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Medicine Flower Tasting Notes


Question for @Pro_Vapes or anyone else who can help. I know PV you have the MF Lemon. What about any other citrus?

I ask because I have the Mandarin and Grapefruit. Both of these came with a hard plastic cap with glass stem rather than a dropper. I put droppers on them and that’s been a few months now. At first I thought the stem things came on these bottles due to their strength and thus encouraging the user to use lower quantities. However now I’m wondering if it’s due to the flavors possibly reacting with the rubber bulbs on the drippers. Do you or anyone else know about this?


I have the Orange and Lemon. They both came with the glass stem and a packaged glass dropper. I replaced the stem for the dropper on both. I haven’t had any issues so far. I’m fairly certain I have gotten any extract in the rubber bulb so I don’t know if there’s a reaction to the rubber. The bulb also double as the cap seal so maybe there has been some contact with the rubber, but I haven’t noticed any ill effects or leeching.


Speaking of orange mf. How would you rate the sweetness? I’m looking replace ecto cooler
FW…which is a sweet orange crush version.

Orange FA, manderine fa, sweet tangerine cap are all straight orange’ish with the missing element even when mixed with orange cream tpa+marshmallow FA (or toaste marshmallow tpa).

I really want to replace my FW flavors in the orange department.


It’s a straight orange that’s very similar to orange juice. Not very sweet at all… more of a natural orange.


I have it is very good. I find 1 drop per 10ml is perfect. Its a clean coffee like that of a medium roast with no burnt taste. I havent tried many coffee flavorings after reading many negative reviews but I do have FA black bean espresso. I prefer MF


FW biscotti is on the “naughty” list i believe. I read it contains either Fructose or Sugar Syrup.


No. MF Caramel is okay. It’s a bit weak, and in fact I used some yesterday I had mixed up at 3% in Feb . I put it in my Chuluha V1 and I had to put other flavors in it to get any flavor out of it. I mixed it up about 5 months ago and i’m not sure but think maybe it lost its flavor. This is the first time I can say this for sure about any of the MF flavors I bought and mixed up last Feb. The Passion Fruit is also very weak in flavor. I’d advise to buy it if you want a natural flavor Caramel, but if I had to choose between other brands I’ve tried, i’d go with FLA. FW offers good caramel and toffee flavors too. Seems there are some that are coil gunkers though and they are very sweet… So, unless FW has the best particular flavor, I’m avoiding that FW. Today, I’m online looking for a sale on FLV flavors and PG and VG. I might try some more IWA and perhaps some German Flavors. As for further opinions on flavor brands… Capella fruits are always good. I want to go with FLV flavors at this time I haven’t tried any Real Flavors yet. I’m confused on which to buy because there are so many flavors.


Thanks Joy. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but I find MF Caramel very good (in a mix, not SA) at 0.5 - 1%. But I also have an opinion on extracts - they just can’t always be the same. This especially true with fruits or other naturally occurring flavors because of the variations in flavor intensity and overall taste that does occur year to year, crop to crop. I’m sure with many that any difference could be minor, but there are differences nonetheless, especially with berries and stone fruits. That said, I kind of expect to get varied reviews and my own personal impressions vary with extracts from time to time. So says the opinionated man :slight_smile:


Medicine Flower flavor notes - 1 week steep.
All 70/30, 1.5mg Nic

Coconut 1% - Somewhat weak, but genuine coconut taste. Slight harshness is present but not bad enough to not be vapable.

Kiwi 1% - Very authentic, rind and all! And that’s not a good thing either. The skin of the kiwi fruit is not a desirable flavor for most people - myself included. I don’t like this. I think it is @Pugs1970 who mentioned the presence of this note and I agree. I’m curious how this will end up after a steep, but in 1 week I can honestly say I would have very little use for this. Also want to try at a weaker strength and will do that if a month doesn’t tone it down. For now, too earthy to be enjoyable. Still, that beautiful, slightly tart green and white part of the fruit is also obvious and is a fantastic note, just muddied by the presence of the skin.

