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Medicine Flower Recommendations


Im not sure how you feel about Loranns Butter Rum but it has help the butterscotch flavors for me a lot … under 1 pct should be fine to round out a butterscotch profile …best buy for the butter. rum that i found was at BCF


@atssec97 @CosmicTruth @jay210 @Sprkslfly @fidalgo_vapes @Phil_Fish @Pro_Vapes Just read/re-read this ENTIRE thread, top to bottom. Very good stuff here guys.


:laughing: Been here every step of the way bro! :wink:


I’ve already got the BS, Dark Choco, Lemon, and Vanilla, just trying to decide what my be worth a stab. I think the Wild Raspberry, Cucumber, and Honeydew Melon seem like good picks.


I know this was to Jay… But I just wanted to mention (for those seeking a pure butterscotch) that LA Butter Rum is going to be like FLV Butterscotch. It’s going to throw things in a slightly (but noticeably) different direction.

Both are very complementary (and excellent flavors) to a pure butterscotch… And may well be the solution to particular butterscotch offerings out there (candy/chewy types), but neither work (at least IMO) in the search for a pure butterscotch. YMMV. :wink:


And then read again! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: This thread makes me want to try them as enhancers until i get a little better grasp on flavors and pairings!!


i think your saying what i meant , i use the butter rum to enhance / push / round out the FW butterscoth natural for me these two work well together, ive never tried to have the butterscotch flavot in a vape be the top note or the main profileof a vape , although i would like a nice butterscotch ice cream , butterscotch custard i just havent spent the time trying like me dear friend @Sprkslfly has , so sparks i think we are kinda saying the same thing hahahahhehehehee


Thanks for the mention… It’s greatly appreciated, but this combo is still untested. That’s why I posted it in the Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) thread. It should work on paper, but I won’t know until I actually vape it.


Sorry about that, i need to pay closer attention to what thread im in.


No prob @netweight… I just don’t want anyone to have false hopes… sort of a disclaimer or YMMV.


I squeezed @Sprkslfly tight enough that he gave up his Butterscotch base recipe. He says it is tantalizingly close to butterscotch disk candies; a flavor I’ve longed to emulate for years. Unfortunately I am a massively long month away from the reveal. Like, black hole event horizon type of slow time. Killing me.


Well… After doing a bit of digging through my written notes, as well as trying to check my ELR notes, I unfortunately cannot find the page with the caramel shootout. =/

Basically what it boiled down to was, (at the time) I had the following on hand:
Ina caramel
Cap caramel v1
FA caramel
TFA caramel original
TFA DX Caramel
LA creamy caramel (colorless/natural)

The bottom line was Cap v1 suited my tastes best for a rich “caramel-chew-like” candy (think Brach’s). Not the ones with a center filling, but just a straight-ahead caramel.

There’s such a wide variety of caramel, that I almost always ask “what kind” when I hear someone say “I like caramel.” Which is almost always met with a look of “What are you? Stupid?” as most tend to plug in (without realizing) their favorite caramel they had as a kid, as THE caramel, without really thinking about just how many variants there are. :laughing: It’s not until you get in a situation such as ours where you really have it as a full “in your face” reminder of the reality.

Anyways… Many of what I tried (above) just didn’t work for the profile I wanted.
FA was too “dark”, and had unwanted side notes).
Ina was good, but again, went off on a different direction (side notes).
TFA DX had the unwanted side note of Butyric Acid (as I recall).
TFA original was very good (not a bad “second” to Cap, just not quite the profile I wanted).
LA creamy caramel completely missed the target (too “light” IIRC).

I tested MF after the shootout, but it was distinctly not in the profile I was wanting. It was too “light” a flavor for me, and in most cases, if MF has to be used above 1%, then I begin to question the value (price vs accuracy).
On the other hand, if it’s a “hard to find” profile (like coffee, lemon, or chocolate for instance) then that helps offset additional aspects of the cost/justification factor for me. YMMV
But in the case where we have “everyone and his brother” making at least ‘half-decent’ caramels. Then even if I have to “wade through” 10-12 flavors (and 2-3 SFT’s for each)… Then it’s worth having spent the same for one 15ml bottle of MF caramel. Because I got the additional experience (and enjoyment) from testing another dozen flavors!

I’m still hunting to see if there’s any that trump Cap though, and I’m in the formative stages of doing another shootout, due to having since added:

FLV caramel
NF caramel
FW caramel candy

Being the ‘prime candidates’.

I’m sorry I couldn’t give you more specifics, but that is the downside of using the little spiral bound notebook. Fortunately though, I’ve only lost maybe two or three pages from it.

Hopefully this gives some bit of help (if nothing more, it’s insight into my thought process/approach!).


@Sprkslfly Wow brother, thanks for taking the time to gather up the notes, and post them up. Very appreciated.


Can anybody recommend the blackberry? I’ve been looking for a good blackberry.


I just ordered LorAnns BB I’ve heard good things, I’ll let you know what I think Nicriver still has %20 off till midnight I ordered mine yesterday


Hmm, I’m pretty sure @NChris is looking for opinions on the MF Blackberry (there’s a bit of a clue in the thread title :grin: )
Sorry Chris , you’ve picked one that I haven’t tried this time , but if you check out the notes here looks like @Pro_Vapes @Amy2 @Ken_O_Where and a few others could give you an answer :smiley:


Thank you dear


I have used blackberry mf. Still in testing but I get the same flavor profile as I do with FA’s. Just not as strong. It’s a very dark blackberry minus some of the sweetness of an overly ripe blackberry.

Both of which I mix 30mls with ice cream. For which you can do ice cream lb at 3-5% and blackberry fa at like 2 drops and or mf at I think 4 Ish. The end result is a Smokey sweet blackberry. I think it’s pretty good and ready to gear up to adding with oak wood fa or liquid Amber fa.


I think you nailed the description quite well. Upfront bold berry lacking in sweetness but some tart notes in there as well. @NChris I concur with @Chrispdx :smile:


I hope you don’t find this to be a stupid question. From MF’s site, it says:

Medicine Flower’s genuine, food-grade flavors are used for culinary, scent and cosmetic applications. Our flavors are cold-processed using extraction without the use of any colorants, fillers, diluting agents or preservatives.

So does this mean they are all actually clear, or do some retain color as a matter of course from the extraction process? And do the clear ones stay clear forever? It’s a quirky thing for me, but I really like juices that are clear and largely stay that way (minus the nic oxidation over time).