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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


It is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. If only they had more stuff like this on telly, maybe I would’ve kept my tv instead of throwing it out years ago. :unamused:


Yeah Westworld is very promising, the acting is next level, hope the quality remains with the rest of the season :grin::+1::+1:


I just grabbed all three seasons, commencing binge watching.

EDIT: So normally i dont watch stuff like this, i watch SciFi, murder network and docu’s. I am just starting the 6th episode and am in love with this show, it is intelligent, dramatic, funny and everyone talks really fast like me.

Thank you.


I Love this show !


I loved Breaking Bad. It starts kind of slow but it gets intense and brutal. The writing for Walt’s character is amazing … He is like a bad guy that you pull for. I know that’s weird but it happens with this show.
Other shows I enjoyed was:
Person of Interest
Lie To Me
American Horror Story


Been watching Amazon Originals …almost through The Man in The High Tower …like


Watched the second one last night. Looking promising. :+1:


Does anyone watch The Walking Dead?


The first episode of the new season was brutal…


Yes…OMG…I just watched it yesterday! I DVR it and then watch it the next day so I can fast forward through the commercials! I couldn’t believe it! That was the most intense TV I have seen in a long time!


Me too. I got all sweaty hands… I don’t want to write any spoilers but when Rick was on the roof of the RV… hold on… that would be a spoiler.
Can’t wait to see what happens next.


Yeah, me too, this is going to be an intense season! I can almost see how it is going to play out though, with the guy that has the tiger maybe getting together with Rick and the crew to go against Neagan or something…idk, but maybe, who knows…you never know with this show! But when Rick looked at Neagan and told him he was going to kill him I was like “Yes, Yes, Yes!!!” Such awesome TV!


Oh, and I cried…I just couldn’t believe it…I won’t post any spoilers, but OMG and why him?


Oh I know… Perhaps the actors wanted too much money… Shit , almost a spoiler again.


Been watching Walking Dead since the beginning and one thing I have learned is they have no problem at all with killing off a main character… kinda keeps it interesting :slight_smile:


Same here, I have also been watching since the beginning…and I have loved every minute of it!!!


Exactly. I think that’s because you start off feeling sorry for him and admire his commitment to his family…the whole I’ll take care of them come hell or high water mentality just draws you in. Then before you know it you’re rooting for a murderous thug. I love it!


V-Rod documentary


I’m pretty sure Neagan’s character will be a couple seasons of TWD …like the Governor. This was some envelope pushing TV. Could there be a badder guy?! Heh where’s Dexter when you need him? Great acting …great writing …Emmy award winning stuff!


All of that and then some!!!