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Medicine Flower Tasting Notes


Take care with those honey flavors. You expect them to be strong, being MF, but VERY overpowering.


Not sure about the honeys but the Cantaloupe and Grapefruit aren’t new at all. They are both spectacular though :thumbsup:


Just got my recent MF order in the mail. Do you smell your flavors first thing? I do. It’s not always a good measure of the flavor but often it is. Will get some info about these asap but until then…

Acacia Honey - very floral. Almost reminds me of FLV Elderflower. I’m not that much into florals but will give it a go to see what it’s like.
Wildflower Honey - OMG! The aroma is incredible. I’m getting a very nice honey smell but also a mild floral note which is not perfumey, just intriguing. Can’t wait to try it.
Kiwi - Extremely authentic smelling. Like the fruit that has been freshly cut. Nothing artificial smelling at all.
Coconut - Just pure coconut. I am excited about this one because of the sensitivity I’ve developed to the artificial coconut taste of TFA coconut extra.

More to come


That reminds me…I think I officially am done with a one month steep on kiwi mf. If I can remember I will post a note tonight. There should be three testers where I either added mf to a decent mix or removed elements to “make room” for kiwi mf.

Primarily mixed with kiwi FA and kiwi double tpa.


I like FA Kiwi but don’t think it tastes much like Kiwi though. That’s why I’m stoked about the MF one because if it tastes like it smells then it should be solidly realistic.


I hope the Coconut (MF) works for you as well as it has for me. I have only used it in one mix , a almond joy type vape but it is splendid.It amazes everyone that has tried it because of how true the coconut is.I have already made 8 ounces of this mix for friends.
I don’t have any of the others you purchased.The Wildflower Honey sounds great , I am glad to see different types of honeys being offered.Honeys can vary so greatly in taste. Wildflower and Clover is my favorite edible types.
Please keep us posted on these!


Yum. An almond joy vape. That sounds really good. Wink wink wink.


For some reason it is not letting me do the simple text recipe transfer now when you click on the blue wrench?
Here is the recipe but I altered it to my tastes.
EDIT: I will try and post the way I mix it later when I get off work but it is basically the same but I increase the flavor percentage to the 1.5X and I use Pyure sweetener.
Here is the mix that I used.

OSV 1.5% Sometimes Ya Feel Like A...

Ingredient %
Almond (MF) 0.33
Coconut (MF) 1.12
Dark Chocolate (MF) 0.57
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.5

Flavor total: 2.52%

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Yes, Sthrnmixer… Medicine Flower Coconut is fantastic! I’ve had it for many months and using it a lot. I haven’t tried the Kiwi, Wildflower Honey or Acacia Honey yet. I can tell you that you’ll love the Coconut, for sure.


I have to clean some testing bottles and shot on time today. So while I could I mixed these - will know soon enough!

Snake Blood Re-mix II

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (LA) 3
Butter Cream (CAP) 1.5
Coconut (MF) 0.7
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.5
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 7
Strawberry (TPA) 3
Vienna Cream (FA) 1

Flavor total: 17.7%

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My original Whiskey on my Breath I used TPA White Chocolate. I’ve since decided I don’t like it. But now I’m kicking myself for not getting the MF White Chocolate while I was ordering.

Whiskey On My Breath II (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (LA) 2.5
Brown Sugar Extra (TPA) 1
Butterscotch (MF) 0.5
Caramel (MF) 0.5
Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) 4
RY4 Double (TPA) 5

Flavor total: 13.5%

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@SthrnMixer @Pro_Vapes

Kiwi mf first impressions. Vapes just it smells which is good and bad. When smelling the concentrate it’s very very strong. Good but strong. You can tell there is a full kiwi in that tiny bottle.

The easiest way to explain the vape is compare and contrast.
Kiwi FA is a very ripe kiwi. Its the dark green sweet part of the fruit. Nothing else.
Kiwi double is a sweet+little candy or other tricky element which causes it not to be fully realisitic. (Love adding a touch to kiwi FA for a full vape)

Kiwi mf is like they took a whole kiwi skin and all mashed it up and extracted the flavor. The skin and the center white part is very very domminent in this flavor. The ripe green part is there but hidden…not as strong as I would prefer.

Therefore I would call this a flavor for those that want very real and zero candy or sweet. For the average vaper I would recommend to start with FA first then build.

Now it sounds negative. But wait for it!!!

I am dreaming of…
Kiwi mf 0.75%
Kiwi FA 0.75% (waiting to try my FA and mf blend…2 weeks out from now)
Fresh cream FA 0.25%
Marshmallow 1%
Brown sugar v2 cap 1-3% (gotta check my flavor notes for correct percent)
Butterscotch FA 0.25%

The choice of brown sugar is to give the sugar glazing effect without the burnt taste. Butterscotch to twist what some would say could taste like caramel but not caramel.

