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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Crude, you say? I must watch LOL


Within the first 5 minutes you will ask yourself “WTF?”


Normally I would only recommend something, but this time my recommendation is to NOT watch one. Bushwick. There’s an hour and a half of my life I can never get back.


I’m working on a time machine for just that reason. All I need is a DeLorean…


When I want a break from the normal stuff I watch theresThree things I always come back to Scrubs, Psych and One foot in the grave.


Hey y’all, season 6 of Vikings is on. Just started. Get on it.


three hours oh ya


Right on!! Can’t wait till the movie comes out. :smiley: Although I don’t have TV so I’ll have to watch it afterwards wherever I can find it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hopefully it will go up for sale on one of the digital sites quickly. The doctor who Christmas special is another one I’m super excited about!


For sure! I gotta check and see what channels we get. Maybe I’ll luck out and we’ll still have those. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want a laugh you should totally check this out!


Better Late Than Never… Fuckin love this show!


just got 30 trial for hulu, can i get some recommendations for the original shows ???


Grabbed it last night and watched the first ep, freaking hilarious! Thank you.


This one is very juvenile and isnt kid safe but it is hilariously stupid. I loved it:

Future Man

Here is a list of Hulu produced shows:



thank you im watching the hands maid its ok


I downloaded it but never got around to watching it.

I LOVED 11.22.63. It is a short series so if one has a full day to do nothing it could easily be watched all at once.


Been a bit slow in getting around to it but in 2 weeks ive binged all 4 seasons of Peaky Blinders…(apart from the upcoming last episode)
Can’t believe I waited so long, its by far one of my top 3 shows ever…outstanding show :ok_hand:


ELR NSFW thread… real eye opener… :laughing:


I missed the first few seasons of that because I assumed when I saw the title that it was a scripted drama series. When I accidentally landed on an episode and realized it is the actual hunt for the treasure, I was hooked and have been since.

Growing up fascinated with the story, it was a natural for me. I love that show! Not the best episode last night but a really fun watch.


Just watched Vince Vaughn’s latest film Brawl In Cell Block 99. hands down, the most graphically violent film I have ever watched. The last 45 minutes are very graphic. Not a family xmas film :grinning:

Bit of a bonkers film with a slow start but explosive ending. Not for the fainthearted, but a good film nonetheless