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Mentor Group (JoJo messed it up again...now its Forum-Founder and it's staying that way.)


I’ve apparently been making a habit of pissing people off lately, and it’s me that needs to apologize. Since I don’t know you well enough for us to hug it out, how about a fist bump instead?


It’s all good!!! And yes, I just gave you a hug!!!


I wouldn’t have done that. The doctor says I’m not contagious but still, I wouldn’t risk it.


Eeew, okay, I take it back!!! but…here…:fist:


I had no idea that was a “hug” icon! I’ve been giving unintended hugs left and right thinking it was just an extra happy response! Haha! Whoops! Good luck on your paper!


@tbt127 You forgot to use your :vulcan_salute:


Haha…that’s hilarious!!! When you go to click on an icon, you haven’t noticed that it tells you what it is intended to be if you hover over it for a second!?! I’m sure its okay though, cause everyone loves a hug every once in a while, intended or not!!!

edit: Thanks for the luck, I need all I can get because that paper is worth 30% of my entire grade…


:smile: I’m usually on my phone. No hovering! I pressed and held it just now and it did pop up in another screen.


And I thought you were one of the ones who actually liked me. Oh well.


On the original topic: FWIW, I like the new idea. It is pretty easy to figure out who gives good advice from an experienced level, though, once you’ve read a few topic threads and asked for a good bit of advice as a new mixer. It didn’t take me long to start clicking on avatars and reading “joined on” dates, # of posts, days of reading time, likes received, etc. But, I can see where making it easier to spot a helpful veteran of the forum could be beneficial to a new mixer. I’m liking that it’s not just how long a member has been here that earns the LLAP badge. From what I can see from this thread, being a trusted and helpful veteran is the criteria for the badge. So, that’s cool. Great debate and discussion! I look forward to seeing that this won’t be as big of a deal as some initially thought, and it will be a nice tweak to the site.


Not trying to argue here but, and this comming from ‘one of the new ones’, some pepole here have a point that a one (new mixer/builder/ect…) will easely overlook other inputs when a ‘veteran’ shared his/her toughts on a subject, which is one of the most normal things in the world because it saves time to read everything.
Time is the enemy…
If you search info online on any subject, one easely looks to a post from someone with a special badge behind him/her name because it easely catches ones direct attention :wink:

Personaly, and stated be4 in this discussion, i do not care about it, everyone helps eachother :v: which makes this wonderfull place great! I can find myself in some statements some members shared which is totaly understandeble.


I can see this point of view. I don’t know, though. I can only speak for myself, of course, but even after I had identified most of the active veterans, I still pulled information from all around.

If someone wants to skim a topic it’s their choice. This badge thing might actually make the skimming a little easier and more productive for someone who doesn’t want to(or doesn’t have the time to) read and absorb every nuance of info.

Edit: I just don’t think it likely that a new mixer would flat out ignore someone’s advice for lack of a badge.

Edit2: Removed the "I guess"s from my statements! :wink:


Personally I have no problem with the word mentor.

But to me a mentor should be.

Someone who

  • has mixed a few mixes they like.

  • Is willing to help Guide someone on a 1 to 1 basis with their journey into the DIY world

      1. Isn’t going to say buy this and this
      2. Isn’t going to just give a few links and move on
  • Doesn’t need to have 200+ flavours. Just the willingness to help.

Okay wizard has been suggested , not a bad idea either.

But to me A Flavour Wizard should be

Someone who

  • Has creates their own recipes

  • is willing to help guide people on a 1 on 1 basis with their journey into the DIY world or help make flavours pop

  • should have experience with lots of flavours from several vendors

  • willing to buy a new flavours if needed to help someone

Okay , so maybe we need nore than one group.

One for the forum veterans who like to help and one for the newer members who also like to help.

Then no one would really feel left out.

Also these new groups should be given some additional privledges since they are officially helping with the site

Maybe access to private mentors forum and leadership forum

A PUBLIC and Civil Discussion on the Rules

Yup, spent yesterday reading both threads, and those were (similar to) my emotions too. I’m new here, but yesterday felt like a roller coaster of emotions.

Glad it all worked out and that almost everybody is “happy” or “positive” about the change.

You all don’t know it, but I feel like you all are part of my family. Lovely, crazy, spazzy, strange, mental family… like all “real” families! Now, I’ll just go back to my little corner and keep reading. Carry on.

oh, and CONGRATS to all the new mods and admins.

so when's all the flavor database names gonna be fixed ? :crazy_face:


I don’t think such a word exists. No matter what word you’ll use there will be someone who is offended.
Take the word Wizard for instance, I think that is highly offensive and should only be given to people who have successfully changed :prince: into :frog: and have been certified by Hogwarts.

I see this was covered already but since @TW12 doesn’t have a flair to his name it obviously had to be repeated by an authority figure like me :rofl:


Very true and clever!!! Flying Turkeys Rule!!! (Actually, The Flying Turkeys may be a nice name for a band).


What about grand wizard? Oh… wait… nevermind, that wouldn’t work either :thinking:


What about words like chef, sous chef etc…?
We are in a recipes site right? :wink:


Chef De Juice


Nailed it :wink:
And like you wrote down, it does help when you want quick awnsers.