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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


@Underanne @SthrnMixer strange that you should ask, they have just arrived today.
So a bit early to go into depth, however I have coiled and wicked, and so far am pretty happy.
Flavor is stellar, ease of build outstanding, quality of manufacture excellent. Wicking took a bit of work, but sorted out now.
Would I recommend it, at this stage a resounding yes, and I don’t think that will change.


Ooh, so flavor is stellar huh? Definitely interesting! What kind of build did you put in? The leaking issue that was mentioned uhm, somewhere, was probably due to the wicking then perhaps.

Thank you for reporting back, G-Fog!


@Underanne yes the flavour is outstanding, I popped in a 26gge SS316L 2.5mm 8 wrap which came in at about 0.75ohm, wicked with Muji cotton.
I have had no leaking at all, however filling is a bit tricky due to the top cap screw in configuration, which did give me some flooding. It seems that the trick is to just engage the threads, invert the tank and finish screwing the top cap on.
Overall I’m very happy with this tank.


@underanne I must mention the only “negative” I have found, the AFC ring is pretty loose, so you have to be careful you don’t nudge it inadvertently.
Now to compare this to the Digiflavor Siren V2.


Great information, thank you. I would be interested in the Digiflavor Siren V2 comparison as well, if you feel like sharing when you have formed an opinion. Got to keep you busy in here, lol.


Ok @Underanne that is now on my to do list😄


After using the Siren 2 for a couple of days, I am satisfied that this is a worthy addition.
The manufacturing quality is excellent, all threads are smooth as silk.
The satin finish stainless steel is great, no finger prints.
Mouthpiece a bit strange, however I did swap it out with another one, and to be fair there was no difference in taste, it is just different in appearance and mouthfeel. I suppose personal preference.
Building on the deck is super simple, and here I used the included coil as well as popping a SS build in for comparison, and to be honest didn’t notice much difference in flavor.
Wicking was a bit of a challenge, and my first attempts using Muji, resulted in dry hits, I did re-wick twice more but had the same issue. Then I switched to Cotton Bacon and hey presto no more dry hits. Could be that I just wicked it slightly different, who knows? This being a mid tank coil, which is apparently to bring the coil closer to your mouth, does mean it has to be wicked like a RDTA.
I also love the bayonet style top cap, it obviates the potential of flooding.
Now I have never used the original Siren so am not able to compare them, but the vape off this tank is absolutely first class. The flavor is amazing, the draw is as good as any I have used to simulate a cigarette draw, with so many air hole options you are really able to dial it in to your liking.
Would I recommend it? Hell yes.
Is it on a par with my current favorite the Vandy Vape Berserker? I would have to say no. The Berserker is just easier to use, build and wick, it looks better in my opinion, and has the option of either 2ml or 4.5ml with the included tank glass and chimney section.
The flavor is pretty much of a muchness, and it probably comes down to personal choice, and the price point, the Berserker being a tad more expensive.
As always these are my opinions and YMMV
Did I mention, the flavor is amazing :grinning:


This is awesome, G-Fog! Thank you for the effort :kissing_closed_eyes: One question though; what do you think of the flavor? lol

I think I have to test out your current favorite - oh my, finally able to decide, lmao - and then I can make a qualified decision on whether or not I have to test out your current runner up :joy: Thanks again!


Yep @Underanne the flavor is amazing :joy::rofl: did I forget to mention it.:grin:
You are very welcome.


In my opinion, the absolute best RTA for mouth to lung (as far as taste goes) is the Wotofo Serpent Mini. This little tank works well and the taste is unbelievable. The only downsides to this tank is that it goes through its 2 ML of juice in no time. That’s probably part of the reason the taste is so good. You will defiantly need to carry extra juice if you leave the house. The other issue is that it gets a little wonkie (if that’s a word) when building. If you do not get it right, you will know. It is a t-teetotaler tank for me. If I do not wick it perfectly, dry hits or flooding. Once you get the hang of it, it is outstanding.
My second choice, and the tank I carry most times is the Digiflavor Siren V1. I have not tried the V2, but the V1 is just an awesome tank. Sometimes get a little seepy, but wick it right and this tank has great flavor and is large enough to last a good while. I know there are people that did not like the glass around the build deck. I like it because I can see if the cotton is getting to the point that I need to rebuild the tank.


I’m interested in the

Berserker - https://greyhaze.co.uk/products/berserker-mtl-rta-by-vandy-vape

Ares - Phil Busardo Ares

Siren v2 - https://greyhaze.co.uk/products/siren-v2-mtl-rta-by-geek-vape?variant=207785689097

Cthulu Hastur - http://www.cthulhumod.com/hastur-mtl-rta/

These all look like very similar MTL RTA 's but anyone got any preferences and why?


@Underanne now to throw the cat among the pigeons.
I just received the Cthulhu Hastur MTL RTA, and we have a new contender.
I’ll see over the next few days, where this tank takes me, but so far I am very impressed.


I like the deck of that one


Noo, you can’t keep doing this! :scream::laughing: Looking forward to hearing your comparisons, G-Fog, thank you for giving my piggy bank a heads up


I use the Aspire Nautilus X with 5ml extension most of the time. Uses coils but is really reliable and flavor is ok. I have the Siren 1 and Mark Bugs Gem 2, both which I really like. However I find both have their days of leaking and dribbling and I can’t be dealing with that out and about! Got the Siren 2 on order and seriously considering the Berserker. Will report back on Siren 2 but v excited by it!


Well having spent some time with the Berserker, Siren 2 and the Cthulhu MTL RTA, I have to say that IMHO the Berserker wins on flavour, the Cthulhu on airflow and the Siren on it’s build deck. YMMV of course.
Now that the Innokin Ares is out, maybe it will have the best of all worlds? I’ll know in a few days :wink:
I am having a MTL blow out ATM, vaping heaven.


Would you consider doing a comparison thread of those if you have the time, I’m in the market for one of them but would love to hear more intricate personal thoughts about them.


@Grubby Yes I’ll see what I can put together, it will take a bit of time though as I will need to add the Ares to the mix, which should be here in the next couple of days.
Do bear in mind I’m not a reviewer, but I’ll do my best :grin:


Thanks, I wouldn’t expect a long drawn out post with every angle covered, just your opinion of how each performs / differs would be much appreciated. :+1:


I’ll give it a go @Grubby