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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Future Man - Vulgar, ridiculous, immature… I loved it.

Godless - A western made for modern day audiences. Loved this one too.


Streaming another winner over Amazon Prime. Really gets you after an episode or two…


An intersection between reality and unconscious thought, follow three strangers who slowly realize that they are dreaming parts of a bigger, more sinister tragedy.

Yeah, thats right up my alley and i was just looking for something to watch.

I started Gunpowder but not sure ill continue past this first episode.


I need to check that out!


I’m watching 12 Dates of Christmas… I don’t know that I’d actually recommend it, its pretty corny… but I watch it every year anyway!


I absolutely DO NOT recommend this film, total and utter shite, 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back … V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL-1


But this I thoroughly enjoyed 🖒



We, umm, my wife has one like that too. I guess i got pulled in a few years ago.

I cant even remember the name of the movie but we watch it usually twice a year around this time.

Sandy B rescues eyebrow guy and nurse thinks they are engaged, eyebrow guy is in a coma. Eyebrow guy has a big family, nurse tells family of engagement, hilarity and happy tears ensue. From Tracy, not me of course…


Yep I totally know what movie you’re talking about!


I just finished watching Meth Storm. Mixed bag of emotions here, dont know if i am supposed to be mad, sad or what. Of course I want to try and empathize, maybe even sympathize but this is one of those occasions that i im just left confounded.

Certainly is a reminder of how one persons decisions can destroy so many lives.


While You Were Sleeping. I really wanted to dislike that one, but yeah…I’ll watch it if it’s on.


Liked it. Good leave the brains at the door action movie.


I agree… so so bad. Wish I was drunk so at least I could have made fun of it.


prob some of the worst acting and dialogue I have seen for quite some time, B movie with expensive special effects


Yeah, it’s almost like they just shot the practice runs and ran with it. I enjoy pretty much anything that involves global destruction but this just took all the fun out of ending humanity.


Bloodline on Netflix is really good. Jeff Bridges gave it as a suggestion during a podcast interview recently so we checked it out. Turns out his brother is in it, so I guess that could be why he recommended it, but it could be that it is just a very good show, my wife and I are hooked.


Really enjoyed Mindhunter (Netflix show). Not a fast paced graphic violent show, . But a well told tale that let the characters tell the story of the FBI in the 70’s learning to profile serial killers through psychology. Great cinematography and a good musical score. One of my favourite shows of the year.


To me it It was only OK, it had too much of a B-movie vibe going, I think… Oddly I enjoyed Logan Lucky more :slight_smile:


Logan lucky was excellent, fully agree, forgotten id seen that one too lol…:ok_hand:🖒


Bigmouth on Netflix for those with a twisted sense of humor. Extremely crude but with a lot of truth mixed in.