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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


@fidalgo_vapes At first I wasn’t sure what to think about The Rain, but after I watched a few episodes, I was hooked. Very good series. I believe the voices are dubbed as it is a Danish series ?? Doesn’t take away from it at all, and it’s more than worth the time.



Watched two episodes of The Rain. So far, I don’t hate it and looking forward to the next one.


You’ve probably watched it by now, but I enjoyed it and found it interesting. The dialog was a bit awkward and wonder if its because of the translation/dubbing and whether it comes across like that in the original language. One thing I enjoyed was that, for a change, the virus didn’t turn people into zombies. I did get annoyed and might scream if I hear that kids name again though (Rasmus), probably the most used word. Even “Where’s Carl” wasn’t heard as often.

Overall, I liked it, Its a nice change and refreshing like a Spring rain. I look forward to season 2, if there is one.


I was sorta thinking along those lines as well :rofl:


@sirgalvid1 Well said, it was a very nice change.


Damnit. No luck on Darkest Hour in the current rotation of Netflix.


I’m bummed because american gods season 2 has been delayed to 2019, so they say.


@sirgalvid1 looool …


Designated Survivor-HULU


Just started watching, thanks for the hit.


Fixing to sit down and watch Cobra Kai:


EDIT: 14 minutes in and im totally hooked.
Another EDIT: They have already announced season 2 and i couldnt be happier about that. This show is some old school TV, no politically correct non-sense. Its funny while being perfectly crass. I didnt expect to enjoy this as much as i have but im enjoying this every bit as much as seeing the originals movies back in the 80’s.

tl;dr Its the 80’s meets 2018, and by meets i mean sweeps the leg.


Westworld, what a mind screw. I watched the first couple eps when it came out then decided to watch after a season was released. I got caught up this weekend and wow. So far beyond the original movie…

I almost forgot to mention The Terror, fantastic series…


Is anybody watching season 2 of Legion? It’s still very good but it really seems to be getting more bizarre now…


I haven’t started it but wow it got more bizarre that the 1st season I wouldn’t have thought that was possible :crazy_face:


I just came across this article


The Terror, probably my favourite show so far this year, 2 ships trying to navigate the North West passage in the 1840’s and get stuck in the ice pack. A demonic Polar Bear and Cannibalism, what’s not to love. Well worth a watch, if you can get past the first 2 episodes, the story just builds and builds and sucks you in.

AMC series, so no Netflix or Amazon. Old school means may be needed to watch it.


The terror was awesome. I had read the book a few years ago. Very very bleak and the show captured that.


The series Yellowstone with Kevin Costner is coming up on June 30th. Looking forward to watching this for sure.


Lookin forward to that one. I didn’t know anything about it. Thanks for the post!