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Mentor Group (JoJo messed it up again...now its Forum-Founder and it's staying that way.)


I noticed that another forum has "Super Members, Ultra Members, Gurus, and who knows what else! Thank you for not using ELR Guru, @JoJo !! They do use “veteran” too, but that one is much better than some other choices out there.


I was thinking once a day would probably be enough…


i like it its cool , simple and lets just keep it lol



how about swami lol


What is that??! I suppose I could google…


i theres a guy on Sportscenter tbey call swami , i think bc he was the football veteran sportscaster


Pretty sure any actual follower of the Hindu would be very opposed. :slight_smile:


Isn’t a swami a religious leader in Hinduism???


Oh that’s why I don’t know! My eyes glaze over when sports come on. The other night hockey was on and I literally caught myself staring at the wires coming out of the tv rather than actually watching the game…


I believe they are a step up from Guru, a spiritual advisor


i just looked up the meaning of it oops No for swami


thats the exact definition ( i had to google it )


whats a female swami called? swamette?


I feel a serious derailment coming! Look out!


Dammit you guys made me google.


Oops. Back on track folks!



My favorite gif of all time.



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