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Mentor Group (JoJo messed it up again...now its Forum-Founder and it's staying that way.)


such an odd picture to take, a taking of a life, a vanish color to match the attitude of the heart that squashes thee bug.




I think it was staged by the bug , he obviously rolled over as if to say “goodbye cruel world”.:cry:


I wanna be a pickel


I think I just became a nickel!


You can be a pickle if I can be a

Panthera leo


Dang it! changed the badge thing again…


The Lincoln memorial


not if Godzilla has any say in it


Somehow I feel she enjoys this just a little too much!:rofl:


Maybe… I’m wondering if one day an emoji will be the badge…

Maybe this one :joy:


I wouldn’t bet against it!


More like


I somehow imagined you would have preferred a probe. :rofl:


What’s going to happen if you run out of forum founders? Looks a bit weird if in a couple years more people will be added to the group. Can’t really say they founded the forum anymore… it’ll be a dying group of people over time.


well the olive disappeared, but where did you get pickel -> probe? NM don’t answer that
I could be an old fart? image


I imagine you could probe things with a pickle


Your good , I am the one that thought the Lincoln memorial was on a nickel! I think I smoked myself stupid years ago!:exploding_head:


I misread your post! (drank too much of my coil cleaner) YA I prefer a probe, but that icon sounds a little dirty eh? OH you mean a space probe?
OK back to topic, the little building looks better than the olive.


I think it is meant to be @JoJo’s little asylum so she can keep track of us.
Edit : Great now I am a Tool! Yaaaay