Light Chocolate 1% - Adulterated tester. Somehow I think I mixed up a dropper or something. Tastes like Acacia Honey. Need a re-do.

Dark Chocolate 1% - Very good, pure dark chocolate taste. Needs sweetener as this is completely unsweetened. For use in a mix, 1% may well be perfect. Will need to see what steeping does. Will make a second tester with sweetener for comparison. This one will get a lot of use!

Wildflower Honey 0.25% - The bottle aroma of the extract is intoxicating. The tester mix at 0.25%, not so much. But upon tasting this the first thing I notice is a fruity type of tone. It’s reminiscent of peach and melon, say Casaba or Canary melons. Honey seems to be more of an afterthought rather than a main note. Might need to try this at a higher percent and will if the month steep doesn’t produce more honey .

Acacia Honey 0.25% - I hate it. Tastes like nasty Avon or name-your-own old lady perfume. Floral, no honey. I will try every week up to a month and if no improvement, will send to the landfill. At this moment I can’t see using it in any mix and would be far more likely to use as a stand alone.


The kiwi was me…I love kiwi. I have tester number 3 steeping. Mixed with FA and double tpa. #2 test was very very promising. What’s been nice so far is that the flavor holds strong at 4 week steep…which is what I like.


Old man disease got me again :slight_smile:

I love Kiwi too, just not the skins and that’s something I hope tones down some. But it’s not near as disappointing as the Acacia Honey. Damn. It was my last test and the room smells like Yahtzee Day at the nursing home. Oh you know when you’re out shopping and one of those old ladies with that dreadfully loud floral perfume can leave a trail of her stench in an aisle even after she’s moved on to the next? Yeah, that’s what I’m smelling.


Lol. I can only imagine.

Anyways, yeah I stare at this thread/anything kiwi/anything with MF. Gonna stock up on Black Friday.


Thank you very much for the reviews, excellent notes and extremely helpful :slight_smile:


Ok, here’s the deal. I am just far too busy to do proper reviews. That is why you don’t see many notes from me in the flavors list. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I honestly did plan to do good reviews of the flavors I gave 1 weeks steep results for. But once again I’ve promised and not delivered, and for that I’m sorry. Now that I have a little time for more test results, the fact is too much time has passed for it to be very useful. My testers were mixed more than a month ago. And while I can get back to tasting them now, it won’t be the weekly that I promised. So I’m not going to make promises again! :blush: And between work, the holidays, kids and grandkids dropping in, well I barely have time to mix juice. Gotta know your limitations.


No problems…I completely understand. Family crises over the last 2 weeks has interfered with my ability to do anything either:(


I’m not sure if a :slight_smile: is the proper reaction … but I sure know that moment. All the the best to you :-))


Have pear, raspberry, grape, mandarin nd butterscotch on the way. Excited for the butterscotch.

Any one have anything spectacular to say about these?

I am not loving the TPA pear so this should help. Raspberry is good, but I hear the wild raspberry is better? Have heard grape is good, most of my grapes are candy like so this should be interesting.


The grape is fantastic! 0.4 to 1%. It’s a lot similar Welch’s grape. It’s all natural and can benefit from added sweetener.

I have these two, but I haven’t done much with them. Maybe you should check the ELR database for more info.

I have no experience with these two. I do have the wild rasp and it is very good.

Some of the MF Fruit Extracts are too accurate for some people, so consider using pyure and some type of tart/sour to twist these into something you might enjoy.


The regular raspberry is good…just as good as the wild…just missing a bit of tang.

Be prepared to steep the butterscotch.

Pear is very authentic and may add a touch of Fuji FA.


Already have my stevia on hand and ready. I know just how organic some of the MF flavors can be.

Does anyone know if ECX is getting rid of their MF line? Is that why they are so cheap right now and some flavors are no longer available?