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Medicine Flower Tasting Notes


They have been thinking about it.


Welp, looks like they are phasing it out at ECX. Sad.


Makes me sad and hopefully they will revisit this. Maybe not to carry every flavor, but a select 5-8. This is a brand that keeps me coming back to ecx.


That’s interesting considering what was said two or three days ago. There are a couple of ways one can take what @ecigexpress said, but to me it sounded like they’d at least carry the most popular MF flavors. But what the CS rep said in your screenshot makes it sound like they’re getting rid of the line in its entirety. IDK, perhaps a clarification or an update from @ecigexpress would be useful.


@Chrispdx @kungfoogorilla, what are some of the essential Lotus/MF flavors that appeal to you the most?


For me orange, kiwi, honeydew melon, wild raspberry.

I know people rave about the strawberry and watermellon. The watermellon I ordered from ecx was just not very good. Strawberry for me shisha inw, FA, ripe tpa, and RF Sc and good enough for me.

@Pro_Vapes and @Joy have a few as well. I think vanilla, dark chocolate, butterscotch.


hey i have a a full honeydew melon pm if you want it , im not a fan , its good but i actually like tpa better , yes , i just said tpa lmao not the HDII but the original


lemon is a must have for me


Thank you fro the feedback (and this not just a response) we will take this into consideration as we move forward in our decision and if there are more people that concerned please have them post. (especially the flavor they love). We want to ensure that we serve the DIY community to the best of our ability.


i personally appreciate that , but if it doesnt make money then move on , come on i was hesitant to buy @9.99 for 5ml ( not your fault ) and at 3.99 you should have been able to push the inventory iut by now , so obviously it doesn’t work for your company , ime you cant make everyone happy and the handful of us arent buying enough for you to stock it probably , btw ive heard that due to some fda paperwork MF wouldnt be being sold by vape companies anyway , they arent going to comply so eventually everyone will have to buy direct , get some exclusive flavors from Real Flavors SC line and there you go , you have the buying power to make that happen which i believe you are , keep in mind though you have to be able to sell 30ml at the same price as RF does or you will be sitting on that stuff as well eventually


btw put a little counter on whats left of your MF flaves so i know when i HAVE TO BUY a few more lemons lol


I just purchased 6 myself lol get on it!


i better jump on it , i missed the vanillas


Have you tried it with milk&honey flv. It’s prett good.


I haven’t tried any of the MF/Lotus flavors yet, but I had an interest and was going to make my first order from you guys until you sold out of lemon and vanilla. It seems lemon is by far the most praised lemon that I’ve seen by those who have tried it. I was also considering white chocolate, orange, white peach, the melons, and butterscotch.


Vanilla, Strawberry, Blueberry, White Peach, White Chocolate (Would love some of the other chocolates), Lemon, the Apples, the Raspberries. For me its mostly about the fruits.

While these are the best extracts out there not enough people use or know about them. I hope you folks continue to carry them but understand should you not.


i havent that isnt something id typically pair , however im willing to try anything , do you have some percentages you would start with or a recipe ??


sold out of lemon ??? wtf


lemon is still available i just bought 4 ty @kungfoogorilla for pushing me to buy lol


In everyone’s opinion, which cherry from MF is best for a cherry cheesecake? This is one of the reasons I have been asking about the morello. I do however have the black and white cherry on hand, if either of these would work better.