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Medicine Flower Tasting Notes


Yeah, I guess I was mistaken. If they’re phasing the Lotus Flavors out like the ECX CS rep Pentine spoke with said, it may not be there much longer, unless they decide to stock up on some of the flavors higher in demand. That said, I might go ahead and pick up some lemon now that I realize they have lemon in stock. Not sure why I couldn’t find it earlier.


I think the 0.5-1% for it.


sorry cant help my cherry quest ended long ago


In the Uk a website carries them under “Botanic Elixir”, basically diluted to 10% with VG. I have tried a few, and been impressed. Think they are really good on the whole, though not sure it would justify me buying 15ml (that sounds not to be 15ml most of the time) of the concentrates for such a high price even if they are super potent, dont think I have used any of the diluted ones over 4% so far.

Particularly like the Coffee and Blueberry which are the best out there for me. Dark chocolate is also very good and amazingly, a clean chocolate as well. Caramel also a very good one.
None I have tried have been bad but I have got a bit of a throat his from the raspberry and red apple myself.


What is everyone’s thoughts on White Chocolate? From what I have read, Dark Chocolate is better, but I only have the white at the moment and seeing what I can do with it.


MF Dark Chocolate. I have not tried it but have read some good reviews. I am reluctant to shell out 25$ in case its not my thing.


@mixologist13 @Will_G

Is the MF Coffee still your favorite? I have been messing with the RF SC Coffee and it is not as ‘fresh’ as I would like it to be. FA Dark Bean smells soooo good but just tastes burnt.

Is there any coffee you would choose over the MF Coffee?


I know what you mean about the FA coffee, I had not used it for years and only just started trying it again recently, as with there tiramisu. I am liking both again a bit more now and have tried a few coffee mixes.
Two favourite coffees would probably be the MF coffee and OSDIY Lotta Latte. I wasnt mad on OSDIY licorice torpedo or the lucky shot that lots of people seem to like. I was very impressed with Lotta Latte though. It is very sweet though and more like a frothy Starbucks than a fa type proper coffee. I like it best with the MF coffee and just a tiny amount of the FA Dark Bean


does anyone know if there is a discount code from MF direct , ive always ordered from ECX or does another vendor in the USA sell them ???


I’ve never seen them offer a discount code. The best prices I’ve seen were at ECXs Lotus sale.

Below are other options to buy MF. It pays to shop around.

I usually shop around… RawFoods usually have some half price.
Amazon has cheaper shipping.



I do buy directly from MF when I can’t find certain flavors.


thnk you , i wasnt sure where else to look besides vape supply places


No discount from MF directly, BUT I did find a place that sells every MF flavor, both diluted and undiluted. Also in small amounts so you are not wasting 15-22 dollars if you don’t like the flavor.


Also, 1 dram = 3.7 ml, just for reference.


thank you for that info , where are they located , thats an awesome idea , arent they the ones who make the recipes off of elr as well


Yes, they have affiliation here on ELR and they are located in Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA.


goodearthbeauty it was ty


i have a few i still want to try so this will come in handy ty


What’d ya get?


i just needed the vanilla im almost out , i do have a list that i want to buy but dont want to commit to the 22 dollars , i think ill go through ECX b4 they are out and see what they have left then order through vapecrafter for small bottles i want to try , i havent found a MF i cant use yet but still dont want to commit to the price until i know for sure ill use it


I must try this vanilla, I keep hearing it’s the best vanilla and I wanna know why.


id say because its a true vanilla no off taste of other things , not a replica very clean pure vanilla ive used it for awhile and know where and what i could do with it from .25pct to 1.5 pct the 1.5 is high but i have used it that high b4 not often but once maybe twice , i know some say holy vanilla is close and i believe cheaper but i rather stick with the MF just bc i know the flave