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Medicine Flower


VapeyMama, I’ll message you and find out what MF flavs you already have.


You got it. Do let me know which you don’t have so I can include more.


I put it in a vanilla butterscotch milkshake yesterday, mmmmmmmm it tastes so good already, even before any steeping. Used 0.8%


I purchased both Peach and White Peach MF(both as Lotus)from ECX at the beginning of June. White peach is a little brighter in flavor. I used it to boost the RFSC Peach in a cheesecake recently, and think it’s really good. Haven’t done an SF, though. They do smell quite different in the bottle.


I have to have their butterscotch, banana, strawberry, dark chocolate, coffee… most of them are amazing once you get the right percentages dialed in.