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Medicine Flower Recommendations


Hell yeah I did. Lol. Cantaloupe, That one I don’t have but would imagine using a different way since I see is as brighter fruit while honeydew has a dark deep orange color note.


JMO… Some of these are perfect as is. I’m actually afraid I might alter the flavor by diluting it. But I’ve seen several cases where people either buy diluted MF or dilute them themselves.


good night everyone !! great thread


I have tried tried it in a mix or 2. It worked well for me. It wasn’t super strong like lemon, but very good.

Here’s a mix I intend to make on my next mix session…


I have been discussing Flv with @Ken_O_Where on and off for quite some time I pointed him at the flvfan site I think he is leaning the same way I am with flv as a whole.

Not trying to teach you to suck eggs I know you know your flavours but if you wanted another point of view here are a couple of links that I think are worth a read.




Sorry for the side track on MF

I do have an MF query for you

Wild Raspberry vs Raspberry now i suspect the wild will be a little more tart and realistic than the raspberry would that be correct?

Is the WRaspberry stronger than the Raspberry (I do have the plain raspberry and while good I find I want a little more from it than it is giving me.

  1. Butterscotch 3 drops per 30ml
  2. Caramel 3 drops per 30ml

Bear in mind, the drops I mention above, are from the glass bottles that ECX sold (as Lotus), which used a unique plastic insert, and had “larger than average” drop size (IMO). I have not yet measured the output (nor bothered with a conversion since these bottles/dispenser are no longer in use) So sadly, my posting this is only useful for folks with old stock, from ECX. :cry:


Vapour Depot in the UK has a few under Botanix Elixir diluted to 10% in VG. A decent way to test them cheaply. I have bought the dark chocolate and coffee proper medicine flower concentrates since doing this myself as really liked those.

I do think it alters the flavour a bit as both seemed brighter and with more body. I also thought the red apple was very good but very strong and better as adding to recipes rather than a main note. The blackberry, bluberry and raspberry I tried I didnt get that much from but I think that may well have been from the diluted versions and not mixing them high enough percentage wise .


They’ve stated previously that they were discontinuing them. And then they kind of recanted when they saw a bit of outcry of support by those in favor of keeping them (which seems to be supported by the change from glass to plastic containers…), however, alot of the seriously preferred flavors are MIA from their website. So it’s really hard to know what to make of it.

The only thing I can say for certain, is that with MF extracts being as strong as they are, I WOULD NOT recommend keeping them in the plastic they’re now shipping in. I’d put them in glass with a proper lid the instant they arrived (for maximum longevity).

Not at all. I’ve had several of mine about a year and a half now, with no issues (caramel and butterscotch), and the other ones about a year (also without issue). Though I do recall @DarthVapor mentioned that he had experienced a loss in potency on some of his older/oldest ones (though I forget the time-frame). I specifically remember him saying that the flavor/profile was unaffected though, and he simply had to use a bit more. So, they don’t do like some of the synthetic flavors, and tailspin out of control into something utterly offensive. Lol


I haven’t tried their regular raspberry. but the wild raspberry was hyped early on on reddit, so it was just the one I bought. I think I got this one in my 1st order. This is one I’d classify as an upsteeper that could be used in drops. I find myself lowering the % more and more in newer mixes.


Cool I will try the Wild see how it comes out. Thanks


I’ve also heard that MF flavours deterioate rapidly after opening, Can’t say I’ve had any issues thus far, but am being super-careful. eg. I’m keeping all my opened bottles of MF inside plastic containers in the fridge…not sure I can keep that up as I purchase more and more flavours though! It’s a small fridge and I need room for food too! chuckle
I’ve also read that diluting them in VG prolongs the shelf-life. I actually did that with one of my favourites , but it’a a bit opf a hassle.
I’ve noticed that with some of theit more volatile flavours (eg rum and lemon) MF, send them in a closed-cap bottle and send the dropper cap seperate, labelled only for use when dispensing. This would be on account of the rubber bung being a bit to permeable? If we’re concerned about other flavours it might be wise to keep those in a closed cap bottle too? (you can buy extra caps cheap from bottle suppliers)
Another Idea I’ve I’ve had for preserving them is to transfer into smaller bottles, once opened, to eliminate the air space at the top. Again, that’s a bit of a faff though, and you need to take geat care to protect your labels from smearing!
Anyway, your post is pretty damned reassuring ,Sparksfly A year and a half, eh? Oooh, that six months past the “best before”, isn’t it? grin


Don’t forget that usual Discount code ELRECIPES gets you 10% off.! I haven’t actually used that yet, though, cos they have even better discounts often enough! :grinning:


Nectarine: Really liking this one. I’ve tried it mainly as an enhancer for other profiles at 3 drops/30ml or so. Great with pineapple. Just filled a tank last night with my SF test. .65%, 6 weeks steep. It was bright and strong in the 1st week, kind of weak at 4 weeks, but bounced back to a very nice strength and realness at 6 weeks. I can see it needing a little Stevie or something to make it a more well-rounded vape. Would go great with Yumberry, I’d bet.


Pineapple you say? Care to share the recipie? I have nectarine and it has been my least favorite.


I completely concur with Dark Chocolate and lemon as favourites. Also with Sparksfly’s addition of Butterscotch.

Here’s my own list of favourites, then:

  1. Dark Chocolate
  2. Lemon
  3. Violet
  4. Coconut
  5. Wildflower Honey (great sweetener!)
  6. Sauvignon Blanc.
    7 Butterscotch

I think it’s best to put % recommendations into the ELR flavour list, where they can be compared more easily. Should also note that some of these (coconut, honey , butterscotch ) I’ve only tried as Botanic Elixir dilutions thus far .
One note of caution re, Sauvignon Blanc: you need to be careful not to vape it at too high a temperatute, or else the flavour burns and tasres really crappy. But, ar the right temperature, it’s gorgeous. It;s also ione that you do have to go direct to MF for , I fear. Nobody else sems to stock it…
I would like to add Black Cherry except that it’s an utter pig to work with, requiring insanely long steep times. Before it’s finished steeping, you get very faint cherry flavour and nasty volatiles. Only recommended for extremely patient types. chuckle . But it’s one of those that gets stronger and stronger over the months, never seems to fade, quite the opposite!


I second nectatine! I’ve just tried the Vapour Depot dilurtion of this, and was seriously impressed as a single flavour. Tasted exactly like a ripe nectarine! i think it needs a stonger % than i used though…or more time!


Interesting . I haven’t dared try the Pineapple, yet @Plunderdrum, cos I heard that it tastes disgusting. Ofc, that could be entirely due to to somebody trying too high a concentration and/or failing to allow sufficient steep time.

I’ve noticed that natural pineapple ( i mean the edible stuff!) has a bit of an onion note to it. That could really ruin a vape if it came out to strongly

What was wrong with the nectarine, in your opinion , @Chrispdx ? In my test batch, it just wasn’t quite stong enough, is all. (pretty sure that can be fixed with greater %/more steep time)



Ohhhh. I see! You used the RF pineapple! So…no comment on the MF one?


Haven’t fully tested MF Pineapple, I put it in a pina colada mix that uses 2 other pineapples, so I have no idea what it really brings to the table. RFSC is really good, though.