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Mesh As Coil not as wick


I have # 400 316L SS from lightning vapes . I think they had # 325 ( they never had # 300 )
but due to the fire I don’t see mesh on there site :slightly_frowning_face:
I think @Pattie knows where to get it in the UK


I get my mesh from here
This is the 400 mesh


This is # 300 Mesh It is stiffer and less flimsy


I missed a whole hell of a lot eh? Don’t know why I didn’t get any notifications for this thread. Oh well sht happens.
Should have figured yall know all about this ceto rda. I tried watching grimm green do a review but I can barely stand the guy. Should have know y’all got the skinny on it. I am assuming yall haven’t got it in the vape mail yet. I guess I’ll wait and see whathappens


I have the taifun bt clone. I just need to mix up a 60ml batch this weekend to waste juice on it. Lol.


I knew I should have watched that review of Todd’s. I got busy and only watched a min. or so of it.

Have you vaped with it yet?


No. Not yet. With how much cotton it requires I estimate I’ll waste 30mls of juice to get it to wick just right. So in theory I need 60mls of a proven recipie to play with. At this point I have 40 mixes in 15:30ml size steeping that I don’t want to waste. Lol. Ill be mixing this weekend and will try it out next weekend.

I suppose I could use it like an rda though.


Sorry @Dan_the_Man I put up pics on the Squonkers thread of the CETO
And @Chrispdx I think the flavor is good I run it with a smaller drip tip and the air flow turned way down. You just have to make sure the cotton is touching the mesh all the way around I used 316L # 400 mesh and it ohm’ed out at .39 and I run it at 65Watts


I’m going to try 3 or 4 rows of fused clapton wire in the CETO this weekend
I had to take off the bottom O -Ring because the chamber was so tight . Works good now
Also Do Not Glow the mesh you can dry burn but don’t get the mesh to hot or you may get a metallic taste


I need to tag the squonker thread too. thanks for the reminder :grin:


I’ll put this here although I don’t know if it’s the right place.

I’ve had a number of people as me to do a review of the Cthulhu - Ceto RDA. I’m just not ready to do one so if someone else beats me to it, that’s great. For now I’m still tinkering with it to find the best possible set up. It’s been a disappointment to me on various levels, but the design is so different from what I’m used to I don’t want to slam the thing until I’ve tried all conceivable builds/wicking techniques. I do know that @R0B likes it and has had success.

More to come…maybe :slight_smile:


How tight/loose have you been doing the wicking? That is my only slow down that has been preventing me from trying to build on the taifun by (same concept, just that it’s an rdta).

Sadly all the youtube videos are in German. And all the videos on the ceto are short and don’t show a high level of detail getting it work…and I feel there is a ton of potential for flavor, battery efficiency, and other. I do see a very high potential to waste ejuice getting it right.


Perhaps I should write a review (if i have time, yeah right)

so. with the wicking.
if you pack it too loose as in not enough outward pressure at the top and bottom of the mesh when it gets out of juice, (firing it and blowing on it will show u too) you will get glowing hot spots.

I can build this faster than any other coil/rda combo i have. the azathoth is super easy, if i had premade coils (i dont) it would be faster. but making a typical coil, throwing it in azathoth (fasted rda for placement etc) and wicked it.
i could have probably done the ceto 2-3 times.

try different width different bulge sizes and read the resistance, pack it by choosing an oversized piece of tight (not overly tight, never over tight u need the juice to fall down in it)

I make a sausage and push it all the way down till it touches deck. grab tweezers (crooked / angled ones) and pull the bottoms of the cotton down to the deck all the way around. carefully tugging it downward,

#important tip. always pay attention to the cotton ammount near the top and bottom of where the mesh meets the post. that has to be be packed out. thats where it will hotspot if u playign with it u will know exactly what i mean.

snip off the cotton in 1 cut. fluff it up a bit. do not push it down or try to pack it down. u will ruin the concept of the 1 way wick… what i do is actually use tweezers again and tug the cotton UP wards. it should still be flared out on the deck but tugging it up wards. u will see it makes better contact all way round bottom of mesh. flair out your top (dont push it down) leave about 2-3mm over the mesh, (some people push over the top of the mesh) you might have seen in fotos . i dont. but if u have hot spots on the top and your wick is flowing to fast, just bend the tops in a bit .

another tip. if you get ya cotton in there and its really to loose and your not going to be able to finish it in 1 install of cotton. just grab the off cuts of the same height as your build. pull of tabs and put it at the back of the deck posts.
use your flat side of your tweezers and push it in. like loading a pez machine and it works amazing. u can get it right to the right density. again dont over tight. dont push the sticking up ends of the cotton down. they need to be all pointing up.

