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Mesh As Coil not as wick


All I can do is try and see if its stable. I will find out when I get the mesh. but at least it’s 316L


My latest venture into Stainless Claptons has me using spaced coils, which obviously this lacks. It however is totally spaced since it’s a mesh. My understanding… the spacing is required to be detected by your mod to translate into TC. I’m watching this thread and predict it will totally rock or totally suck. Watching that SvoёMesto video is fascinating, and if it can work in TC …that’s a big deal


A little off topic, recently I put a 24 gauge mot spaced SS coil Im my TFV4 Mimi, amd it is chucking flavor and not leaking at all. I’ve finally got wicking down pat with this Cotton bacon. That’s why I went ahead and ordered a SMOK TF-RDTA that’s like a Aromamizer. I’ll let you know how it works when I get it. Also liking notch coils a lot In Theorem and Avocado. Going to try them In all tanks where they will fit. My keydoard is still droken. Must copy and paste some letters. This sucks. Did make a good juice of dlackderry and cream cheese icing. Pls mix er up and post such. It’s sooo good. Also one drop of orange in caramel - very good. Of course add the usual touches of some custard and davariam cream and dairy milk. Later- miss you.


hay thanks great never thought of it i have the mesh just need the time . but u got my mind working and i thought it was burnt out from the 60,s


OK! Did it up just like the guy in the video. Came out to .22 ohms. Even put it in the Kayfun 3.1. And… I like. Flavor is spot on.


Way cool glad you like it. I got my mesh but haven’t had time to try it yet :+1:


I’ve always wondered why they don’t make a notch style coil with ss mesh. Than you might even be able to just put you wick at the tips of the mesh. The mesh would wick up juice than with it open in the middle. You’d get max vape bc both side of mesh is open. They could even do multi layers so more juice is wicked by the mesh.


…I thought mine was from the 70’s


born in the 60,s made it thru the 70,s the rest is a blur till the pain kicked in the 2000 and now it is all cbd and vapor still kicking ass


So The first time I made a coil of mesh was with some mesh I found in my miscellaneous vape supplies. But my order of #400 316L ss mesh came in today and i built a new one… Wow!!! Like night and day. I mean… [shoulder shrug] just night and day. Anywho, I have a lot of it and If anyone wants to try but don’t want to buy the mesh I will send you a strip of it. Should be able to get a few coils from it, so there is a margin of error. Just message me and I’ll hook you up with a bit of it.
I noticed I said mesh a but ton of times in this post, but i am way to lazy to change it. :slight_smile: Peace Love and Happiness Vape Fam.


Got my mesh, just haven’t got round to building one yet. :yum:


WOOO HOOO Hey @SthrnMixer I want to personally thank you for Inspiring me :smile:
Remember this Post


Mesh coil in a Hadaly RDA .32 ohm on the Hohm Wrecker G2 in xxx mode FSK Temp Curve at 13.5%
and it’s doing TC Perfectly and it Kicks Ass. The mesh coil works as good as a SS fused clapton and flavor for days :+1:

Thank You HOHMTECH :smile:

SXK Hadaly clone - a thought or two on the Llama

I was about to order some wire when I stumbled upon this thread. What spec mesh is recommended?


@DrChud get the 400 … 316L mesh :+1:


You can get 22 coils out of 1 sheet


Excellent. I’m on their site now and they deliver to Ireland cheaper than places in the uk does. Just as fast too lol. Thanks a million, bud :thumbsup:


I’ll be back looking for tips when it arrives lol


Very cool. So you have the coil built to sit inside the juice well? When I first saw your photo I thought about the coil you could put on the Pharaoh, but you’d have to use cotton or some other wick with that RDA.

What we need is a mesh coil, postless RDA with a ceramic lined well to prevent shorting.

Nice work and I’m glad TC is working out for you with this.


Yeah this thing kicks ass I like this Hadaly clone. I messed up when I built the coil so it go’s up not down so the coil is only 3/16 from the drip tip But the flavor is some of the best I have gotten off of a RDA. The drip tip is anti-spitback and works well ( I will get more ) But the Hohm Wrecker G2 in XXX mode is just Awesome :+1:


This rayon was bone dry and I had to try hard to get it to scorch. At 15% FSK Curve … So I backed it down to 13.5% and it worked perfect :smile:


Ok, it appears as though I need an education. You know I bought a G2 and had to send it back, right? Just got confirmation it was delivered to Hohm Tech today so not sure when it will be back to me. I would like to speak with you on the phone when it comes back if you’re ok with that. I’ll PM you my digits.