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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Bittersweet. It's an emotional episode to say the least. My wife and I were seriously at a loss for entertainment when it ended.


OITNB, Not sure how I'm feeling Dexter Morgan haha but it passes the time,

The office and Parks also pass some time

Haven't seen many movies on this list,
Boondock Saints of course...
Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels -from Guy Ritchie
Pans Labyrinth and The Orphanage - from Guillermo del Toro (also recommend The Strain series books by del Toro
Anyone who hasn't seen either del Toro I highly suggest getting over the subtitles (unless you speak Spanish of course) Guillermo is truly a brilliant director and when he designs characters they're wild, did some work with the Hellboy movies character design


Breaking Bad ..by far the most addictive show I've ever seen


I think it might be the best series ever made :smile: hehe


You know it's the best series ever made @daath !! I am the one that knocks !!!


Al the NCIS shows, blacklist, chicatgo fire , chicago PD. That's my wife and shows we watch together. For me, street outlaws, whisper, funny movies. Sports, nascar , NFL,NBA.


@pdog88 There are very few shows my wife and I watch together. That's because she has a taste all her own. Old Three Stooges and other stuff like Reba, The Voice or movies is about it. But, in my alone time for just plain ol' TV - Family Guy, any kind of documentary or educational programming, news and sports. I'm big time into UFC and since I outweigh her by 150 lbs I usually get my way when I have the remote in my hands :smile:

My all time favorite movies are the ones about Jason Bourne and the Grumpy Old Men movies. The Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter are also repeat worthy. But hey, all this stuff is pretty mainstream. @TRisin mentioned The Orphanage. Thanks for that, I'll have to check it out.

I would recommend The Skeleton Key, but television picked that one up and it gained attention. The same applies to Life starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. If you've not seen this one by all means try to catch it.


Netflix - House of Cards...Kevin Spacey is amazing.


survivor man
the curse of oak island
dirty rotten survival
and almost all of discovery channel


Tv shows: Hannibal, Gotham, You me and the apocalypse, Masters of Sex, Survivor, Naked and Afraid, How to get away w murder, and I'm currently binge watching Boardwalk Empire

Movies: the new Vacation movie, Whiplash, Chef, Silver Linings Playbook, The Martian

I've also got a thing for unusual movies: Enter the Void, Upstream Color (both on netflix)


Chef was so good!! I haven't watched a lot of movies lately (shows take less time and I can fit one or two episodes in between studying and class) but a friend convinced me to watch that with him. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed that movie.


Whiplash is of the same caliber
The Martian was the best space movie I've ever seen.


Loved it!

And that reminds me of just how demented I am. I also love watching Tosh.O. This dude is hilarious. He did a parody of Whiplash on one of his Web Redemptions. This with weak stomachs, you have been warned. Just skip this one :smile:


I went to high school with him, he's about 2 years younger, but we still had classes together. If you sat next to him, you were getting in trouble in some way or another.
And he's been doing the gay bit forever.

I can't believe nobody else had mentioned Hannibal????
The tv series was sooo much better than the movies, and at times I thought it was atleast 10x more graphic and gorey than the movies(and they showed this on TV).
And as much as I love Anthony Hopkins acting abilities and talents, Mads Mikkelsen is a phenomenally better Hannibal! Find this series, and realize, like ALL other great shows on NBC, they canceled it...but then again it's a prequel that ends with the Red Dragon story. ENJOY!


Just another in a long list of series I've wanted to see but alas, life and responsibility stays in the way. I'm going to make a point to catch it. Hell I only started watching Game of Thrones last season as it aired. I binge watched the first what, 4 or 5 previous season on a long weekend before the last season started. Amazing show.


The Americans
Peaky Blinders


Netflix: Master of None
new Aziz Ansari comedy that I found today


Got that on my computer but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m currently watching all of StarTrek. Season 5 of DS9 at the moment, Vogayer after that and then on to Enterprise :grinning:
How about Twin Peaks? I loved that series when it came out, it was so totally weird. Yet another series that was discontinued, although I’ve heard that new episodes are in the make, not for tv but on demand.


dazed and confused ....I think I wore that VCR tape out.... twice lol 😲😲


I am a big movie buff. I almost always have a TV on even if I am not watching, I listen. I have over 600 movies in my collection. Mostly DVD but a lot of Blue Ray. I just watched "Lawless" on Netflix. Damn good movie based on a true story of the Bondurant boys during the depression. Authorities try to cut in on the profits from bootlegging and the Bondurant boys put up one helluva fight. It has some violent scenes in it but if you are ok with that it's worth a look. It has Shai LaBeouf in it and I don't think I have seen him in a bad movie yet. True stories are my absolute favorite movies and this one is way up there on my list as one of the good ones.