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Medicine Flower


Welll, I do hope they stand up and speak for themselves, but I’m pretty sure the answer is: they’ve sold out of the best ones, and not restocked, because they’re winding down the MF :frowning:


my theory about the lemon is untested and it is only to brighten the lime up because i am getting a very raw taste from the lime flaves ( not sure raw is the best word ) but for the lemon mf i usually mix it with creams and cookie type glaves so ive always steeped for 30 + days , however i have been satisfied at 2 weeks with the lemon part of those mixes


Sorry for the delayed reply on this :disappointed_relieved:
We have drastically reduced our MF inventory.
As of now I think we only pick up enough to replenish our lab supply for some of our in house e-liquids and one shots.
We do apologize for not being more clear about this.


Darn-it. I really want dark chocolate mf!!!


Me too, Please! @ecigexpress


But I guess I understand, the inventory must have been just sitting there at 10 bucks per 5ml


I still need to try this with Sugardaddy sweetener. It can only improve it in my opinion.


i have been looking at their white chocolate for some time now. i think i might grab it next month.


Recently I have bought some MF flavors, and although these are expensive, so far I do not cry the money I spent, as I feel that my e-liquids have gone up to a level I was looking for … I have all the flavors stored in a box card, and I do not know if it’s a good or bad sign, but the Cafe took over the box and as soon as I open it, it looks like I opened a sack of coffee for grinding kkk


I started using them about 1.5 years ago. I will ALWAYS re-buy the Red Apple, Peach, Blueberry and Blackberry. I DO add them to other brands like Capella or TPA. They make my juice ‘real’. love it.
Joy Edit… Oh the Lemon is absolutely the best lemon. As for the chocolates, I haven’t used them too much, but I just don’t personally. I hear the dark choc is really good in a mix.


You got that right! Anyone who is a lemon fan, if you only ever buy one MF flavor that’s the one to get. You won’t be disappointed. #omgitssogood :wink:


@Pro_Vapes @NChris @Mix_and_Hope Pulled this here.

@Mix_and_Hope I’m new to the whole MF game and don’t have enough experience with them yet to recommend. I can tell you that at least smelling the entire batch I just got out of the bottles, the Cucumber, Honeydew Mellon, Wild Raspberry are going to work out REALLY good. My only others are Dark Chocolate, Butterscotch, Lemon, and Vanilla, ALL of which are excellent.

Regarding the new flavors, WHEW, some of them are STRONG !!! Especially the Honeydew Melon, and Cucumber. The Wild Raspberry is a close second with a def. Wildness to it. The Morello Cherry just plain smells good. The Strawberry smells like it’s in 3rd place in the strength contest, and does smell damned good as well. The Plum and Fig samples are the wild cards for me and both smell unique but am unsure on them as of yet. I just tossed all of them into 10ml bottles @ 1% just to get them started steeping, but I may have to reduce them. Going to research how long to let them steep as SF’s.

Vape Mail 2018

Ive been wanting to pull the trigger on fig for a while now. Its just one of those things where im not sure how that flavor will translate to vaping for me. But i do hear its another excellent extract.