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Mesh As Coil not as wick


For anyone that would like to try this


Cottonless Builds
USA United Squonkers of America

You can get 316L SS mesh at Lightning Vapes

VapeDealsLV code still works


I have some amd thought adout that. How does it vape. How lomg will it last?


I just put in my order for the mesh so I don’t know. But it should last as long as a fused clapton and flavor should be the same or better. It wicked up the e-liquid really well in the video :sunglasses: Also should work good in temp. control


Ordering mine on monday and will be trying this build out but not just on a kayfun. I think that coil build will suit other rdta’s, rta’s.
With the surface area of that build, that should translate into much flavour.
Watch this space… :yum:
EDIT:- ordered today. Couldn’t wait. :wink:


I had some mesh left over from a ginny tank i got some time back. I tried this very thing. I hope your experience is better than mine. I hope you let us know. Maybe mine was to old or maybe it wasn’t SS.
Anywho, Good Luck!

Ok. just watched the vid.
First I must admit I was a newbee when I tried it.
Second If done like the guy in the video I think it should be pretty awesome. I think I still have some mesh left… and,Ya know I gotta try it.


Thanks brother. Was it you looking for fine gauge stainless?


Yes, yes, yes. Love SS and can not find 36g or 38 would be even better


I get mine from here. Finest ss i can find. Hope it helps you out bro.


Just noticed your in Canada :scream:
Mabey @Whiterose0818 might be able to point you in a direction that can help you get your wire.
The link i gave is in the UK, you can get it delivered but i think it would cost a bit. :weary:


Canada? where does it say that? Oh… my bad I mean I am a truck driver and I go to Canada and Love the Country. Maybe I should fix that and make it more clear. But thank you very much.


@Whiterose0818 put up a link someplace I but can’t remember what it was maybe he can help


what is a Micron. What is better 39 micron or 90 micron?


If you click on that link i gave you, it list’s microns next to AWG


i know.But what i don’t know is, which is better, a low number such as 39 or a high number such as 90?


39 micron is a tighter weave than 90. so you will need 39. I think 400 gauge mesh is 33 micron


^^^^what he said^^^^^ :yum:


What’s the resistance on it?


he used a TAB in the video and came up with .29 (if memory serves)


If you or anyone else tries it in TC please let us know how that works out. Honestly In my mind I can’t imagine it being stable, but I’ve been wrong before :wink: