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Mentor Group (JoJo messed it up again...now its Forum-Founder and it's staying that way.)



ummm WTF??? :rofl:


how about “novit omnia”?
Latin for “knows stuff”


Umm, i even like “Knows Stuff”.


I’m easy


I’m really disappointed in the fact that I was completely out of popcorn while reading this thread. I for one hate labels but hope it all goes well.
To be honest I’m surprised there aren’t more upset about being overlooked as a degens member. Maybe they should have their own badge???
Either way I’ll be stocking up on the popcorn just in case. :smirk:


Please explain? Is this the degenerates group that pugs was talking to be about earlier?

And believe me, it hasnt even started yet.

Come sit by me


Yeah it’s like a secret society or something . A group within a group so to speak. Not sure the date of it’s establishment but I hear it’s quite lively. :thinking:


Found it! 10/char


Oh, I’m totally stealing that! LMFAO


Three of them actually.

Because the American Veterans are there to defend the right to “Freedom of Religion”.


Even though you strayed from the purpose of my question, I still love your response! Awesome.


expert sounds a bit elitist to me. granted, there are many fine mixers here…better than i’ll ever be, but labeling someone an expert because they answer all the questions doesnt mean they are an expert. maybe this labeling thing has gone too far? hope it doesnt divide us. it’s late…no idea what im talking about. night


Im fixing to head off the sleep but i wanted to share some ideas before they are lost.

A few people have mentioned that specific groups would be more useful.

I was thinking something like this perhaps:

CBD -This topic is picking up steam in the DIY world.

And keeping the veterans for those who are well versed in the first 4. There could also be those in multiple groups. I think anymore and we could be crossing into confusing people.



It’s a bunch of friends who help each other and have fun, the reason we called the group Degens is that we speak our minds and don’t take any shit from anyone.

But then again, reading through the answers from yesterday’s thread on obscenity it turns out we are not as Degen as we thought, there are far more Degenerate people here, maybe we should change our group name… :thinking:

No thanks :laughing:


Hectic convo over the last couple of days thought i would chuck my 2c in as a noobie badges on your pic are handy. It gives me more confidence the advice is pretty sound. But before i knew what the badges ment i would just stalk people on there forum profile. This is a great site and i have lernt so much in just a few days badge or no badge this site will succeed due to all you awsom people. When it comes to being recognized for something tho might i suggest that the people donating ever month or at least abit get to have membership status so they can enter competition and maby a few other perk than just add free


The thing about this is that you can only have one primary group, which means only one flair. So while people may and should likely belong to more than one group, they’ll only at first glance LOOK like they belong to their primary. And I think if the veterans are going to remain a thing, it should just remain about length of time since joining + amount of activity. I don’t think a member who joined six weeks ago but is super active should be considered a veteran any more than a member who joined three years ago but hasn’t been seen in a year.

Also to clarify other things I’ve seen mentioned…as of now, the group members have no special anything other than the flair. They don’t get more likes, their posts don’t get more algorithmic weight, they don’t have access to anything secret. However, it is possible to have “group only” sections of the forum or to set up a section of the forum dedicated just to asking a certain group of people questions if that’s the way this winds up going. It’s also possible to set up a group that people can “ask” to be a member of, and I’ve thought of suggesting this for the Saloon. (Slight derail into the other topic, apologies).

A PUBLIC and Civil Discussion on the Rules

I recall stories of my uncle coming home from Vietnam (He developed PTSD really bad later too and was never the same again sadly) talking about how he was literally spit at and harassed when he got off the plane. That is a true shame.

The best was the little girl who couldn’t have been more then 4 or 5 who ran up to me in the airport as I stood in line in dress uniform at the counter. I felt this tug on my pant leg and looked down at this very small child who the proceeded to smile up and me and yell very loudly
" My Daddy says your a baby killer "
At 17 I hadn’t left the country yet let alone killed anybody but I squatted down and thanked her and sent her off to her (Daddy) who I could see about 20 feet away.
Interesting day as I got spit on at least 6 times. Knocked flat twice and had my duffle bag pissed on in the restroom. Ahhh it was great to be an American Soldier in 1972.
We are the forgotten soldiers. The scruffy dog that got kicked while he was down. Ask any Viet Nam era soldier about his service. Most of us simply won’t talk about it whether we served in country or not.
Touchy subject even now all this time later I’m choked up about it. Damn !!!


Well… after I’ve read over 450 post in this thread…

Flair or no flair… don’t care one way or t’other. I know that’s not helpful… but, it’s just how I feel. I haven’t hung around ELR since Jan. ‘15 for Flair or Badges. I’ve hung around for getting and offering help.

Now that I’ve pretty much sequestered myself to the NET threads (since I haven’t used synthetic flavors in a year or more)… I don’t feel as though I can be much of a helping hand in the flavor and mixing areas. :disappointed:

NET, on the other hand, is my bag… that’s where you’ll find me when needed.

Peace :v:


Personally I like the idea of mentors more than veterans. Anybody can click on anybody’s avatar and see when they joined and get an overview of their activity. It’s easily visible who’s a veteran and who’s not and I don’t think it really requires a visual icon on your avatar.

A mentor however is someone who can actually mentor newbies. This is not necessarily something any veteran is capable of doing. It’s an actual skill while a veteran icon/badge/flair/whatever can really be automatically assigned by a bot.