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Mentor Group (JoJo messed it up again...now its Forum-Founder and it's staying that way.)


@JoJo There is the one time offer of please let it be. I think you hit the nail on the head. I approve!


The name is staying. I’ve decided. And the group is staying (unless someone wants to leave or I forgot someone). It’s for people who joined in the first year of the forum and have been seen some time in the last 6 months. THE END.

The icon will probably change again.

PS. Sorry to the couple of people that got removed. To keep it simple I went with a year and if you hadn’t joined on or before Feb 2016 you were removed.


More groups are in the process of being created and they will be open for whomever to join whichever they want (possibly with a limitation or two based on the groups…more later). When I’m done, I will post a list. This is for FUN. If you don’t want to join a group, don’t. If you want to join a couple, do that. NO special privileges (other than the fun flair) will be given to anyone in any group (other than staff, obviously) for any reason, ever.



Oh man, I soooo wanna make that my profile pic. I may steal it for a bit. LOL


be my guest


@JoJo I can get behind that !!


flavor alchemists of the mystic fog

“How doth thou maketh the fog smell and taste like strawberry of the morning dew? sorcery!”


Sounds like there is still a chance of getting a wizard hat*; going to the unseen university might not have been without result.
*With a star on top, please.


Congrats on the executive decision!


Can mine be an onion? :wink: I find pimento stuffed olives offputting and offensive to the colorblind :laughing:

FYI, on the phone interface you cant hover over the flair. I pulled out my stylus, which usually allows hovering, but it doesnt work. Im still catching up and havent seen if the flair meanings are listed elsewhere.


The flair/group info is here :+1:



Whatever the system, you can guarantee that people will always find to ways be jerkish and/or oversensitive, I think some posters are trying too hard to avoid that.

I have two main quibbles here:

  1. this thread has caused to me run out of “likes”
  2. that badge is way too conspicous and way too round. Makes @Pro_Vapes ava look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to me :grin: Definitely needs a redesign.


My first thought was he was trying to snort the olive… I can totally see it.


Or he is blowing a burger and @jojo censored it


Hopefully this olive thing won’t last. I liked the beaker more… at least it was vape related. :+1:


Sorry brother, but I can’t help but laugh now. All in good fun!


Yeah, I agree… the last few comments are funny. I really love olives… I can eat a small jar in one sitting. Next time I might see if snorting them is better. :rofl:


I can’t read through 500+ posts here to figure out if there was a decision, but as a military vet the term ‘veteran’ is not an issue for me personally.


yep. it’s done. @JoJo has put her foot down.



She has nice toes! :sunglasses: