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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Alone, this show should be called “The Great Human Starvation Experiment”. Interesting to watch but it can be hard to watch too.

Strange Angel has been pretty damn crazy, much enjoying.

The new In Search Of has been a bit of a let down, too much of that pesky science ruining the fun of it all.


I gave Veronica a shot today. Maybe I was expecting too much but I didn’t find it all that scary.
The scariest part was when the girl opened her big mouth with the braces as shown in the picture :crazy_face:


:slight_smile: Well since this ancient post we had a season 5 of Wentworth. It was fantastic and quite a shocker at the end. I’m on season 6 now - arggg matey if you know what I mean. Still a great show but definitely something missing. Bunch of new characters which makes me think this show may have life in it for a while. I wonder if any of our friends in Aussie know how popular it is there and if we can expect more after this. @woftam any clues?


I don’t watch it myself but Foxtel has commissioned a 7th season.



What are you watching Wentworth on (channel/network/app) is it a Netflix thing?


netflix in the usa has 5 seasons of it. I added it to my list some time back and forgot about it. I think I might finally start it tonight even though I am still back in se3 of OITNB trying to catch back up.


Found this to be hillarious :smiley:


Had a friend in Charlotte, NC who took his daughter to a birthday party. When he got there he recognized one of the parents as one of the people involved in the heist. Some of them are out of prison now.

When the story first broke the thing I found most amusing was the folks that bought the huge mansion. They took out a lot of the wine in the wine cellar and filled it full of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer :rofl:


Is this on Netflix? The wife and I are getting ready to ditch Dish in favor of anything not as expensive…


Breaking bad, weeds and most other shows mentioned here are available on Netflix for streaming.

I don’t have tv anymore, just netflix , hulu and prime. That’s all I ever watch lately, granted I don’t watch on a daily basis, but it’s cheaper.


We just started watching this Documentary on Netflix called The Americans from FX. Not sure how we missed it all these years …such an unbelievable plot line :smirk:


I did not actually know that the movie were from a true story, until the end of it. :smiley:


Yes @paingawd. :hugs:


I wish they’d do a series on what happens after. Walt wasn’t necessarily dead and I really want to know what happens to Jesse after he left the Uncle Jack’s compound. And it’s always nice to see Skinny Pete and Badger.
Better call Saul just started again, in a way it is even better than BB.



Season 2 is on Netflix now. :smile:


It’s on Netflix and it’s terrible in my opinion.

On the other hand the new Jack Ryan on prime video was great :smiley:


I haven’t watched it. Season 1 was good so hoping for more of the same.


I loved the first season of Ozark, and had high hopes for the second one. I didn’t watch all of it yet though, so it might bet better