoples house payment. Some will stir 25L all week long without a fart.
I use a non-heated Mag-Stir that I bought over 30 years ago, and still works well for e-juice, and it has been used for 100’s of hours, but it is a commercial grade lab stirrer. The same one in the pics at the top of this thread.


That must have been made like a bomb shelter ha


Them other beakers are out of stock - these should be ok until the others are in stock? Made from Heavy Duty Borosilicate Glass and i can have them here Sunday lol?

WIll I need something for the tops to stop spills? Anything you can advise from amazon?


But you know where to find me, and you won’t detonate in the cocina.
I think it’s a wise choice. Many people go with the cheapest tools, and some folks don’t have a choice but to do so.
Good quality tools make for better quality results, and neither choice you made was to be a bad one, but you did take the high road.


These would be my choice until I needed the 250ml…


Perfect they will do the trick! Thanks! What about something for the top? Needed or not? I’ll only be doing 100ml max at any time, better to have more oxygen able to get in? Or covered to prevent a mess?


No, and not for the batches that don’t fill the beaker to it’s limits…
But if you did want a lid you can use anything you like if you worry about dust, cat dander, your mother-in-law sipping your juice out with a straw…
They make a glass lid for beakers that are concave/convex and rest perfectly on top and you can see through. but they are very pricey. They are surely lab quality, and they price it accordingly.
They come in all sizes for different beakers.


My Magnetic hot plate stirrer just come!

Amazon messed up my order and haven’t delivered the stir bars or glass beakers, but it did come with 1 small one, so iv got a 100ml mix going using the stir bar it came with and my plastic beakers.

The problem I’m having is when I turn it too high it just gets stuck and doesn’t spin - anyone shed any light on this?


I would say the magnet below is going to fast to attract the stir bar - try increasing the speed slowly so the stir bar speeds up gradually.