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Mentor Group (JoJo messed it up again...now its Forum-Founder and it's staying that way.)


Your absolutely correct in your definition of a mentor if your looking at the bare minimum of what is comprised in the term. I look at a mentor as a person who is guiding another in a long term one on one relationship that does more than span the quick answer to a question within a thread. The one whom is being mentored also assumes the duty and relationship as an apprentice and only does which the mentor instructs. I probably just look at the term mentor more as it in-depth meaning so am put off by it’s use. Like how the term “hero” is often given out to people whether they deserve the accolade or not.


i have a very weird reason for liking mentor or another word used besides veteran , and that reason is because other sites already use the word veteran by members name , silly right ? also because im not fond of star trek and the vulcan sign reminds of it … i still will stand with jojo and ken o where with their decision to do what they think will be best , my feelings about this all have dramatically changed after reading every post in this thread , although i do think its an honor to be selected to this group by peers i also know it doesnt define any one of us and with or without it we will all continue to help in the best way we know how and not having something by your name doesnt mean your less than , i also think some people were offended by not being selected at first ( human nature) and probably feel some that were selected arent deserving ( i know this part because it was said ) , and that last part is a bit disappointing imo ( which im sure people could care less) so with all that being said i wouldnt mind if this entire thing just went away , i hope your not offended ken o where or jojo :slight_smile: id rather see nothing then a bunch of sub categories such as veteran mixer , veteran flavorist , veteran coil builder , elr veteran , veteran reviewer etc that is obviously to soothe those who were not liking the original idea , like i said though whatever happens with all of this ill support , this isnt meant to offend anyone its just my point of view and @Suomynona the only part of this that was directed at you was the very beginning about liking mentor or another word over veteran and why …


Just spit balling here…
Is there something other than “badges” or “flares” or whatever they are called that can be used to mark the persons images with? How about a small dot or star next to the image or possibly the image encircled with a colored boarder it could even be different colors for different groups if need be. The current “thing” either looks like a peace dove flapping by or a hand slapping at me lol.
I’m sure it was all discussed prior to it’s use, just thought I’d ask about it.


NOT meant to derail (I swear!) but to me it looks like Mickey Mouse’s hand giving me the finger.


You rang? :wink:


This was another reason I was kinda iffy about it.

I know, let’s call the group “PersonsWhoHaveBeenHereSinceTheDawnOfELRForum” I think it’s got a nice ring to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not so much. The flair is all we’ve got. Now, the color of the circle around it can be changed or removed. The icon and its color can be changed or removed. But that’s all folks. :woman_shrugging:

In it’s current iteration, nope. All me. Cuz it was that or the lizard hand. (See above). That’s what I decided on at the time. :rofl:


Sorry, if this seems off topic, but… I may have skipped the last 300 posts.

I’m not bothered if we have titles or not or what they are called. What I’d rather have is a way to see who gives correct answers.

Imagine if every new thread in selected forums granted the OP a “this answered my question button” to use on the one most helpful post in the thread. Maybe even give them the option to the OP to lock the thread at that point. Now give the correct answer poster one point in their profile for “correct answers given”. If you want to get fancy you could also track what forum the answer was provided in.

This would make a nice metric to see who our real knowledge experts are. If I’m a new mixer debating who’s info to trust it would make a nice way to determine reliability of a users info and choose. In the end do we really care who got the most likes or who posted the most often or who has been here longer? Or do we really want to know who gives good info?

I know dreaming this stuff up is easy. Just my two cents,


We are currently looking into this.


Sorry if it was a repeat. :heart:


Nope. I don’t think so. Or if it was, I wasn’t looking into it at the time so I didn’t answer them. LoL.

So, sorry if someone already suggested this and I didn’t answer! :wink:


Was a turkey, now a hurricane?


Yep. Gonna see how many times I can change it before someone complains about it being changed too much. :rofl:


Nope and an excellent idea too.


I think hurricane, thunder hammer, or BULL dozer might be mine, lol. Just messing around.


:stuck_out_tongue: Don’t give me any ideas…I’m feelin feisty. Might actually do it. LoL


Just funnin. No real squabbles from me! Gotta find levity where you can.


@therabidweasel called the hand/turkey one the vulcan shocker. I totally lost it when i read that and now i am sad to see it go away.


You won’t do it. I know you. Now @Alisa, she would do it in a heartbeat. Not you though. You got too much on your hands.


You’re changing it too much. :wink::wink::wink::joy:


No she’s not changed it enough… needs to change it twice a day to keep us guessing