I think kiwi mf maybe be the right kiwi for glazed sweet. I am almost done with glazed sweet orange. I tried the starting point with white peach FA+peach inw…it went horribly wrong…everything went flat since white peach doesn’t hold. I really think the kiwi mf will hold strong against other flavors to truly allow for the opportunity to “layer” flavors…not just mash it together.

Mashed is good but I also like finding different flavors in the mix.


Thanks…I appreciate the info Chris. Will be doing some testing soon and this info will help. :thumbsup:


Has anyone tried MF Coffee?


I have but… Only in a purchased juice from Open Source before they closed.Here is the recipe saved thanks to @Anonymiss.

Open Source Vapor- Mocha

Ingredient %
Coffee (MF) 0.03
Light Chocolate (MF) 0.2
Organic chocolate flavor (white, light, and dark b 0.41
Stevia (Organic Reb-A) 2.1
Vanilla (MF) 2.1

Flavor total: 4.84%

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I did enjoy that mix and will eventually add the coffee to my growing list of MF.


Nope. But soon I should be able to post an update on kiwi mf. Mf+FA+double tpa. Yum.


I’m also close to posting white chocolate mf. Have three stripper juices with whites chocolate waiting for me…that test will be next week.


Thanks @BoyHowdy and @Chrispdx

And to anyone waiting for my review of the last six MF flavors as I promised…well it’s been hectic for me lately. But I did manage to get them mixed so week one steep results next week.

Honey, Acacia 0.25%
Honey, Wildflower 0.25%
Dark and Light Chocolate 1% ea
Kiwi 1%
Coconut 1%


So I had vaped my kiwi mixes backwards. Lol.

First vape was 9-16…
Kiwi FA 1%
Marshmallow FA 2%
Fresh cream FA 1%
Kiwi mf 1.5%
Over all it was too earthy. Too much brown outter skin. This was my second mix because I wanted to see how mf played with FA. It was ok but really killed FA.

My recent mix I just vaped but mixed 9/10. Lol. Was just too excited to vape kiwi mf…,
Kiwi FA 1.5%
Marshmallow FA 2%
Fresh cream 1%
Kiwi double tpa 2%
Kiwi mf 1.5%
I found the kiwi double took just the right edge off of mf’s brown skin. It’s still a very full kiwi vape. One you can’t achieve with FA or tpa separate or combined.

Last tester waiting is…
Kiwi FA 1.5%
Marshmallow FA 2%
Fresh cream 0.75%
Kiwi mf 0.75%
Kiwi double tpa 1%
I’m trying to allow kiwi FA to pull through just alittle more. We will see. After that it will be batching time drizzling in brown sugar and something else. Or liquid amber to pull more of the natural ripeness out and to settle then brown skin I taste.


I have it and it’s been steeped at 3% for several months. Let’s see…
It is excellent and yes… for me 3% is perfect to single flavor steep it at because I like all of my single-flavor steeps to be about 2x strong or 3x strong as what they would be vaped. I’d say the 3% with 50/50 PG/VG and 3mg Nic is 2x.
Compared to FA Coffee… MF is better… much better. I’d buy the MF Coffee rather than FA.
I would throw away TPA Expresso. Also throw away TPA Mexican Coffee. I also do not like Tiramisu flavoring, but it is different. I’m picky about cholate vapes. It’s hard to find one I like. I’ll try the MF Dark Chocolate next.

Earlier today just so happens I had MF Caramel in my Theorem and I added FA Expresso to it. It was ok but I wouldn’t vape it again like that. Then I tried the MF Caramel in my Theorem with TPA Expresso. It was so horrible, I am trashing it. It will go into my very sparse “Don’t want Pile”. I’d say it’s horrible and since I have the FA, I don’t need it and won’t ever use it.

Ok… trying the MF Coffee again… in the Theorem with MF Caramel = very nice Added TPA Sweet Cream and even better - just how I like my coffee in the morning.

If I add MF Coffee to Armzr with FW Toffee Dream Cream, FA Chocolate and IWA Caramel,… It comes through nice in the mix.

MF Coffee all by itself at 2% in an X-Pure RDA = very good . Oh very nice all by itself !!! Coffee wize… I’d say it’s smooth and not sharp or bitter at all and tastes a lot like Dunken Donuts Coffee. It doesn’t need anything. I could vape it alone. If I add 1 drop of TPA Dairy Milk (single steep at 20%) into 6 drops of 2% MF Coffee, it ruins it.

4 drops MF Coffee (3%), 1 drop CAP Vanilla Custard V! (20%), 1 drop CAP Sugar Cookie (20%) and 6 drops diluter to cut it all in half is DELICIOUS! Add 1 drop FW Biscotti and it’s better. The Sugar Cookie is not good. Wow the Biscotti is very sweet. Add 1 drop IWA Biscuit, and 1 more drop MF Coffee (3%) to see how it is with a basic ‘baked’ flavoring. Excellent.

Sum: I’d buy the MF Coffee rather than FA.


Joy, thanks for the input. You’re such a trip the way you work with flavors. My hat’s off to you for that…I can’t do it.

So were you saying the MF Caramel is horrible?