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Medicine Flower Tasting Notes


That’s one of the sample flavors I requested but didn’t receive this time. :angry:


You slam-dunk, spot on, hit the nail on the head with your thoughts compared to mine. This is another profile I’ve shied away from for a long time due to the disappointment delivered by others I have tried. But BAM indeed. What a great flavor! This to me is exactly like sucking some juice right off a fresh, ripe piece of melon. And not a so-so piece of one either. I’m talking a sweet, full, ripe, fresh, make-your-lips-want-to-kiss-you kind of pleasure. Man it is SO GOOD. Really nice as the primary flavor, and at small percentages it is a fantastic booster for other fruit recipes and maybe more. What a great concentrate I’m happy to have in the daily driver rotation now. Really wowed by this, not expecting it to be THIS good.



Just kidding, but you can definitely tell a difference.


@Phil_Fish Thank you very much, it means a lot to feel like you’re getting something right LOL. But I’d thank you even if you had differing opinions. Thank you, and enjoy it !!!


@Pro_Vapes LOL, and you’re right. I try to keep that in mind as I’m testing, and even mentioned it a few times. I think it can (and is) hard to get used to actual extracts vs. manufactured flavors. Although the Morello Cherry didn’t really take me where I wanted to go, all of them ARE indeed very clean and natural tasting.


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Butterscotch (MF) 0.75% (9-23-18) – I have mixed with this a bit, but never tested it as a single flavor. My first reaction was this is a very clean butterscotch. Very natural tasting, nicely sweet with some of the subtle nuances of BS that many others miss. It was somewhat light @,75%, but still surprisingly full. Not sure how they got it this good with no dik’s, but it’s entirely possible some of the richness might have suffered because of this. Very clear, which is again, indicative of MF in general. My personal preference is for a slightly heavier, buttery-er BS, but surely one could easily tweak this clean BS into a richer one with ease. No complaints beyond the strength and richness, clean, accurate, and quite full even at less than 1%. 7.5/10 on this one.
One GREAT recipe that showcases what’s possible with this is from @Sprkslfly.


I’m vaping an MF Butterscotch concoction as we speak, actually. Really good but you are right; one more Butterscotch paired with it sets it up quite nicely.


Thank you @Phil_Fish I’ve not tried multiple BS’s yet with the MF, which one or ones have worked out for you ?


FW BS. But I’m not going to take credit because I didn’t toil much to find that out. That all goes to @Sprkslfly. He worked for untold months perfecting his, what I call, Butterscotch stone, and it is a combo of those two. And, when you mix in MF Caramel and FW Salted Caramel (or TFA Caramel Original, really) and a little Stevia stone, you get a knock-out creamy tank full of awesome.

I call it Scotchie because I’m not exactly a juice naming savant. It’s fantastic. Let it steep for a month and it won’t last a week after that.



@Phil_Fish you are right about that one, he turned me onto it, and it hit like a butterscotch brick !!!


Dark Chocolate (MF) 0.5% (09-24-18) – I knew this one was going to be one of the Heavy Hitters from Medicine Flower, but held off on testing it, until now. Having mixed quite a bit of this up, was interested to see exactly HOW good it was, solo. Chocolate seems to be one of the hardest flavors to get right, but somehow (through their extraction process) MF has managed to absolutely capture the entire essence of a Dark Chocolate with this one, AND, it’s completely clear. Clear you say, sure, you have TPA DCC, and it’s pretty clear, but it can’t touch this one. I think it’s far to say when comparing the many chocolates I have, this one and TPA DCC are similar, but after that, they are not in the same league. This one is a delightfully (yes I said that) Dark Chocolate, with NO off putting notes. No need to tweak, add to it, push or pull it, right out of the bottle delicious, full, sweet enough, creamy, and dark, RIGHT out of the bottle (after steeping) and even @ 0.5%. Wow, and more wow, doesn’t even come close. It is dense enough to be very full at this strength, with no overowering notes, nothing artificial, and does appear to be a fairly complex blend that most others cannot compete with. Dark almost implies it will be, well, dark, but it’s almost assumed it would be bitter, or maybe dry, but NOT with this one. Somehow they’ve come up with a just about perfect blend of darker chocolates, just the right amount of sweetness, but with plenty of “mid-body” that carries it through to a much fuller chocolate than just a “dark” chocolate. I’ve heard @Pro_Vapes rant and rave about tossing all of his chocolates after trying this one, and now I see why. If you are in the mood for a full, creamy, dark and full bodied chocolate, you cannot go wrong with this one. At some level, 10/10 doesn’t seem to come close, but it will have to do. On a side note, I cannot NOT post a shameless link to something Pro_Vapes came up with, that pulls this into a Milk Chocolate, as it is TOO good not to…


I’m guessing this is “payback” for me getting you on board with MF butterscotch… :rofl:

I’m simply going to have to prioritize this and MF milk chocolate. And that’s all there is to it.

$50 for two flavors though just kills me. :cry:
That’s practically a liter of nicotine FFS. lol


LOL, YES @Sprkslfly. Sitting here vaping this while typing, whew, it’s a HELL of a ride in this tank. Now that I’m doing more testing with these MF’s (lol, no pun intended), AND, re-learning how to mix lower, and steep longer, and even finding a few that weren’t super duper, I’m already seeing what’s going on over at Camp MF. Powerful good stuff, AND, in the hands of a skilled mixer, QUITE a lethal vaping weapon !!!


I think the thing that is/was/or has kept MF more on the sidelines (which has been repeated numerous times here) is you have to RE-think mixing, maybe not in total, but somewhat. Gotta mix much lower than normal (for me at least), and have to LET them steep (which I’m not good at). If you don’t do both, well, you’ll have marginal success for sure. I do have to RE-order another bottle of BS coming up here soon, as it is about empty @Sprkslfly


Oh how well I know!
I just wish they (or someone) would take up selling the entire line in 5-7ml options is all.

Given how long they last, I have no need for more than that in a year (at least currently). And it’d be far less of an obstacle to come up with the scratch at one shot. :wink:


Man, I gotta say, I’m surprised someone HASN’T done that yet, would DEF. bring more people INTO the fold, get’m hooked, and keep’m coming back for more !!!


@Sprkslfly I just had a thought, and time will tell if this was good OR not LOL. I’ve not only included @Pro_Vapes Milk Chocolate GMix as a good showcase for MF, but also your Butterscotch Bliss, as that too, is a great example of MF in a mix. I think I might start doing that (if I can) when reviewing flavors, as an added bonus, for anyone insane enough to read whatever I’ve written about a flavor.


Actually, it was the insane MF %'s that made me rethink how I used all my concentrates. Many I’ve been able to significantly reduce, albeit nowhere near the stingy MF levels. It’s been a great thing for me.

And you’re not the only one Sparky lured with his Butterscotch Siren Song, you know. That’s how this whole MF’n thing started for me, too!


one of my favorite caramels to mix with , i also like to use Loranns Butter rum as an additive to butterscotch @SessionDrummer