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Mentor Group (JoJo messed it up again...now its Forum-Founder and it's staying that way.)


you mean Lynn “Swanny” Swann?
He was a helluva wide-receiver for the Steelers.


yes he was a great receiver but i was talking about Chris the swami Berman




Ok, so what is the little blue circle surrounding white circle thingy? Much better than the turkey vulcan hand/wing thingy, but is there an actual meaning to any of these symbols?


it is font awesome superpowers - I believe it is still in flux atm as to what the final image will be


I don’t really like the titles as it kinda makes me feel like I am trying to make myself out to be somehow better than someone else.

99.999% of the members starts this journey for the same reason… to save a few bucks.
The cool thing is some are really good at it and the majority love to help new members like we all were.It doesn’t take anyone long to figure out who those people are, badge or no stinking badge.:roll_eyes:
I read the majority of this thread but not every one I will admit . I stopped at @DarthVapor post because I felt my quest to find an answer to this subject was complete.

Do we now have an epidemic of trolls giving newer members bad answers to their questions?
I haven’t visited much in the past six months so forgive my ignorance . I am probably over thinking this but I see titles and badges as more of a hurdle than a ladder to get us over the latest growing pain…


As I commented above on this topic, I thought the idea of the emblem was a thank you to the veterans … at the moment, I think the idea starts to move a little and that to please everyone, we will all be in a group … .
That’s just my opinion! :fazendo caretas:


Surprised to see that you didn’t get a Veteran Tag as well!! LOL! I guess we’re bad!


LOL :grinning: :grin::smiley::sweat_smile::laughing:


Being from Siesta Key FL, every time I see the new badge symbol, I feel like I am supposed to be hauling ass to my evacuation route…


I would be like time to get the sledgehammer and get ready to grab that new 4K TV I was eying down at Best Buy when everyone evacuates! But that’s just me and how I roll!:crazy_face:


Olive you guys!


So the vets are serving the perfect martini🍸 .

I’ll take mine shaken not stirred


Olive it !

10 char :wink:


@JoJo All me and @Lolly want is more likes! Yes if we have to have a badge I olive your latest design the best!:kissing_heart:
Some see it as an olive some will see it as a target , thank goodness the bullseye isn’t close to vitals!:rofl:


I could give you guys like 1000 likes and I think you would still want more…


And your point is…We love everyone and enjoy spreading it around!
I know it is such a silly thing in all honesty you just keep being you! “To thine own self be true” as long as you do that all is well!
We have a great group of mods here , you will never please everyone but I know you do indeed try!


Were you bored Jojo? :rofl:


That STAR badge is starting to sound better and better. :rofl:


Since we changing names again how about

JoJo’s Minions

Edit: Then you could do a minion badge