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Mentor Group (JoJo messed it up again...now its Forum-Founder and it's staying that way.)


As an Army veteran myself, I am comfortable saying that no one owns the word veteran, and it has a dictionary definition that makes it suitable for use here. So I agree with @daath, and really think the distinction lies by the use of the phrase military veteran. And the whole notion of not wanting the word capitalized…wow. Assigning such reverence and making the word so sacred. That’s a bit much. But at the same time we are living in a different world nowadays. How about this? I’m a veteran, title-neutral mentor who leans dripper and my preferred pronoun is “it.”


Like the clown It? Or cousin It from the Addams family?


Why not cut out the crap and give the “veterans” a gold star on their avatar as a form of recognition, nothing more, nothing less. Saves confusion eh.


Hmmm. Grrr. I like to look at a grain of salt for long it becomes a mountain. Lol.

This still makes me chuckle.


I’m no PC Patrol Clown. But I do actually hold military veterans in very high regard, and gladly assign the ol’ Capital V out of profound respect. Few people should garner the same respect as our military.


As do I. Especially those who were deployed. My point is this, and can be summed up in a question -

Which of the following words does not belong? God, Allah, Vishnu, Veteran

The fact that people are in this thread needing to defend the use of the word is quite revealing by the way.


Well I was voting to use it. Just reinforcing my viewpoint that military vets deserve inestimable kudos. As for it here in the forum? Totally different story. Hell, use Wizard if folks like the sound of it more. Use whatever. I guess I just saw a chance to salute our military members and took it. And I have actually given up a first class seat to a soldier in uniform before. But this ain’t about wee little me, sorry.


Many vets throughout our history have been severely disrespected. I think that ranks very high among the things we can hang our heads about. So while I don’t share in the raising of a word to such a lofty status, I do also love that people can be so fervent in their appreciation for veterans. I think that spirit is behind a lot of the empty seats at NFL stadiums this year.


I recall stories of my uncle coming home from Vietnam (He developed PTSD really bad later too and was never the same again sadly) talking about how he was literally spit at and harassed when he got off the plane. That is a true shame.

Alright, alright, I’ve drifted it enough. Hand slap coming soon…


That ship sailed many many posts ago :laughing:


:vulcan_salute: = Team Merlin :pensando: :sorrir:











hehehe…I got it from the Wish app. You can also search cat unicorn shower curtain on Amazon :+1:


Just don’t use the word cook. I made that mistake once and @DarthVapor wasn’t amused :stuck_out_tongue:


If I’m in the kitchen creating a wonderful dish. You better not use that 4 letter word. Or you may find yourself finishing said dish yourself.


What!? @DarthVapor is a cook!


When I was 16, yes, yes I was :wink:


Yeah, I can agree with what you’re saying but note that your last sentence, maaan, that’s a big can of worms to throw out there, lol. It may be true but it’s not as straight of a line as you’re drawing


Yes it is.


clears throat