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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


There you guys go and being all over the show which is totally fine and i can’t understand what the hype about the whole show is. I mean i can look at it but it does nothing for me besides the fact i killed some time.

Sorry fans.


It’s okay…it’s not for everyone…I don’t think any show is ever made for everyone! But I guess I can say I like what I like and what I like is The Walking Dead…sorry


Whilst we are on the subject of zombie shows… anyone watching Izombie?? Really enjoyed that.


Zombies?..I have a Provari Classic painted in Zombie Green/Red.


iZombie was very different and refreshing first but i lost interest.
TWD i don’t really see as a zombie show anymore, the zombies are just there to keep the story going in a way.
Best zombie show must be z nation though. Plant zombies, Z-weed and the Murphy… excellent fun.


I watch a lot of old movies, and the actors in them are also dead, :smile_cat:


I have been pondering this show on Netflix … just couldn’t decide if I would actually like it or not.


I really expected to hate this show, just based on the name, but it turns out it really fits that Veronica Mars/Buffy shaped hole in my TV schedule.

Also Rose McIver is delightful. :heart_eyes:


Like as @zigz says it’s basically Veronica mars with zombies


I’ve been binge-watching Skin Wars on Netflix. The hubby didn’t know if he’d like it at first, but I talked him into it pretty quickly when I told him there would be lots of boobs… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Have you seen that show, @Kalahariuk ? I thought of you right away when we started watching it.


LOL Seen it ???
I have every episode, I know the guy that painted the opening credits (Pashur) I have been painted 3 times by Dutch Bihary and I know Gear Duran too. in fact I’d say most of the contestants are facebook friends of mine :slight_smile:

I could tell you some stories about the show though. and Dutch is not nearly as bad as he is portrayed


Yes please! :grin:


in fact Pashur has painted me several times too (Just face I hasten to add, never been bodypainted)
and I have taken several lessons from Pashur, and put him up in my home when he was on teaching tour in UK

ok nuff name dropping now :slight_smile:

Though I may just post a pic of a comp paint I did that Pashur judged, if you ask nicely


Way cool!

Please do post a pic! Pretty please??


This was my second ever bodypaint, it was in a competition, I was advised that as a beginner (nobody had ever seen me paint) I shouldn’t enter a national competition, but I did. I went in with the attitude that I wasn’t there to win. I didn’t, but I genuinely didn’t care, i was SOOOO proud of my paint that in my head I WAS a winner.


Haha! That’s awesome!


when she walked, so did Bender :slight_smile:Poor girl wore it for 5 1/2 hours, could barely see a damned thing.
I told her at the beginning: "if you feel uncomfortable, or you are claustrophobic or ANYTHING, just ripit off your face, don’t wait for me to tell you, don’t ask me, just do it."
She couldn’t see, but there was NO way she would take it off. she was SO loyal to me and our design.


Awesomeness still exists!


Yep, I was totally picturing that!


Went to the movies with my wife last night. First time since 2007. We watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Unlike Harry Potter which had such a wide and richly diverse character set, FB spends a great deal of time focusing on a couple of characters. I was probably too hopeful going in, and as a big fan of the Harry Potter series, I would give this moving a 4 out of 10 for being a companion film. Judging it on it’s own, the story moved very slowly, as did the character development. But the visual aspect was spectacular. So rating it based solely on its own merits, I think it deserves a 7 out of 10. Clearly, any real fan of the Harry Potter films should watch it. But FB would be a very poor introduction to the Wizarding World for anyone who didn’t see the Potter films.