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Medicine Flower


Just curious if anyone is mixing with Medicine Flower. I have a couple of the flavorings and man are they potent, like a few drops/30ml potent. They are also very natural tasting, peach is fantastic.

Just wondering what other people results have been.

Lotus flavor?
Super-duper concentrated ingredients - how do you do it?
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Medicine Flower Recommendations

Expensive stuff …it must be potent! They certainly don’t advertise to the vaping community tho.


The flavorings are incredibly potent, not the easiest and most accurate to mix with as you kind of have to mix them by drops if mixing in small batches, small meaning 30ml. Delicious tho. I have Peach, Apricot and Blueberry. The owner of my local B&M gave them to me to see what i could do with them. Honestly a 15ml bottle of this stuff will last beyond its shelf life i would imagine, for me at least.


Too bad they don’t sell smaller bottles if that was the case …would be fantastic for natural flavours


A new DIY supply store popped up on Reddit not all that long ago TetraVape

The sell 3ml bottles in just a couple flavors, 4.25$/3ml. They also sell Natures Flavors, this is one id like to try as they are much less expensive than MF flavoring.


With extremely potent flavorings, it’s a good idea to dilute it. If you dilute it with, say, PG 50/50 it’s easier to measure off the correct amount of flavor. So the flavor % doubles in your recipes - and small stuff like 0.02g becomes 0.04g :smile: For extreme stuff you can dilute it even further; 25% flavor and 75% dilutant quadruples the flavor % and 0.02g becomes 0.08g…

Super-duper concentrated ingredients - how do you do it?

WTF? Why didnt i think of that? Thanks for that tip, daath!


Glad I could help! That’s what the forum is for :smiley:


The forum is shaping up to be excellent! Thanks for this place.


Personally I like to have VG only for use in my base liquid. So nic is in PG and flavorings (whether advertised as such or not) get treated as PG. For that reason, those flavor concentrates I dilute are all done in PG only. Just my way of doing things but it helps me avoid confusion…and I get confused easily :smile:


I forgot to explain my reason for doing that as well: On ELR the flavor can either be PG, VG or Other - Not a mix - So diluting it in PG helps with keeping the PG/VG-ratio …truer :smile:


Have placed an order with them - want to try them out.
Any idea of the recommended percentage range - i mix by weight, so no issues associated with drops.
Oh sorry, forgot that opensourcevapor uses medicine flower - so i guess thats a good starting point.


Honestly i have no idea, I dont mix by weight tho i make break out the scale for this stuff. It is literally drops/30ml. Trying to mix batches under 15ml is not at all easy.


i just picked the grape,apple,banana from them.just tried the grape at 10 drops per 15 ml with 3 drops of lemon.max vg at 2mg of mic for dripping came out great.everone trying it says best grape they’ve had


There is a guy from Reddit that sells Medicine Flower dilutions. You can get 2:1, 5:1, or 10:1 dilutions. Would be a good way to try out some of the MF flavors for much cheaper.



Yeah aba, love that guy. Thanks for posting the link.


Would keeping them refridgerated help extend the shelf life? @Ken_O_Where


Hey Ken Ecx has Natures flavors as well. I’ve only had 2 flavors of theirs. Both were decent raspberry and chocolate strawberry.


I had a couple NF flavors as well, not as potent as the MF flavorings but they are pretty good!

@David28470 That is a good question. They are pure extracts so perhaps the fridge is the proper place to store them.


Just placed an order. Looking forward to getting these.

1 Apple, Red
1 Caramel
1 Butterscotch
1 Grapefruit
1 Mandarin
1 Pineapple
1 Vanilla
1 Tropical