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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


Continuing the discussion from Aspire Triton 1.8 Ohm Mouth to Lung Specific Mixing:

Many of us like to have a good Mouth To Lung tank in our collection. Many of us use a MTL tank to give our lungs a break. Some of us can ONLY USE a MTL tank because our lungs are not in good shape. Some of us just prefer a MTL tank. There’s plenty of talk about subohm tanks. This thread is so we can list good Mouth To Lung tanks for those who need or want them…

MTL for newbies
MTL Tank suggestion

We all know of the Aspire Nautilus and the Nautilus Mini. Both are still used by many Vapors and still are considered by many a Quit Smoking Beast. Then came the Triton Mini…

In the words of our own @UncleJoe

Thank you @UncleJoe for this info. I have now fired up a Aspire Triton Mini tonight. My impression, I really like it. I like many, must do mouth to lung hits cause my lungs, let’s just say they could be better. The Triton Mini can be restricted to airflow comparable to the Aspire Nautilus, just leave small holes on the air adjust. Want air, now open it full blown. This tank is Top Fill guys !!! The Aspire Nautilus now joins the ranks of Dinosaur Class. Nuff Said…


yeah and while I LOVE the Nautilus mini… the full sized Nautilus is the DEVIL. Leaked all into my 100w I stick the first night I used it… flavor SUCKS and thankfully I didn’t put that thing on my Snow Wolf!


Good idea to start a thread like this - MTL vaping is not getting enough attention, I think. Maybe a list with MTL tanks I would recommend?

First one still is the KF4. People might belittle me for it, or find it somewhat weird - I’ve read quite a few people complaining about it being “complicated” / over-engineered and apparently some people find the juice flow control finicky and not well-designed. Can’t really understand what the problem is, it was my first RBA and worked flawlessly from day 01, build 001. Oh wait, I had to do some black magic (adjusting the screw behind the positive pin) once… :wink:

Next in line (because they can be tricky) are gennies. Mesh really shines with lower wattages, so the Origen 2 would make a brilliant MTL tank.

Honorable mention for the GP Spheroid v3 for mitten’s behind tight draw or v4 for either MTL or restrictive DL. The reason I like 'em is because they look the stuff on my epipes and are mini sized (16mm diameter I think?). And on top of that, you can’t make 'em leak. Had trouble with my tanks spilling in my pockets because it’s so hot outside but too much AC inside, so every time I left the house, to quote the Griffin thread: Sploosh! The Spheroids don’t leak because of fluff - reusable, washable stuffing for the tank section that feeds the juice to the wick. Its wicking capabilities are way beyond what I expected! You should check em out! If you happen to use 16mm atties on your Reuleaux :joy:


I really like the Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank. Good sized tank, SS coils, great airflow and has TOP FILLING!!! You can also get a RBA coil for it. This has been my favorite tank so far.


I have used the Mini Nautilus for a long time but only used the big boy for a very short period. At the time the Old BDC coils were still being used in the Nautilus. All I would get from it was burnt hit after burnt hit. Took it back for exchange and the same thing was happening with the new one. Took that one back too and gave up on the Nautilus for about a year even though the BVC coil had been released. Kept hearing about people using the new coil in the BDC Nautilus and having leaking issues just like you are talking about. So I patiently waited till I was sure that all the old BDC units had been phased out and then began to bring in the BVC Nautilus Mini for my shop. It wasn’t until maybe 3 months ago that I brought in a few of the large Nautilus tanks. I have sold most of them and have not heard of any issues from them thus far…

One issue I discovered with leaking Aspire products was with the Viva Nova. If the juice level in the Viva Nova is allowed to get low enough to introduce air into the fill holes of the coil, it will dump the juice. Wonder if this could be your problem. There is a possibility parts of the base were not completely compressed together or it was dropped. You would get up and down play from the adjustment ring for the airflow in this case. Coil is not seating correctly possibly…

Your flavor issue could be solved now with the new Triton Mini coils which will fit in your Nautilus or Nautilus Mini. I no longer use the stock Nautilus coils…


Totally agree !!! I use the Uwell Crown most of the time myself. I can vouch for MTL hits even when building the RBA. I have a 22ga Ti build at .09 ohms running in TC mode and can MTL hit all day long, every day. I love this tank too…


@ringling Goblin Mini is my tank of choice, at this time, for MTL…and yeah, I am glad to be validated in the higher % flavor mixing arena…as I require higher percentages for MTL vaping…between 10% to 20% on most flavorings…with the exception of Medicine Flower, which blows that curve right out of the water…LemoDrop is also another favorite of mine (Not a good AirFlow adjustment though)Simple build deck and like the Goblin Mini…a flavor machine (for me)…Goblin Mini build deck is a bit small…Great airFlow adjustment also… but I would like to find an RTA that caters to MTL that is simple, basic, and easy to re-build, and fill, and has great air-flow adjustment


