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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


I actually really like Daniel Radcliff outside of his Harry Potter role! I’m going to check this one out. Another decent movie of his was Horns. Kinda funny in spots. :blush:


‘A true story’ lol now you can be certain it’s the worst bs you ever heard. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Would anybody have any recommendations for good internet streaming sites?
Couchtuner has been hit or(but mostly) miss with service lately.
And 123movies appears to be going away and full of bugs this week.

Bout the only site that Im having any luck with is HDOnline.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



The new season of Legion has just started!



“Requiem” on Netflix is one we’ve been watching lately. Pretty good so far.




This show is a trip and funny as hell


I just finished Se2 of that last night. Starting on this movie now based on recommendations from a local gun owner’s forum:

Also trying to finish the last few episodes of Sneaky Pete Se2 finally over on Prime.


just a collection…


Binged watched this in a couple of days while laid up. I got hooked easily. Now I have to wait until the next season.


PATERNO on hbo , i have mixed feelings on this , although the Sandusky scandal was a huge and terrible thing it didnt define Joe Pa or his career and thats what this movie was about … its worth watching though


SOB, had it marked on my calendar for sat night too and i still missed it!


TROY fall of a city on Netflix , an interesting take on the Trojan War enjoyable fun to.watch


I don’t have regular TV because we don’t watch lots of that due to our work schedules or in general life being busy. I do have however hulu and Netflix and rotate between them depending who uploads new seasons first etc.

I do enjoy Santa Clarita diet but watched them all lol. Same goes for orange is the new black. So over to hulu and watching the last man on earth and Orville, as well as the newer show called for the people (not one of the best shows but not bad either) and Rosanne’s new season, together with star and empire.

Yes I’m all over the place but I watch whatever could be entertaining and not based on genres.



I’m not a fan of rap music at all but I remember reading an article in Rolling Stone many years ago about Suge Knight, the LAPD and the murders of these two artists and I was very intruiged by the theories presented. The TV series, IMO, was very well done and well worth a watch. It’s a shame that the families of these two young men were not given a full account of what happened.


watched this series , very interesting !!

has anyone watched The Rain on netflix ? starting it today

@SessionDrummer i just seen your post with a pic of the rain , was it good ?