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Mesh As Coil not as wick


@Rob62 I’ve been watching, in fact, though silently. Read about this before over at epipeforum, I think.

What are your specs in that build? Width, ID and wraps, please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll give it a try! Don’t really understand your settings on the Hohm Wrecker, to be honest, but I think I’ll find my way around.


Well just like the video at the top I took a ( 4 inch x 1 inch ) or ( 101.6 mm x 25.4 mm ) piece of 316L SS mesh then you fold about 1mm and crease it for a nice clean edge. Then Roll up the mesh as tight as possible towards the edge you folded over and wrap it around a 3 mm rod. In the Hadaly it will be 3 wraps :+1: But you have to take your time and keep pulsing the coil I started at 10w then 20w to get it to start to glow in the center and work with it till it glows all the way across the whole coil. Now the coil is a bit flimsy but once you clamp it down and put the cotton in it , it will hold really well and the ohms are very stable in the Hadaly or any clamp type RDA :smiley:


Could you take a photo by chance please?



I think the next mesh coil I make I will wrap the mesh around a 26g … 316L SS core wire about 3 or 4 wraps and leave it in the coil to help it keep it’s shape :+1: then wrap the coil around a 3 mm rod



Good job, but you better get that off Linda’s tablecloth.


Thanks for the write-up! So in the end, counting from the wick outwards, you have several layers of mesh to act as your coil, correct? Never seen that before! I’ve only heard of people using one layer of “leftover” mesh (after trimming a sheet to make a mesh wick) in a rectangular shape and wrapping as if it were ribbon wire.

I’ll give it ago - finally some innovation! :laughing:


Yes the mesh is rolled up about 4 wraps on it self and over the end you fold . Then you just make a coil out of the rolled up mesh

Each of the wraps on the 3 mm rod is about 3.5 mm wide so the whole coil is 10.5 mm long


Good Idea. I have been using it on the kayfun, like the guy in the video. I used my Hadaly a couple times but haven’t really gotten into it. I think I’ll look for my mesh and coilwhick it up.


Way cool yeah for a single coil it kicks ass with the mesh


Dude, I just can’t remember where I put my mesh. I haven’t touched it since, july?


How long do your mesh coils last ? This is the 1st time I tried it on a RDA


they last a good while, but I cut a decent size of the original piece and used that. But I just found the og piece, forgot that it came in a tube


Way cool glad they last a while but I would not use it with my N.E.T’ s that would gunk it up … LOL
I use my Kayfun’s for my Tobacco N.E.T’s spaced coil 26g SS wire


Haha, that was fun! :laughing:

Didn’t work out in my Hadaly clone (duh! even 26g normal wire is a problem… :sweat: what did I expect?) so I put it in my Tsunami (had to taper the ends and fold it a little to fit in). Flavour is pretty intense but high resolution, not too hot at 35-40W.

I used 325# 316L mesh, 16.5*80mm was more than enough, folded both sides in, then two folds, 3mm ID, 3/4 wraps, 0.18-0.22 ohms.
If I had more atties with clamps I could see me doing this build again! The fun part is that the coil is holding juice, too, but without spitting. :relaxed:


Right on I’m glad it worked for you :+1: and yes 35w I think is the sweet spot


Please keep us updated on longevity of these and how they hold up the flavor. It’s strange to me that someone hasn’t mass produced these yet, probably too delicate for machines or they haven’t been able to make them in a small enough form factor to fit in sub ohm tanks and most drippers?

Sounds promising, and also very worthwhile as a taste tester. Have you tried vaping it wickless for testing and if so how did it go? Seems like the mesh coil would hold more juice than a clapton?


Yes the mesh holds a lot of juice and you can use it with out cotton to test :+1:
Plus it is easier to build for people that cannot make fused claptons
Just make sure you get 316L SS Mesh the 304 SS has a metallic taste


I am also going to try a NO Cotton build ( Mesh coil with a Mesh wick )

All out of 316L SS Mesh ( no need for Temp Control )