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Medicine Flower Recommendations


Technical Information:
Our flavors are obtained through a proprietary technology conducted at temperatures below 118 degrees F. This process comprises a multi-stage extraction encompassing initial desiccation, lyophilization, and CO2 extraction.

We do NOT sell so-called “Natural Flavors” (also known as “Natural Analogs”) which are actually synthesized in a lab. All of our products are made from the material named on the label

I would assume that any color is from the original material after the extraction process the material being a natural source and not a synthetic chemical.


Yes, and I agree. Just wondering what those with multiple MF’s have found, as far as coloration goes.


@Phil_Fish, well I’m right at this moment vaping Butterscotch (MF) with Chocolate (MF) and it has steeped to a golden colour (after about 3 months) Ofc that might be due to the nicotine oxidising, but I don’t think so, I’ve also noticed one or more of the red fruits (can’t say which off-hand, but black cherry was an exception, IIRC) developing a pinkish colour after a long steep. I rather like that effect myself. Helps me remember which juice is in which tank!

Hope this helps! Must say, that’s not something I’ve ever thought to take notes on!


I have some concentrates (Cap DC conmes to mind) that are already very dark and the juice is coffee colored immediately. I don’t mind a light toasted look, but deeply burnt looking is not very palatable to me. They taste good, but ugly.


Ahhh! No, MF are nothing like that, they all come out of the bottle clear as glycerine in my experience, And I’ve never seen any of them turn dark on steeping.


Not all, but most are clear… The Dark Chocolate is brownish in color, The Orange has a murky orange tint and the Lemon has a very, very light yellow shade.


Good. Sounds like they don’t use bone black in the extraction process then, perfect.


ooh! I’m gonna have to take a closer look at my Dark Choclate next time I use it :laughing: :blush: I either failed to notice or else forgot immediately!

.Oh! .Wait *runs to fridge and pulls out a few pipettes from her MF bottles. Yes you’re right, of course . Also the Cabernet sauvignon has an amber colour. The Black currant (MF) is completely colourless though, like most of the rest! Who’d have thunk it?


heres my experiance the fruits are all pretty much clear with the exception of lemon very light tint to it and orange i have not tried , the vanilla , caramel and white chocolate are all close in color which is a light golden tone also the grape is a light colr as well and the dark chocolate is dark like a couple shades darker than FA caramel but it doesnt turn your mix dark like the RFSC cream, hope all that makes sense lol


So the new flavors came just now. I can smell them through the box and they smell great. Smells like a blueberry pie.

none are leaking. Banana smells like a ripe fresh banana. Strawberry, same. Blueberry smells like blueberry pie filling.

Samples I got were two 3.7mL. One is Mango, one is Morello Cherry. Both smell good. High hopes! But then now comes the agonizing steep time. Any of these S&V by chance?? :thinking::sunglasses:


Mango is very good but very natural. One drop in a 15ml mango recpie is very good…but adds the natural flavor.


Mango is the lightest smelling one of the lot. Morello Cherry smells like a black cherry thingy. I dare not attempt a non-diluted finger test. Probably too strong, and definitely too wasteful.


I got out my Blueberries to do a sniff test. I’ve never found a blueberry that I am singularly happy with, thus the reason for the MF order.

The closest sniffer to the MF is FW Blueberry. It is not really close though. The TFA Blueberry (Extra), TFA Blueberry (Wild), and TFA Blueberry Candy now smell so vile I want to kill them with fire. Weird. I am not going to kill them with fire, of course, until I get a good vape of the MF BB. But from the ol’ Olfactory, it is not even remotely a close race. Anyone notice this?

And is it weird that I hugged them? Like, passionately? Lingered a bit too long?


Have you sniffed the Cucumber yet?

Vape Mail 2018

Paying bills, but I will, VERY soon !!!


@Pro_Vapes OK, took a break and cracked every, single, one. The Cucumber smells like a big ass green kick to the face !!! I’m surprised that I can pick up soo much of the green skin smell, washed around the inner body. Wow, didn’t expect that. Dabbled only lightly with CAP’s, but this ain’t no CAP’s, that is for sure.

The Honeydew Mellon, was another sharp punch to the face. WHEW. I can tell that one is potent, but I’m about ready to NOT pay the bills, and immediately try a very low cucumber/honeydew melon mix (but I know it will need steepage). Others smell good, perhaps as expected, and I think all the reviews I read that the Wild Rasp. was the way to go over the plain Rasp. may be right. It has a very Wild kick to it out of the bottle. SB smells good, but smelled weak in comparison to the others (in comparison). I asked for testers of Fig and Plum, which MF obliged. Those two may end up being the wild cards in the bunch. Have no clue what I’m doing with them, but will start very diluted and see what happens.


I’ve had a SF tester of Honey Dew steeping for about 2.5 weeks. Tried it yesterday…it’s awesome! Oh…and I too blame @Pro_Vapes.


I blame you TOO @NChris LOL !!! SF test ?? What % did you mix it at ? Smells really damned good, and VERY strong in the bottle.


I mixed it @1%. Im thinking I could drop it to .75, add a couple drops of stevia and be perfectly happy vaping this as a single flavor.


I did my 1st mix with Cucumber @ .7%, But I know .5% would do the job.