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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


I don’t watch much TV, so this is lame to most of you. But I started watching NCIS on Netflix during the workouts. I’m only just beginning season four so don’t spoil it for me, but Gibbs is a pretty cool cat. Plus, they shouldn’t have killed Kate.


I Love/Hate that show. Love it because it’s cool, hate it because of Ziva (worst representation of a mossad agent in the history of TV :stuck_out_tongue:)

And of course, the unbeatable 2 idiots 1 keyboard scene :slight_smile:


Funny! I guess you would notice a thing like that! But she’s kinda hot.


The actress is cool but each time she tries speaking Hebrew i cringe. And that is not the only TV show that does that. Hollywood is packed with semi-decent Israeli actors, and each time they get someone who looks brown and butchers it :slight_smile:


Most of us are lucky enough not to know how a Hebrew accent in English sounds. Besides, hotness covers a multitudes of sins! :slight_smile:


I’ve had to use it many times, and it has worked every time!


That is so very true :slight_smile:

I gave up on that show around season 14 though. Enough is enough


ROTFL @adary. Let me start by confessing that I love NCIS. Maybe “Jethro” reminds me of a Marine in the family (maybe not), but even I, the true NCIS Fanboy cannot dispute the 2 idiots and 1 keyboard !!!


The sad part is that there was a much easier solution, that would have at least allowed potentially traceable data nuggets!

Unplug the cat5. Duh. :rofl:


For The Win @Sprkslfly !!!


And this for stupid funny…


I’m definitely taking back what I said about Ozark season 2. It gets really good after episode 3 :slight_smile:


Thx Bro. These Series often start soft …new characters, new story lines. Had me worried you had binge watched the whole thing …appreciate the update


Have you checked out Better Call Saul? You have to buy the season pass on Prime if you don’t have tv for live AMC, but it is very much worth it for any fan of Breaking Bad. So good!


Castle Rock on Hulu is badass, especially if you’re a King fan. We’re on the season finale. This is a high quality production and well-written.


That’s probably the best show on TV right now. Each season gets better than the previous one!


I tried it as it was “new” and didn’t like it. I hear people say it’s amazing and a must see, but I just can’t make it further then episode 5 , without falling asleep at least twice lol. Maybe I start with the last season and watch it backwards one day :wink:

Is it? I mean season 1 kicked off slow and it’s understandable because it was a new show, but season 2 is slower then snail mail. Ive been sick and so I needed to watch something, so excited about season 2. Turned on and watched till episode 5. It’s as interesting as watching paint dry lol.

I wish somebody would make some good shows or movies. Can’t wait for Orville season 2 but watch it will be a disaster too at the end ;(


Sounds like you are in need of some high-action thrills! Both shows you mentioned were too slow for your taste. I like both because they’re paced moderately and have a bit of hypnotic effect. It makes the zingers feel stronger. Just like flavors, subjective is the word :slight_smile:


I’m just weird :frowning:
Watched with my husband the new avenger movie last night, didn’t like it either lol.

No kidding, we all know most popular and widely used flavors, I do not get along with!

in either case it’s frustrating at times lol


LoLz I have my own TV/Movie rating system …not stars, not Tomatoes …it’s Napping Kittys :wink: depending on how/if the Missss falls asleep during