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Medicine Flower Recommendations


I searched for where and can’t find it but I think somewhere I read that these have a short shelf life, like 4 months after you open it. Is this your experience? (Meaning anyone)


not my experiance at all , its funny you say that someone over on fresh03 show said that as well , the girl thats his sidekick , i do store my flaves in a refer not sure if that helps


Refrigeration is recommended for these extracts when not in use. I haven’t had a single flavor fail as far as degradation. They also outlast most flavors I have mixed. Most MFs tend to hold up as other flavors fail around them… That’s why I start with a very low %. I consider some of these to be what I call a upsteeper, because they seem to get stronger over time.


i do think one rhing people need to undertand is that these flaves do need extra time to steep ime anyway


absolutely , i think some think this is fading and dont understand whats going on


1 drop per 15ml is about .15%, so two drops is approximately .3%. That seems to be the perfect range for me specifically for mf lemon. Any higher and it gives me heart burn… :confused:


then that wld be puuuuurfect ty


drops always confuse me


Thanks for the research… In most cases 1 drop doesn’t even register on my scales. That’s why I enter a note for drops per ml. I have made 240 ml batches and only added 8 drops of some MF extracts.


I surprised kiwi mf didn’t make the list or their melon/cantaloupe.


I was hoping others would list their favorites also.


I’ll say… not necessarily. I’ve had some seriously great results with mf grape specifically as a snv. More often than not yeah, steeping is good. But some of their fruits are good right off the bat. And I’m not gonna pretend that I’m a mf expert by any means, but I don’t think they all require a lengthy steep in every application.


i have the honeydew and cantaloupe i just havent used them enough to make recommendation


i could see a flavor being good right out if the gate , but ime most are strong or have a weird taste that need to steep out , the grape is one i have and havent messed around with , im just not sure what to do with the grape, also i like to use creams in almost everything so i usually dont test my mixes right away , but when doing the SF test i have found the longer most steep the more authentic the flave is


What are your thoughts on diluting these so to better control the percentages rather than using drops?


I really like the honeydew mixed with a small amount of milk and honey flv (I think I only use 0.25%) and some graham flv along with a few other accent flavors to round the edges.


i think you shared that with me b4


i got a real strong floral note from the cantaloupe , but i think i used that too high


It can be done. I think @Joy does this. But I think she does this to help with the long term flavor fade issue. Which I something I have been thinking about lately and have been waiting to call joy to a thread. Lol.

I know someone once said, which I agree, some flavor concentrates don’t store well on the shelf…like wild raspberry.


any thoughts on blackberry ??? anyone ?