Agreed, I too own a Goblin Mini and it truly is a tank you can MTL hit with. Love the airflow control and the fact you can build your own coils. The ONLY deal breaker for me is that tiny little screw you have to use in order to fill it with juice. Perhaps I’m old and decreped but I can’t deal with something that small for filling. I’m definitely afraid I would lose the screw…


The OBS Crius

The OBS Crius is another tank which you can build yourself and air can be restricted enough to do MTL hits. Thanks to my secret Santa I have one to play with. Subohm if you want it, above ohm if you like. Build it to your needs. Easy top fill feature and love being able to work on the coil without disturbing the juice in the tank. It’s really a nice tank…


yeah I think I got one with the old BDC coils and it was super cheap so there is that… I have a playboy vixen and I’m going to try sub ohm again though LOL


Just filled mine with MF Strawberry at 3%…steeped 27 days…Excellent vape…The screw…yeah, I have a magnet in my vape tackle box…been on my knees in the carpet a few times…Here’s how I load the screw…With a Stanley small screwdriver I slip it into the notch of the screw and hold the head of the screw with the inside of my fingernail of my index finger (of the hand that is holding the screwdriver) so that it is pointing away from the tip of my finger, and screwdriver…take the tank and mate it with the screw and set it in…then turn the TANK until it grabs…Just did it now by the light of my monitor here…S A W E E T Strawberry…Then came to check you guys out…Wondering if we could find an Allen Wrench based screw to substitute…


If you decide you want to continue your Nautilus use just for grins put a Triton Mini coil in the big Boy and see what happens. Maybe that coil won’t leak. Possible…


Doubtful since it would still have to have a head for the oring to still work. I considered just getting a bunch of those screws and same for the oring. Then if I lost one then, Oh Well…


I used a nautilus mini for the first 3 months of my vaping had nothing but problems glass not sealing right making it leak at will just went through atomizer one after another so I got a rta kanger about a year ago well I found out after the tank was a clone the man I sold it to asked me if I new my tank was a clone it was registered thousands of times he showed me .well after all that time I was saying how bad aspire tank was and I did not even own one the first night I got it brought it home could not get it to work right back to the B&M trying two more to get that one. My son had absolutely no problems with his . I am considering getting another one now and getting back to MTL I have a kanger pro setting on a vv vw tesla set at 8.5 watts need a bit more to set down my mods I am using a RTA kanger air turned down 23 watts .7 build on ipv mini 2 and opus DNA 200 mutation single coil .15 build titanium 55 watts 450 degrees F keep saying I need to drop the watts and rase the ohms for me but keep going in the other direction I have a Atlantis will It take the triton coils


If you do decide you want a tank like the Nautilus let me please suggest you get the Aspire Triton Mini instead. I feel it is a wonderful upgrade to the Nautilus. I feel you will too…


The Atlantis and the Triton coils are interchangeable however the Triton Mini coils only fit the Nautilus tanks. One more thing you should know is the Playboy Vixen coils work with the Triton, the Atlantis, Eleaf Ijust2, and any other tank that can use a Atlantis coil. I no longer carry Atlantis/Triton coils since the Playboy coils last twice as long…


The Kanger Aerotank Mega V2 is another tank that is Mouth To Lung Tank. This tank is comparable with a stock Aspire Nautilus Mini in Vapor production and the ability to restrict air flow. It is well constructed as most Kanger tanks and looks nice on most mods. Comes stock with a Updated Dual coil with 1.8 ohm resistance. Be sure to buy the Version 2 for the updated coil. The Aerotank Mega V2 is a starter tank comparable to the Nautilus Mini for those who want to quit smoking or their lungs are not in good shape. Though this is a decent starter tank it’s technology is now about a year old and I recommend at present to go with a Aspire Triton Mini…


The Kanger Subtank line has the ability to restrict airflow enough to do mouth to lung hits. Kits come with a extra glass, orings and a above ohm coil (1.2ohm or 1.5ohm). Both the Subtank Mini or the Plus come with a RBA, extra coils and even cotton so you can build your own coils. The Subtank Nano does not come with RBA. Guys, Gals, I have not tested the new Kanger Top Tank but it’s much like the Subtanks so I’m assuming you can use them for Mouth To Lung. If anyone can confirm this or set us straight, please do…


For mtl in the uk i use https://www.naturevape.co.uk/clearomizers/n-vape-midi-pro?___SID=U
And i also use https://www.naturevape.co.uk/clearomizers/naturevape-mega-pro-tank?___SID=U
They are a rewickable and to some point rebuildable coil, 1.4 & 1.8 ohm. I have rebuilt mine and have no problems.
They are very well made and i love mine.
After about a month of vapeing i was directed to these tanks, i still have them, and i use them every day. Without fail.
I have about 8coils for them and rebuild as needed. Just be careful of the gromit take care when extracted.