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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


@fidalgo_vapes At first I wasn’t sure what to think about The Rain, but after I watched a few episodes, I was hooked. Very good series. I believe the voices are dubbed as it is a Danish series ?? Doesn’t take away from it at all, and it’s more than worth the time.



Watched two episodes of The Rain. So far, I don’t hate it and looking forward to the next one.


You’ve probably watched it by now, but I enjoyed it and found it interesting. The dialog was a bit awkward and wonder if its because of the translation/dubbing and whether it comes across like that in the original language. One thing I enjoyed was that, for a change, the virus didn’t turn people into zombies. I did get annoyed and might scream if I hear that kids name again though (Rasmus), probably the most used word. Even “Where’s Carl” wasn’t heard as often.

Overall, I liked it, Its a nice change and refreshing like a Spring rain. I look forward to season 2, if there is one.


I was sorta thinking along those lines as well :rofl:


@sirgalvid1 Well said, it was a very nice change.


Damnit. No luck on Darkest Hour in the current rotation of Netflix.


I’m bummed because american gods season 2 has been delayed to 2019, so they say.


@sirgalvid1 looool …


Designated Survivor-HULU


Just started watching, thanks for the hit.


Fixing to sit down and watch Cobra Kai:


EDIT: 14 minutes in and im totally hooked.
Another EDIT: They have already announced season 2 and i couldnt be happier about that. This show is some old school TV, no politically correct non-sense. Its funny while being perfectly crass. I didnt expect to enjoy this as much as i have but im enjoying this every bit as much as seeing the originals movies back in the 80’s.

tl;dr Its the 80’s meets 2018, and by meets i mean sweeps the leg.


Westworld, what a mind screw. I watched the first couple eps when it came out then decided to watch after a season was released. I got caught up this weekend and wow. So far beyond the original movie…

I almost forgot to mention The Terror, fantastic series…


Is anybody watching season 2 of Legion? It’s still very good but it really seems to be getting more bizarre now…


I haven’t started it but wow it got more bizarre that the 1st season I wouldn’t have thought that was possible :crazy_face: