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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


Take the Squape [Emotion]. Is perfect for M2L! Best smell and Quality!


Alright guys and gals I need your help please :slightly_smiling_face: So I won this small 50 watt iKarno -X from heaven gifts. They asked if I would review it after I receive it. I figure sure why not… well with only 50 watts to play with I can’t really throw anything too big at it. I’m looking at it working more as a backup device but here is what I am looking for. I would like a small tank (since it is a tiny device) that’s great on flavor but also rebuildable as I don’t buy anything with premade only coils anymore… waste of money in my opinion… I am totally ok with a MTL set up it would also be nice to be able to open the airflow up a bit more for a restrictive DTL hit if I would like… can you all help me out with this? Any suggestions welcomed :slight_smile: thanks in advanced


Kayfun v5 or hurricane v2. Lately I have been loving the hurricane v2…since it can have more airflow. Currently have (I think) 24g ss316L single coil ohm at about 0.5. When I rebuild it I’m going to take off 1-2 wraps…I think I have 8 wraps.


Yep the kayfunv5 is a great tank, love mine ran @ .5 on my mechs which is abouts 35 watts but its fine even down to 25w. Hard authentic to get in us but sxk clone is really nice, i have the mini


That might be a little tall on that small device? I’m still adding one to the list but any other suggestions?


The hurricane is a pretty big tank too isn’t it?


Merlin Mini…Goblin Mini V-3… Both are excellent tanks and air flow controls will allow you to do exactly what you mentioned that you require…Build Decks on both are generous in size and allow single OR double coil builds…The mini sized chambers and short chimneys provide excellent flavor, especially if you are a flavor chaser…Minimum of parts make cleaning EZ-PZ as well…


Thank you!! I will look into these two also


I’ve really been digging the asvape cobra. I won it from @Heaven_Gifts but I can tell you I also bought 3 more when they were on sale for $5 on vapordna a week or so ago. It vapes perfectly at 30 watts. It’s reading 0.55 ohms right now on my alien 85 mod. Right now there is no rba section for it. This is if you want a tank with coils.


It’s about the same hiegth of a kayfun v5


Thanks for that but yea no premade coils for me I can’t afford them plus I like customizing my own lol


the ego one from joyetech is great with the CLR coils (rebuildable) as an mtl or a beginner dl.
I use prebuild 0.6ohm 316 coils once build into the head i end up around 0.75 ohm, vape at 9 watts in temp control on my eleaf pico.


+1 on the CLR coils. Outstanding MTL set up. I’ve been rebuilding the same CLR coil in the same Tron S tank for 19 months and it’s still going strong. I liked it so much, I made it my main stock up target. My other MTL favorite is the Kayfun Lite Plus V2. Between the two, I’m set until doomsday.

Simple, single Kanthal coil at 8.5 watts in the Kayfun, and 9.5 watts in the Ego One / Tron. A single 18650 lasts me all day…lol.


If anyone gets the new Vandy Vape Berserker RTA, please leave a little post


Just saw a video and Mr. B says Goliath V2 is a good Mouth To Lung RTA with pretty good flavor. I just got one from Eciggity.com from the Clearance area for $3.60 using “10percentoff” coupon code. You’ll get free shipping if you spend at least $75. I will warn you that the Goliath V2 doesn’t have ‘top fill’. So, you can disturb your coil build in order to fill it from the bottom. One good thing is that you can service your coil with a full tank. I don’t mind bottom fill myself at all. If a tank can be filled from the bottom (WHICH totally eliminates any chance of getting sticky), then that is the way I choose to fill it. I’m used to bottom filling my Aromamizers that way. I appreciate NOT having to remember the intracacies of all my different tanks, i.e., this one you close the air flow, and that one you close the juice flow, then flip after bla, bla, bla. Who can remember all that.


My favorite tank for mtl or dl is the cute little Wotofo Serpent Mini that a bunch of guys steered me to get. It’s a little power house with easy coil builds and excellent temp control on stainless with big flavor. It’s really affordable too but not a big tank. Try it till like it!


I’ve been vaping on a Nautilus X for a couple of days and I really like it with the extension and 1.8 ohm coil. Not much airflow (at all), but plenty for MTL and the flavor is excellent. But, it’s a pricey tank once you get the extension, which is required IMO.

I also just got a Cubis Pro, and I REALLY like the design, airflow, and feel of this tank… but I also REALLY hate all of the coils it comes with. They are all gurgly, spitty, and just very intermittent. I’ve got some 1.5 ohm Claptons and SS316 1.0 ohm coils on the way, so hopefully they will work much better and I won’t have to throw the Cubis against a wall as hard as possible. If it works with those coils, it will be a nice inexpensive tank.

I also have a Vapefly Nicolas on order, which looks to be another nice inexpensive tank, assuming replacement coils don’t become unobtanium in the near future.


I’ve pre ordered the Berserker, so one day in the future I may be able to comment on it @anon60225325


Great! I’ll be here waiting. :grinning:


So did it arrive?