juicing it up. i fill the deck first. then soak all the mesh. top up the deck at the back. keep topping it up until u can see ALL the cotton on the deck is full. then wet the mesh again. i pulse it and you will see it fly into the cotton through the mesh. keep doing this until it starts to not go in. then put a halo of juice round the top. cap on. way you go.
Also. do not build it max mesh width. or when u have 3mm of cotton out the top. it touches the top of the rda.
so i make it about 14mm mesh i think. I make sure i am 2-3mm down of the top of the posts. its still huge.
now here is how u get it to chuck and flavor out…
start vaping it at about 75w. - once u broke it in. top cap off. soak it again. this time. blow on it while rotating it. u will see tons of vapor but your looking to see if anything glows. if u get (typically) around the posts. u havent packed the post cotton corners. tweezers whatever u can to fix it. once its ripping 75w pulse or cdr while blowing on it. and its fizzing. no red spots. your good. juice it up again. cap on .
crank it up to 120w+ maybe 125w(my spot) and watch it go from 0 to hero … .its so smooth, seriously i bet you hit it 1st few times thinking is it doing anything? then out come clouds when you talk out loud. " is it even… WHOA!!!" lol love it.
oh yeah. then put your TC on. i think sometimes the tc may need to be doubled your usual setting. unless it was my rx2/3 (shitty tc mod)
what else? oh yeah. WHISTLE> if u have no build in here or u line up the far right or far left air intake holes over one of the posts, the air will whistle thru there. align it right it doesnt. if for some stupid reason it is whistling no matter your position. might be water inside the top cap/airflow when u washed it. or u can always just slightly ever so little close off the airflow maybe 10th of a mm. gone.

im currently playing around with 400mesh it ohms out faster for smaller device builds anyway ill let u know how other mesh goes soon

This photo got featured on Cthulhumods main page, might actually still be there. Im pretty happy about that.



This looks just like the excuse I need to NOT review this item. Thanks Rob - review away homeboy!!!

So I will offer some input.

  1. I have grown to HATE this thing.
  2. Crappy craftsmanship. O-rings coming out of their slots on the base making it neigh unto impossible to put the top cap on
  3. Airflow control virtually impossible to move
  4. No warning at all when wick running dry. Then dry hit from hell.
  5. Top cap getting hotter than the surface of Mercury

Ok, did I throw enough negativity out there to warrant me NOT doing a review? Please say yes!! I hate this thing.


Too hard…:smirk:

@SthrnMixer … I would have thrown mine through the closest wall by now if I had purchased one.


for a few days my topcap was fine. then it became tough. so i removed 1 oring. not a prob since.
my airflow is nice and tight but not impossible to move. i like it the way it is. compared to the airflow control on the rta v3 for example. can move with your breath lol .j/k

if you built it to the roof of the rda ((top cap on)) you going to get way restricted airflow from all that cotton and super hot even burn yourself from juice in the mouth. like i mentioned stay 2-3 mm from top of the post. also very hard to maintain that much mesh perfectly wicked all the way around such a high build. like in my picture. thats about as high as I would ever go. u cant use it higher. if your not getting a warning when its going to dry hit, its a hot spot. not lack of juice.
blow on it. when firing. will reveal all your hotspots.


I’m going to say as far as the vape is concerned, we may just have different tastes. I don’t have hot spots. I’m not building too high. In fact I even went to making my mesh short enough to fit between the screws on the posts. Now one thing I did do last night is I loosened the clamp on one side and pulled the mesh through to be tighter on the wick. Of course this made the diameter of the coil a tad smaller, but it did vastly improve the vape. Still, there’s little to no warning when the cotton is going dry and the thing still gets hot as Hades. Oh sometimes I can tell when it’s about to run dry, but mostly it just sneaks up on you.

Well anyway I was slightly drunk when I posted my aggravations last night. I really do want this thing to work but damn, when it tries to spoil a man’s down time…grrrrr! :slight_smile:


yeah i’ have literally wasted 5 days on it. lol . i hear ya. i have had exactly your gripes too. but i havent had the excessive heating issue. at all actualy its the azathoth i have that can almost burn your lips on that dome. . ha.
but with the dry hit problem. my problem is more. oh its almost dry. put it down. get side tracked pick it up. rip it. oh f(*K forgot its empty… get side tracked agian. i think some times ive done it 2 or 3 times forgetting to re drip. lol
another thing is i have some 400 mesh. i can do 8mm builds and throw it on my skar 75w tc. works mint.

here something to perk your interest up ?

this is on the shuriken by cthulhu i believe.
but im sure u could throw that in the ceeto. perhaps multiple lol


New to hit the market soon.


I wonder if we are about to see an influx of mesh style RDAs. Seems unusual a couple have come out in the last few months


Seems mesh coils are a lot easier than this kinda stuff in your atty! Sheesh! :scream:

…deliver me! :grimacing: