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Medicine Flower


Welll, I do hope they stand up and speak for themselves, but I’m pretty sure the answer is: they’ve sold out of the best ones, and not restocked, because they’re winding down the MF :frowning:


my theory about the lemon is untested and it is only to brighten the lime up because i am getting a very raw taste from the lime flaves ( not sure raw is the best word ) but for the lemon mf i usually mix it with creams and cookie type glaves so ive always steeped for 30 + days , however i have been satisfied at 2 weeks with the lemon part of those mixes


Sorry for the delayed reply on this :disappointed_relieved:
We have drastically reduced our MF inventory.
As of now I think we only pick up enough to replenish our lab supply for some of our in house e-liquids and one shots.
We do apologize for not being more clear about this.


Darn-it. I really want dark chocolate mf!!!


Me too, Please! @ecigexpress


But I guess I understand, the inventory must have been just sitting there at 10 bucks per 5ml


I still need to try this with Sugardaddy sweetener. It can only improve it in my opinion.


i have been looking at their white chocolate for some time now. i think i might grab it next month.


Recently I have bought some MF flavors, and although these are expensive, so far I do not cry the money I spent, as I feel that my e-liquids have gone up to a level I was looking for … I have all the flavors stored in a box card, and I do not know if it’s a good or bad sign, but the Cafe took over the box and as soon as I open it, it looks like I opened a sack of coffee for grinding kkk